This is the tenth episode of Season 4, premiering on October 9th, 2013. This is the final episode to feature the character section in the beginning, being replaced by something completely new in episode 11. This episode is the first to contain any kind of flash-forward.


The group finally reached the hangar, discovering it was a large military-run fortress currently named 'Fort Cessna'. Most of the group had their doubts, and then filled out paperwork to get a job. A woman named McKenna Case came to Ashlynn and Kameron's room and gave them a bottle of champagne.


Willis Hall

Cpl. Riley

Amn. Katie

Pvt. Miller

Hannah Reese

General Jackson

Kameron Carter

Pvt. Daniel


John sprints through the forest, gasping for air. He inhales quickly and keeps running, until eventually a walker pops out from behind a tree. He screams in shock, then shoves the large knife he aquired somehow under its chin. He then starts to run again, clearly very winded. He stops dead in his tracks when he hears a woman screaming, blood-curdling, in the distance. He looks back, then squeezes his eyes shut tight and reluctantly starts running again.

Riley looks down at his desk, then starts breathing slowly. He looks up out his window and sees Jackson standing in the middle of the road, staring up at the guards on the wall. Riley gets up and walks over to the window, staring out at Jackson. He watches as Jackson yells something up at one of the guards. The lone guard turns around and raises his middle finger at Jackson, who simply returns the favor.

Riley: Dick...

Riley watches for several more minutes, seeing Jackson beckon to a soldier, who walks over to him and stands with his spine straining. Jackson punches him in the face and starts yelling, pointing up at the wall. Riley starts shaking and grabs his M469 from under his desk and slides his window open. He points the barrel out at Jackson and tries to hold still, his breathing shaky. He squeezes the trigger, but then hears a click. He looks on the side of the gun and sighs, then flicks the safety off. He aims back down and is about to fire a shot into Jackson's skull, but then hears a knock at his door.

Woman's Voice: Hello? Corporal Riley? General Jackson sent me, said he needed me to discuss my baby with you.

Riley quickly shoves his gun under his desk then slams the window shut. He straightens his tie and strides over to the door, opening it.

Riley: Come in, please.

Kameron Carter steps into Riley's office.

Riley: Please, have a seat.

Kameron: Thank you.

Riley: Alright, so first thing's first. What's your story?

Kameron: My husband and I were caring for our babies in the house when the news reports started. A few hours later a walker barged in, he got one of my golf clubs and beat it to death. We were scared, so we went to his folks' house in Newport. They were gone, so we started driving until we met a small group holed off in a Walmart towards Prarie City, so we stayed with them for awhile until the leader got kind of... Crazy I guess? We left in the middle of the night and never saw them again. A few months later that awful snowstorm hit and we were out of gas, so we had to walk. About ten minutes later, we saw a school and started going for it, but he didn't make it... Neither did one of our babies. A few people came out and saved us, but he and one of our babies were still dead. They were kind enough to let us stay with them. One day our leader, Will-

Riley: Hold on, Will? As in Lieautenant Colonel Hall?

Kameron: Yes, him. He got a message from the radio saying someone needed help, so we came here. We lost one on the way, though... This guy Dean. We was so nice... It's hard to believe he's gone. 

Riley: Damn, I didn't hear that he was here yet. Know where I can find him?

Kameron: I haven't seen him since I've been through the gate, why?

Riley: He's a good man, and an even better soldier.

Kameron: Okay, you two knew each other?

Riley: In 20069, I joined Will's platoon, stationed in Southeast Asia. Later that year, we were moved to this base which was recently created, and we've been here since. We're all thats left.

Kameron: I'm sorry to hear that.

Riley: Don't be, we're all pretty much going to hell anyways.

Ten minutes later, Will hears footsteps outside his tent. He listens carefully, hearing voices.

Voice: Evening Daniel, I'd like to speak with Lieautenant Colonel Hall. Could you show me where his tent his?

Daniel: Right over there, the one with the side window unzipped a little.

Voice: Thanks.

Will strains his ears and hears the crunch of pine needles under heavy boots. A minute later, he hears a scratching on his door.

Voice: Will, you in there?

Will thinks the voice sounds familiar, so he stands up and straightens his uniform, then itches his shoulder under it.

Will: Yes sir.

Will starts unzipping his tent, expecting to see some general or someone he doesn't know. When it is completely open, Will's eyes widen and he straightens his back.

Will: Riley, you made it! You're alive!

Riley: Yes, but not without war wounds...

Will: What happened? To your eye I mean...

Riley: A few months back, when we had just started construction on this place, I went with a group of people to get a cement mixer... We were carrying it back and were just by the ridge your people came down when an arrow came out of nowhere and pierced the back of my skull.

