This is the nineteenth issue and part 1 of Life is Death.


Jim put his face in his hands and rubbed, then let go.

Jim: What the hell did we just do?

Philip: We got him back is what matters.

Jim: But we lost Bryson and Jeromy... Just... God, how did that go so wrong?

Philip: We've got worse problems now. That group back there is gonna get ready and attack us as soon as they can. We know Jeromy got killed, but we're not sure about Bryson.

Nick: Man, there is no way in hell he made it out of that. And even if he did, we left him. They will hunt him down and they will kill him.

Philip: That doesn't change the fact that they're after us. And when they come next, we won't be prepared, we just aren't ready.

Jim: How the hell do we get ready then?

Philip: People! If we have more people than them, they'll feel overwhelmed and get sloppy. All we need to do is find other people. Good people.

Molly: There aren't exactly a lot of people walking around, though!

Philip: We can't be the only ones out here. No goddamn way.

Jim: Where do you suppose we go?

Philip: Back. We'll figure it out when we get back. Just drive.

Nick: Damn it, fine.

When they got back towards the motel, they started driving slowly. They got closer, and eventually they could see a horrible sight: The gates open, the inside flooded with walkers, and no one they knew to be seen.

Nick: Oh God, no.

Molly: Eva! EVA!

Philip: F-ck!


Everyone filed out of the RV and started sprinting towards the motel. When they burst into the lot, all they could see was walkers.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Philip Gords
  • Nick
  • Molly
  • Jordan Gords
  • Jeromy (Mentioned)
  • Bryson James (Mentioned)
  • Eva (Mentioned)
  • Ella Horvel (Mentioned)
  • Michelle (Mentioned)


  • None

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