This is the twentieth issue and part 2 of Life is Death.


Jim: Screw it. More walkers get drawn by the noise, we'll take care of it then. Let's GO!

He fired two rounds into the herd, taking a few down. Nick and Molly fired as well, but Philip stayed slightly behind with Jordan. He shot a few, then followed. They fought their way through the tight crowd and killed half before a gunshot erupted from one of the windows. Jim looked to see it open, and Carmen was shooting out it.

Nick: Carmen, get Bill out here to help us!

A few seconds later, Bill slipped out the door and started shooting walkers. When there were only six left, Jim kicked one down and shot it. Philip slammed one against one of the dumpsters on the inside of the wall and slammed its head against it repeatedly. He turned around to one of them coming towards himg and kicked it back, then shot it once in the head, then four times in the chest. He turned over to one of the remaining two and shot it once in the chest and pulled the trigger again, but only heard a click. He yelled, frustrated, and puched it back, then grabbed Bill's rifle from him and shot it in the head.

Bill: Jesus Christ... Tell Bryson and Jeromy to bring the RV back in.

Everyone looked down. Bill turned to everyone in wonder.

Bill: No. No, they didn't- Really?! What the hell happened back there?

Philip: Doesn't matter. Where's Kelly?

Bill: I-I don't know, when they all invaded it was just Carmen and I who went in there. Everyone else... I have no idea where they are. Kelly was in the garden, I know that.

Philip: C'mon!

Jim: Where was Ella? Michelle?

Philip runs off. Nick and Molly stare at Bill, anxiously waiting for him to tell them where Eva is. Carmen steps outside.

Carmen: They gonna bring the RV in soon so we can shut the gates?

Bill: No, they... Carmen, I don't know how to tell you this, but... Jeromy didn't make it back.

Carmen's eyes started to water. She starts whimpering and then hugs Bill, and he hugs her back.

Bill: I'm sorry, Carmen, I only just found out. Bryson didn't make it back either.

Jim: Where. The. Hell. Are. They?

Bill: I saw them in your room with Eva too last.

Jim runs over to his room with Nick and Molly. They run inside, seeing Eva, Michelle, and Ella sitting on the couch. 

Jim: Oh, thank God.

Nick and Molly embrace Eva while Jim runs and hugs Ella with Michelle standing awkwardly in the background. They just embrace for a long time before hearing a single gunshot come from the garden. Jim's eyes widen.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Philip Gords
  • Nick
  • Molly
  • Jordan Gords
  • Bill Pednure
  • Carmen
  • Bryson James (Mentioned)
  • Jeromy (Mentioned)
  • Ella Horvel
  • Michelle Horvel
  • Eva
  • Kelly Gords (Mentioned)


  • Philip Gords (Presumed)

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