This is the eleventh issue and part 5 of All Barred In.


Jim set down the duffel bag behind the motel, and Bryson did the same next to him. They nodded to each other and started checking their bags, then, when they were done, Jim nodded at Bryson and pointed to the fence. They ran to it and climbed over, then jogged around the left side of the building, sneaking off past the front, slipping away undetected.

Jim (Whispers): Clear.

They both ran around the corner and reached the gas station.

Jim: I'll watch out for walkers, you get that car over there started.

Bryson: Got it.

Jim looked around, seeing no walkers. After a few minutes, he heard the car's engine go on.

Bryson: We're good!

Jim ran over and hopped into the blue car. Bryson started driving.

Bryson: So same plan? We're going to the mansion?

Jim: Yeah. That's one place we think they might be.

Bryson: Got it.

After ten minutes of driving, he stopped the car.

Bryson: We should walk from here. We're really close.

Jim: Let's go.

They walked, passing a few walkers, but they didn't see them. When they reached the group of trees just outside the mansion, they crouched into the bushes and started creeping forwards, slowly.

Bryson: Oh, shit.

Jim: Jesus Christ. I think they're here.

Every single walker that was there before has been killed, and is just lying on the ground.

Jim: Stay behind me, keep a lookout. C'mon.

They slowly walked, stying low, along the side of the fence. They went along the side of the house and saw a window into a room that looked dusty.

Bryson: In there.

He slowly opened it up, then carefully climbed through.

Jim: Follow me.

The slowly opened the door and then walked along the hallway, then found another door. They opened it, walking into a living room. When they saw what happened next, they gasped. It was a little girl on the couch next to two women, who screamed when they saw them, and then two men jumped into the room, aiming shotguns at Jim and Bryson.


  • Jim Horvel
  • Bryson James
  • Unnamed Woman
  • Unnamed Woman 2
  • Unnamed Man
  • Unnamed Man 2
  • Unnamed Girl


  • None

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