Will: An arrow?

Riley: An arrow, man... It came from the top of the ridge, but we haven't had anything like that since so we're sure the group out there that did this is long gone by now.

Will: An arrow... When our train ran out of wood earlier and we had just left, we heard a scream so we ran back and saw a guy with a turban or something around his head. He was on the ground dead, and a spear was sticking out of his chest.

Riley: Interesting... This could have something to do with a little trip we need to get done. But first things first, Asher...

Will: Is Asher alive?

Riley: Yes, we think so. Our doctors say he is alive and not bitten, thankfully. But he does have a large amount of cuts and scratches, as well as a fair amount of deep gouges from rocks. He was also scratched several times, so we don't know anything yet.

Will's head is bowed down in silence. He looks up at Riley, who is sad, and then sighs.

Will: What's this trip?

Riley: We have a policy where experienced residents of Fort Cessna can volunteer for supply runner positions. We always send them out in a group of seven, maybe eight. This group was of eight, and they are making a run down to Meridian for more food.

Will: Running low and need more people out there? That the deal?

Riley: No, we never run low, we just always have people going out there so we always have at least four months' worth than we need. The problem is our groups are never gone for more than a week, and this group has been gone eleven days. The trip is to find them, bring them back, or at least find out what happened to them.

Will: Alright, I'll head out now.

Riley: No, Will, not just you. We're sending a group of people out, and you have a choice. If they're dead, then we don't know what's out there that could be dangerous to us, even with all the soldiers stationed here. So your choice is: Are you staying, or are you going?

Will: No, just no. Not Happening, fuck it. No. I'm fucking done.

Riley: Sir, Just- Sir! You know that you're the only one even remotely qualified to run this entire State! Jackson isn't even a general, he was just a JROTC grunt, who was the lowest of the low, and had no qualifications under his belt. Lt. Powell died a long long time ago, and you wouldn't believe the crap I found in the basement.

Will: What did you find?

Riley: There was a reason this base was built. Seven feet of steel, all around the basement, and files of every soldier, active and reserve, in file cabinets. When the soldiers arrived from Montana or wherever, I read about every single soldier, including, the dead Senior General Jackson and his son, the JROTC lowlife. I read about Sgt. Hawthorne, McMurren, Powell, and every grunt who does anything, and there's one thing that suprises me...

Will: What? What!?!

Riley: At one time, everyone of us, from Whitney AFO, and those whackos from the north, we were all in Southeast Asia at one point, in Thailand. Which means-

Will: We all know- We all know...

Riley: They put us in the middle of nowhere, to keep us quiet! Remember after Thailand how they made us sign a contract- 

Will: I didn't actually read it-

Riley: I know- none of us did! Except Cpl. Lucas. He told me it said, we were supposed to keep quiet about it, or terrible things would happen to everyone we ever had known, loved or even passed on the street. We were all under one Army Group, by yours truly. General Jackson senior. But he was so kind to all of us- it couldn't have been him.

Will: Riley, I'll go. It won't be that hard, just get a team set up for me. Come get me when you're all ready.

Will steps back and zips up the tent, then lies down on his air mattress and closes his eyes, then drifts off to sleep after ten minutes.

Riley: GO! Just go, We'll be alright!

Will: Alright, GOODBYE!

Will shoots five rounds at the oncoming herd until he finally boards the helicopter.


Will starts the helicopter, drowning out the sound of Riley's voice.

Will: WHAT!??!

Riley: YOU....... BE......-TEN!!!

Will: What's he saying?

Lauren: I don't know, just go!

Miller, Grimes, and Mason jump in the helicopter as it leaves the ground.

Will: Alright, we're off! Let's get outta here!

Will snaps his head up, remembering that moment. He grabs his M4 and hooks the strap onto it, then makes sure his pocket knife is secure to his belt. He takes off the shirt of his uniform and places it next to his bed, and pulls on his white wifebeater and his leather jacket, then unzips his tent and steps outside. He feels the wet grass squeak against his boot and zips his tent back up, then starts walking down the line of grass separating the rows of tents. He gets to the command center, which is the Hangar that used to be the lone building in this place, now surrounded by something truly amazing.

Will opened the doors.

Will: Hey, guys! It's me, Wi-!!

A gunshot rang out and a bullet drove itself into Will's skull. He fell to the ground, asleep again.

