This is the fifteenth issue and part 3 of Storm Clouds Rising.


Jim threw his rifle into his duffel bag, along with a pair of shears, five bottles of water, a few cans of beans, canned corn, canned split pea soup, and canned vegetable soup. He turned around and pulled out his signiature Glock pistol and set it inside, then set his hunting knife and his other pistol on the ground. He zipped the duffel bag shut and looked next to him, where Ella and Michelle were sitting on the bed.

Ella: How long will you be gone?

Jim: I don't know, we have to find this place, wherever they are, and then we have to find a way to get inside, and then we have to find where Jordan is and get him out of there. I've got plenty of food and water, so we'll be out for a week, maybe two at most.

Michelle: And how many of you are going?

Jim: Me, Philip, Bryson, Molly, Nick, and Jeromy. Bill's gonna hold the fort down while we're gone. Carmen is gonna watch Eva and Kelly's keeping Joe and Kate safe. 

Ella: Why do so many of you have to go?

Jim: Because we have no idea how many of them there are, or where their place is and the more of us searching and the more defense we have the better.

Just then there was a knock on the door. It opened to reveal Bryson, who had a backpack on.

Bryson: We're going. You ready?

Jim: Yeah, I'm coming.

Bryson nodded and turned away, shutting the door behind him. Jim looked at Ella.

Jim: I'll make it back okay, I promise. Love you.

Ella: Love you too.

They shared a quick kiss and Jim walked out the door. Everyone was outside, and Ella and Michelle followed. Bryson hopped into the RV and started it. Jim looked to see Philip talking to Kelly, Joe, and Kate. He hugged all three of them at the same time and then kissed Kelly. Molly and Nick were talking to Eva and then they hugged her. Jeromy kissed Carmen and then they all turned around towards the RV.

Philip: Keep everyone safe while we're gone, Bill, please.

Bill: Can do.

Everyone who had a family member or someone close going started to cry. Nick and Molly climbed into the RV together, then Jeromy, then Jim, then Philip, who closed the door behind him. Everyone set their packs in the compartment under the built-in couch, then shut it. Bryson started to drive and Philip rode shotgun. Nick and Molly went to lie in the bed in back for a little while so they could ride up front next and Bryson and Philip could get some sleep. Jim and Jeromy sat at the built-in table. As they drove out of the motel's small lot, everyone watched them up to the last minute when Bill shut the gate.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Philip Gords
  • Bryson James
  • Nick
  • Molly
  • Jeromy
  • Ella Horvel
  • Michelle Horvel
  • Bill Pednure
  • Kelly Gords
  • Joe Gords
  • Kate Gords
  • Jordan Gords (Mentioned)
  • Carmen
  • Eva


  • None

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