This is the twenty-third issue and part 5 of Life is Death.


The RV sped over a pothole, forcing Bill up and slamming his head on the roof.

Bill: Damn it, slow down!

Nick: I can't, look!

Bill: Oh, shit.

Nick: The plane's landed, we just gotta get to the runway.

Bill: Faster, faster!

Kelly steps out of Carmen's room, then closes the door quietly. She puts her face in her hands, then looks up to see Philip walking over to her.

Philip: Carmen doing okay?

Kelly: No... She just told me she's pregnant with Jeromy's baby.

Philip stares at her in shock, then pulls her into his arms.

Philip: I don't know what we're gonna do...

Kelly: With that group out there, she might not even make it nine months.

Philip: There were Civil Air Patrol soldiers up in that plane, Nick and Bill are gonna find them, and they're gonna join us. They'll talk to them, I promise.

Kelly: I know...

They stand in silence for a little while.

Kelly: I miss Joe so much...

The RV pulled over to the end of the road.

Nick: Get out, go! Before they take off!

Bill jumps out of the RV, followed by Nick. They pull out their guns, Nick's pistol and Bill's shotgun. When they get to the runway, they see two people in CAP uniforms. They look to be women. Nick and Bill emerge from the forest and start walking towards them.

Woman 1: So we've got eight gallons of fuel left, and, we'll go get some more. What's our weight limit?

Woman 2: We're flying over our weight limit, for sure. I mean, the whole tail is freaking stuffed full of packs.

Nick: Hey, you friendly?

Woman 2: Shit, duck!

Bill: Oh, fu-!

The soldiers aim thier M1903 Springfield Rifles and start firing at them. They dive back into the trees and sit as bullets rain down on them. Nick leans out and fires three shots at the women. Bill fires one shell, but misses.

Nick: What do we do?

Bill: I don't know!


Woman: Fine, assholes! Throw your guns out here first!

They do so, and then step out with their hands up.

Nick: We just want to talk.

Woman: Go ahead.

Nick sighs, then looks up at them.

Nick: We've got a problem with another group and we could use your help.


  • Nick
  • Bill Pednure
  • Kelly Gords
  • Philip Gords
  • Unnamed Soldier 1
  • Unnamed Soldier 2
  • Carmen (Mentioned)
  • Jeromy (Mentioned)


  • None

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