This is the twelfth issue and part 6 as well as the finale of All Barred In.


Jim and Bryson raised their hands in the air and Jim dropped his gun on the ground.

Man: How did you get in here?

Jim: We went through the side window. We're really sorry, we didn't know anyone was here.

Man 2: Well then why were you here?

Bryson: We were looking for someone. A couple people in our group attacked us yesterday and nearly killed our friend, and also almost killed this guy's daughter and our friend's son. They terrorized our group.

The men opened their mouths in shock.

Man: They tried to kill them?

Woman: Shoot him, Nick, he's lying!

Jim: We're not lying! I swear to God, I would never lie about my daughter dying. That's just... Horrible. Please, just let us go. We'll leave you alone.

The men stared for a few seconds then lowered their guns.

Man 2: You said you have a group?

Ella nailed the board the the plank.

Ella: Give me that nail.

Bill stopped hammering and handed her a nail. He continued to hammer. Kelly stopped and looked at Ella.

Kelly: I'd better go check in on Philip. And Ella, hey, I'm sure he'll be fine. They probably just went to check out the area for supplies again.

Ella said nothing and Kelly walked away. Everyone, with the exception of Philip, was working on the wall right now. They had over half of it done, and Bill had been talking about building a sort of tower for people to sit up in and keep watch. The RV was supposed to always be placed in a position where they could easily escape as fast as possible by driving through the front of the wall, where they were making a gate. The metal bars around the sides and back of the motel were getting large wooden and metal sheets put around them so walkers strolling by wouldn't detect them.

Michelle: You really think Dad and Bryson went after them?

Ella: ... Michelle.... I really don't know.

Kelly walked into the room, seeing Philip sitting up and drinking his cup of water.

Philip: Hey hon'.

Kelly: Hey. How you feeling?

Philip: Fine, it's just my shoulder. You got the bullet out but damn, that hurts. I think I need to get up and walk around.

Kelly: Be careful.

She helped him up and they walked outside. After they went down the stairs, they noticed a blue car driving towards the motel.

Philip: Shit, everyone down! It could be Brock and Aubree! Bill, get your gun!

Everyone lied down flat on their stomachs. A minute later, a blue car with no purple flames slowly drove into the motel's lot and parked over on the side.

Bill: Shit.

Jim hopped out of the car with Bryson. They looked at the group, then opened the doors, letting out two women, two men, and a little girl.

Jim: They're gonna join us.

Everyone stayed silent until Bryson looked over at Jim.

Bryson: So what do we do now?

Jim looked at Bryson.

Jim: We're gonna bar ourselves in.



  • Jim Horvel
  • Ella Horvel
  • Kelly Gords
  • Bill Pednure
  • Philip Gords
  • Bryson James
  • Michelle Horvel
  • Nick
  • Unnamed Man 2
  • Unnamed Woman
  • Unnamed Woman 2
  • Unnamed Girl


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