This is the thirteenth issue and part 1 of Storm Clouds Rising.


Jim and Philip sit at the top of the small perch they built for lookouts. They gaze down at the finished wall and also all the carved wooden poles sticking out, sharp to kill an unwanted walkers. Over on the side and back walls, where it was all metal poles for walls, they had nailed wooden sheets, reinforced by a metal sheet nailed the the back of it. They were completely safe, and they had a gate system to get in and out easily. On the roof of the motel, they were sitting up in a sniper perch. It had been a week since the newcomers, Nick, Jeromy, Molly, Carmen, and Nick and Molly's daughter, Eva had joined the group. Jeromy and Carmen were also married.

Philip: Damn... Did you notice what happened during the supply check?

Jim: No. What was it?

Philip: Ella was mad-dogging you the whole time. She has been ever since you brought back Nick and his group. You know what's going on?

Jim: I screwed up. I told her Bryson and I wouldn't go out looking for Brock and Aubree, then we did it anyway in the early morning. We never found them, but we found Nick's group instead. I thought we would be back before anyone got up, but when we found them we had to help them pack and everything. She still hasn't forgiven me for it.

Philip: Eh, that's women for you. I don't see the problem anyways, without Nick, that wall still wouldn't be done.

Jim: I know. Let's go let Bill and Jeromy know it's their turn. I should probably start cleaning out the room Ella and I are gonna take.

Philip: You're the boss.

Jim smiled. Philip was the real boss, he was the one leading the group. They stepped out onto the roof and then walked over to the ladder and slid down. When they got to the bottom, they jumped when Molly and Carmen burst out from the side of the motel.

Philip: Jesus, you scared-

Molly: Philip, Jim, you have to help us! Some asshole got in and he's got a gun on Kelly! He says he has a friend hidden somewhere to snipe them but I don't know if that's true! He told me to get our leader, so that's you I guess. Please, go help!

Philip: God damnit, I'm gonna KILL that f-cker! Jim, you get up on the roof with your rifle. Quietly. I'll go around and see what this guy wants, you look for his supposed sniper. If you get the sniper and I hear your rifle go off, I'm gonna try to at least knock this guy down, and if I can I'll shoot him. But if you don't hear my gun go off, it means you need to take this guy out. Got it?

Jim nodded. Philip nodded back, then turned to Carmen and Molly.

Philip: Let's go!

They ran around the side and went into the back, where they were making a garden and saw a middle-aged man holding a gun to Kelly's head.

Philip: You son of a bitch.

Man: Thanks. One more time and I might just shoot your wife dead, asshole.

He laughed and looked at everyone in the back.

Man: Now before I say anything else, let me just tell you all this: You are all screwed if you don't do what I say or listen to me.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Philip Gords
  • Nick (Mentioned)
  • Jeromy (Mentioned)
  • Bill Pednure (Mentioned)
  • Molly
  • Carmen
  • Kelly Gords
  • Ella Horvel (Mentioned)
  • Unnamed Man


  • None

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