This is the second issue and part 2 of In the Midst.


Jim stared at Philip's wife working on Ella.

Jim: Are you sure she'll make it?

Woman: I'm sure. She'll be okay, um... What was your name again?

Jim: Jim. Her name is Ella.

Woman: Okay, Jim. I'm Kelly. My kids are in the bedroom with Philip, I think. One of the boys and the girl are twins. Their names are Kate and Jordan. The other boy's name is Joe. Did you ever have kids?

Jim nodded.

Jim: We've got a boy and a girl. They're both in their early twenties, so we haven't seen them for a few months now.

Kelly: What? We have to go look for them! If they're out there, then you can't just forget about your kids.

Jim: I know, you're right. I was thinking Philip and I could go look for them when he get out here.

Kelly: You have a weapon, right?

Jim: No. What the hell would I need a weapon for?

Kelly: Philip didn't tell you? This is the zombie apocalypse. And it looks like we're losing.

Jim: I wasn't taking him seriously...

Kelly: Well, he should be out soon. He's probably telling the kids who you and Ella are.

Just then, Philip stepped out of the room.

Philip: Everything all right?

Kelly: Jim was just telling me he has two kids out there somewhere.

Philip looked at Jim.

Philip: Really? How old? When?

Jim: My son's twenty-two and my daughter's twenty.

Philip: Well then grab a gun, pal, we'll go get 'em.

Kelly: Wait, Philip, we can't just be relying on guns. We'll run out of ammo really soon if we don't start using something else.

Jim: She's right. Maybe we could hit some stores while we're out there? Grab a lot of ammo and some other weaponry.

Philip: There's a gun store across Des Moines, that'll be good. And then we'll hit the thrift shop right next to it, grab some golf clubs and baseball bats.

Jim: Sounds good.

Philip: Guns're in that bag over on the table. Pick any two you like.

Jim walked over to the bag and took a scoped .22 hunting rifle and a .45 sidearm.

Jim: Let's go.

Kelly: Be careful. I'll keep the kids and your wife okay, Jim.

Jim: Thank you.

They stepped out and Philip shut the door. The walker that had attacked Jim earlier was standing right there and rowled. He reached out towards Philip but he kicked him off the balcony.

Philip: C'mon. Now where exactly do they live?

Jim: We'll get my daughter first, she lives close to here. About five blocks away.

They started to run down the street. Eventually they saw a man running towards them. He had come from around the corner.

Man: You gotta help me man, they're everywhere!

Philip: Of course they are, are you all right?

Man: Yeah, but-!

The man was silenced when a horde of about sixty walkers came from around the corner the man came from.

Philip: Oh, shit!


  • Jim Horvel
  • Kelly Gords
  • Philip Gords
  • Ella Horvel
  • Unnamed Man


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