This is the twenty-first issue and part 3 of Life is Death.


Bill: Jesus Christ... Tell Bryson and Jeromy to bring the RV back in.

Everyone looked down. Bill turned to everyone in wonder.

Bill: No. No, they didn't- Really?! What the hell happened back there?

Philip: Doesn't matter. Where's Kelly?

Bill: I-I don't know, when they all invaded it was just Carmen and I who went in there. Everyone else... I have no idea where they are. Kelly was in the garden, I know that.

Philip: C'mon!

Jim: Where was Ella? Michelle?

Philip runs off. Nick and Molly stare at Bill, anxiously waiting for him to tell them where Eva is. Philip runs to the backyard, searching for Kelly. He only sees about fifteen walkers and pulls out his small hatchet he keeps at his side. He starts hacking through walkers, and kicks one over. He stomps its head in, then looks around.

Philip: Kelly!

He chops one's head clean in half.

Kelly: Philip!

He looks over his shoulder and sees her on the roof with Kate, their eyes blood-red. Philip turns and kills the last three walkers with his hatchet. He looks over at them and helps them down, then embraces them both.

Kelly: God... I was so worried...

Philip: I know, hon'... I was too... Joe with Ella?

Kelly and Kate start to sob.

Kelly: He... He... THey started eating him when we went up, I... Oh my God.... There was nothing I could do... We had to leave him behind.... I left our baby behind to die...

Philip: No... No no no no no no no no no NO! NO! Where is he? Where's his body?

Kelly, shaking, slowly points to the other side of the garden. Philip lets her go and kisses her on the cheek, then walks over to the other side of the garden, where he sees a dead walker lying on the ground. A steady stream of tears run down his face as he sees a small little boy walker, his jeans leg caught on a bone sticking out of the body. He slowly gets up, then reaches with his feeble little arms towards Philip. Bones are showing in some places, and Philip lets out a few sobs. He pulls the rifle off his back and squeezes it, then looks at Joe.

Philip: Hey bud... I'm sorry I wasn't here... If I were, maybe you would've... But then Jordan... God, I'm so sorry... I just wish there were a way for both of you to... God, I am so sorry. I love you, kid.

Philip shakes, shuts his eyes, holds his breath, and squeezes the trigger of the rifle, letting off a single shot.


  • Philip Gords
  • Kelly Gords
  • Kate Gords
  • Joe Gords (Zombified)
  • Jordan Gords (Mentioned)
  • Ella Horvel (Mentioned)


  • Joe Gords (Revealed and Zombified)

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