This is the eighteenth and part 6 as well as the finale of Storm Clouds Rising.


Philip, Jim, Bryson, Nick, Jeromy, and Molly stare at Fort Dodge. Philip raised his hand slightly and waved. Molly and Nick creeped around towards the other side and Bryson went the opposite direction. Jeromy slipped on the backpack full of bullets, then started walking towards Fort Dodge. Philip pulled his rifle up and squeezed it tight, and Jim pulled out his scoped rifle. He aimed down and saw Jeromy walk up to the community, then saw people at the wall shouting and aiming at him. Jeromy raised his hands and started talking to the three men, and then they all ran out to let him in. As soon as they got outside, Jeromy shook one man's hand and walked in.

Jim: He's in.

Philip: Good. I'm gonna go meet Bryson down there and we can sneak in the other side.

Jim: Good luck.

Philip: Thanks.

Down in Fort Dodge, Jeromy was being guided through by one of the men.

Man: And that's the armory, now I'll take you to the boss. He'll want to see you.

Jeromy: Got it.

They stepped into a room a minute later, and a man looked up at Jeromy. He looked to be from Mexico, and had a small mustache. His hair was a deep black and his ears were pierced.

Leader: Hey!

Jeromy: Hi.

Leader: Knock him out.

Jeromy: Wha-?

He was struck in the back of the head by a rifle, and crumpled to the ground.

Leader: Dumbass. I'm surprised he didn't think Harold's crew saw him. Put him in the room with the kid, but don't tie him up. I want to send a message to that group of theirs, but first we need to show camp we're not f-cking around.

Bryson threw the rock up at the man on the wall. It striked him on the head, and he toppled over and landed on the ground. Philip dragged his body into the bushes and they climbed over. When they crept up to the nearest building, they looked over to the center of the town, where there was a Mexican man at a podium.

Man: -...Must be made an example of! They must be punished! They killed Jonas, and they're gonna kill everyone else! These monsters- Savages- MUST DIE! One of them is here now, and he will be the example. They must know that we are taking this seriously. Harold will take his body to their place tomorrow morning. Here he is.

Philip and Bryson watched as the Mexican pulled a bag off of someone's head, revealing Jeromy. He raised his knife, then looked Jeromy in the eyes. His mouth was duct taped, and he was sweating. He ripped the duct tape off, then smiled. He drove the knife into his left cheek, and he started screaming.

Jeromy: AHGHAGHGHGH.... CARMEN!! CARMEN!!!!!!!!!

Bryson: No!

Philip: Oh my God... We have to find Jordan. Now's the perfect time, let's go!

Bryson: Philip, no! Jeromy just-!

Philip ran off, and Bryson stomped. He looked at the Mexican, who was repeatedly stabbing Jeromy in the chest. Bryson sighed, looked down at his shotgun, then looked over his shoulder. He saw Nick and Molly climbing over the fence, and they made eye contact with him.

Bryson: Get out of here, get Jordan. I'll keep them occupied.

Nick: What?

Molly: No, don't!

Bryson started sprinting towards the crowd, and started firing on anyone he saw.

Mexican: Get him! He's one of them!

Everyone started screaming and gunshots went all around. Bryson dove behind a crate and started firing around it. 

Philip burst into a room, where he saw Jordan crying.

Philip: Jordan!

Jordan: Daddy!

They embraced each other, and Philip had tears falling out of his eyes.

Philip: C'mon, son, I'm gonna get you out of here.

They stepped outside, and only saw chaos. Dead bodies were everywhere, people were firing guns all over the place, and there was barely room to walk. Philip grabbed him, ran over to the wall, boosted him over, and climbed out.

Philip: Oh God, no! Come on!

They creeped around and ran towards the RV. When they got in sight of it, they saw Jim yelling for him.

Jim: Philip, come on! HURRY!

They ran over and jumped in the RV, and then it started moving. Philip looked around him, and saw Nick driving with Molly next to him, Jim at the table, and Jordan.

Bryson and Jeromy were not there.



  • Philip Gords
  • Jim Horvel
  • Bryson James
  • Jordan Gords
  • Jeromy
  • Nick
  • Molly
  • Unnamed Mexican
  • Harold (Mentioned)


  • Jeromy
  • Bryson James (Presumed)

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