John looked up at the top of the command center, seeing two men at the top, aiming down their scopes towards the ridge off in the distance. John heard them talking, then saw a few soldiers rush past him, clutching their M4s to their chests. John looks back up at the two snipers, and sees one point, then a loud whistle goes off, coming from one of the two snipers. Commoners around him start rustling through, talking in hushed, panicked voices. Several of them run into the command center, while others are ushered into nearby tents by soldiers. John frowns, then pulls his M4 off his back and starts sprinting to the wall. He hears gunshots go off from the snipers' guns, and then hears faint screaming from the top of the ridge.

John: SHIT!

John looks over his shoulder and sees a little girl, panicking and holding her teddy bear close.

Girl: Mommy! Mom! Mom, help! Mommy!

John is about to run over to her, but Miller runs out of nowhere and scoops her up in his arms.

Miller: On the wall, go! Hurry, John, I'll be right there!

John starts sprinting for the wall, where several soldiers are at the edge, firing at what appears to be a herd of twenty or so walkers tumbling over the edge and down the hill.

Jackson walks along the wall behind the soldiers, tapping several on their shoulders. When he taps John, he mutters:

Jackson: Go along with everyone else I told to and get outside, we need to conserve ammo. Go out there and take them out, we'll cover you.

John: Yes sir.

John runs along the edge of the wall and gets to the gates, then helps a female soldier with a large machete knife hanging at her side. They pull it open and then five soldiers rush outside, two female, three males, and John. They shut the gate behind them and sprint out to the walkers and start hacking away at them. A minute later, only ten are left and John stabs one in the throat and swipes the knife to the side, opening its trachea and pouring out a steady stream of blood. Its head bobs back and it gurgles, then John slams the butt of his knife into its temple. It falls over and John crushes its head with his boot.

Random Soldier: LOOK OUT!

John turns to see a horde of walkers behind him, practically tripping over each other. They all start to run the opposite dircetion, but find themselves trapped by walkers.

Soldiers: What do we do?

John looks up at Jackson on the wall, staring down at him, doing nothing to help.

John: Run. Get the f-ck outta here. Go!

The six soldiers run together and try to hack their way through, but two men are pulled down and the other is bitten on the shoulder. It all happens so fast, by the time they get past the herd, John is only with the two women and the bitten man.

John: F-CK, we gotta- F-CK!

Male soldier: You three run, I'll keep them back as long as I can!

John hesitates, then starts sprinting off with one of the female soldiers. The other one hesitates, then nods to him and starts running. He remembers the story Will told them after he was nursed back to health, and how he was found.

Asher: What the hell?

Luan: Come on.

They raise their guns and slowly walk towards the ditch. The grass gets muddy and wet. They continue and finally reach the ditch, looking into it.

Asher: Holy shit!

Luan: Is that-?

They run down to the tattered and bloody body. As they started to help him, they panicked. They both knew who it was, barely concious. He was ripped up all over and was only making small grunting noises. Luan and Asher heaved him up and started carrying him back to their camp.

Asher: Will.

 An hour later, the three run through the forest. One of them has a bite on her shoulder, the other one wields her large machete and hacks down any approaching walkers. 

Female soldier: Just go without me, I'm dead...   John: Don't say that, it's just...

John suddenly collapses and falls flat on his face. He is still conscious, just very tired. He slowly gets up, feeling woozy and dizzy, and looks back. He sees the herd getting very close now. He looks at the bitten woman, then back at the herd.

Female soldier: Will, come on, we have to-

John: I'm sorry.

John steps forward and kicks her flat in the chest, knocking her back into the front of the herd where she starts getting devoured. She has a short scream, stopped instantly by a walker ripping her throat out.

Soldier: What the f-ck is wrong with you?

John: It had to be done.. Just run...

Soldier: F-ck you!

She reaches up and hurls her machete at John, which barely misses him and sticks in a tree trunk behind him, sending bark flying through the air. John tries to make her stop, but she pulls her M4 up and starts firing at him. He dives back and grabs the machete, then sprints at her. He tackles her to the ground, sending the M4 flying.

Soldier: F-cking psycho!

John: Please, she was gone anyway! Let's just go back!

Soldier: Go f-ck yourself!

She kicks John off and starts crawling for the M4. Before she can get there, John rips the machete from the tree and dives at her, stabbing it into the back of her patella. She screams in agony, and he gets up, tears flowing from his eyes. He starts running off.

John sprints through the forest, gasping for air. He inhales quickly and keeps running, until eventually a walker pops out from behind a tree. He screams in shock, then shoves the large knife he aquired somehow under its chin. He then starts to run again, clearly very winded. He stops dead in his tracks when he hears a woman screaming, blood-curdling, in the distance. He looks back, then squeezes his eyes shut tight and reluctantly starts running again.

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