This is the third episode of Death Among Us, season one. This episode will feature the group dealing with all of Sean's murders. It will primarily focus on Delayne coping with the loss of Elijah and her children. Other features will include the house getting attacked repeatedly and some doubting their sanctuary's safety.


The group of 19 voted on a leader and Willis was chosen. He commanded Sean and Bryson to go to the roof where Bryson was murdered in cold blood. Sean hacked his leg off and threw him to the walkers. The group was confused and sent Luan, Nathan, and Elijah to check it out. They were attacked and Elijah was shot. Luan was forced at gunpoint to bring Brealynn and Analee to the roof. He tried, but during an argument Maddie Smith and Analee snuck up and Brooklynn stole Asher's gun. Analee and Maddie were shot and Sean nearly shot Nathan when suddenly, Sean was shot and Brooklynn stood in the doorway with Asher's gun, saying "Are you okay?"


Delayne Parra

Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Brooklynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Nathan Jackson

Maddie Stratten

Emma Walton

Luan Stephens

Jair Paz

Jordan Gropp

Jazmine Guadycan

Lauren McBride


Nathan stares at Brooklynn and tries to get up. She runs to him and helps him up while he coughs up blood.

Brooklynn: Don't push yourself, Nate. Sit down when you need to.

Nathan: No, I'm fine. What about you? Why did you do that?

Brooklynn: What do you mean?

Nathan coughs again and stops to sit down.

Nathan: You killed him. That can't be easy, can it?

Brooklynn sighs and sits down with him.

Brooklynn: Yeah, it was easy. I didn't like him anyways. He tried to kill Bryson and them. Where is Bryson?

Nathan looks at her, contemplating whether or not he should tell her about Sean's murders. Before he can reply, Luan and Willis run up to the roof.

Luan: Oh, shit.

Will: Damn, what the hell happened?

Nathan: Sean went batshit and chopped Bryson's leg off. Bryson is the one down there getting eaten. He shoved the butt of your gun into my chest and shot Eli twice. Maddie and Analee came up here and he... He... He shot them... He was about to do me when Brooklynn shot him.

Will: That was YOU??

Brooklynn: Yeah... I saved Nate!

Luan: Shit, man... Eli's gone. He was a fighter and we needed him... What do we tell Delayne?

Will: I don't know, we gotta tell her something. She already lost her kids, and now her fiancé. We have to sit her down and talk her through it politely.

Nathan: But what about-

Asher: SHIT!

Will: God damn it, what the hell now?

The First Floor- 30 Seconds EarlierEdit

Asher leans against the door in silence and waits for Luan and Will to come down. After a while, the door begins to splinter and shake harder. Brealynn whimpers and leans against Ashlynn, who hugs her and covers her mouth. Asher grabs his hammer and stands guard at the door. Ten seconds later, the door gives away and walkers begin to file in.

Asher: SHIT!

Ashlynn: Asher, stop!

Asher: AAAHHH!!

Asher swings his hammer into the horde and kills one.

Asher: Get back!

The whole group gets up and runs to the back of the house. Delayne, Brealynn, Ashlynn and Jazmine duck into a closet. Maddie, Emma, and Jair hide under a bed. Lauren and Jordan put out the fire and crouch down behind a couch.

Asher: Stay wherever you are!

Asher grunts and shouts as he continues to destroy the herd. It consists of about two dozen walkers. Eventually Will, Luan, Nathan, and Brooklynn run into the room.

Will: God damn it, how the hell can this be happening?

Luan: We gotta fix the door!

Asher: Shit, split up around the house, we'll split them up and each kill our own little bit!

Nathan: But Brooklynn's with us!

Asher: No time, just go back!

They spread out as walkers split around the house, overrunning it. Asher dives into a room and picks up the machete leaning up against a wall. He faces the walkers and slices into their heads repeatedly. Nathan tries to get Brooklynn to follow him but she moves away from him.

Nathan: Brooklynn, come on!

Brooklynn: I have to find my sisters!

Nathan: No, come on!

Brooklynn runs to the crowd and shoots her way through the walkers, yelling her sisters' names.

Nathan: Brooklynn!

Nathan moves to her but his cut off by the walkers. He screams and runs back to Willis while Luan finishes his group of walkers off. Willis aims Hannah into the crowd and pulls the trigger three times, killing most of them. The fourth pull on the trigger only makes a click and Will bashes Hannah into one's head. Three walkers are left and Luan slams a shovel into one's head. The remaining two go after Willis and Luan. Will is having trouble pulling Hannah out of the walker's head and has to leave it. The walker tackles him but is shot by Brooklynn. Luan kills the last walker with his shovel.

Nathan: Jesus, where's Asher?

Will: Did he make it?

Luan: I saw him go into that room over there, the bedroom.

They begin to walk to the bedroom when Asher walks out, covered in blood. He nods at them and drops the machete.

Luan: Is everyone okay? We're clear, you can come out now.

The whole group emerges from their hiding spots and sighs in relief. Ashlynn sees Brooklynn and does the same, hugging her.

Ashlynn: Oh... You scared the shit out of me...

Will: Jesus, somebody get that damn door shut.

Luan runs to the door and slams it, seeing it is still intact. Delayne walks outside, looking for Eli.

Delayne: Where's Eli?

Will: ...

Delayne: On the roof? Where is he?

Asher: Yeah, where is he?

Will: He-

Luan: Delayne, I'm so sorry. But Sean shot him up on the roof.

Delayne's jaw drops as she falls to the ground and weeps. She continues to weep and the group sits in silence. Luan walks to her and embraces her.

Luan: Hey, it's okay. Just calm down and let it out.

Willis walks to the other room and comes back with a blanket. He wraps it aroound her and she lies down on the couch, still weeping. She cries herself to sleep.

Asher: Shit, guys. What do we do?

Will: We rebuild. We need to reinforce this place and make it bigger and better. We'll make bigger walls, too. But for now we all need rest.

The group discusses more and eventually goes back to sleep. The next morning Asher wakes up first. He walks outside and sees two walkers limping towards him.

Asher: God, damn it.

He walks inside and returns outside with a hammer. He kicks the first walker down and slams the hammer into the next one. He stomps on the first one's face a couple of times until it caves in.

Asher: There we go.

He is about to turn back inside when he hears sobbing on the rooftop.

Asher: What the hell?

He strides back inside and walks to the roof to see Delayne sitting next to Sean's body with a knife.

Asher: Delayne, you okay?

She looks at him and stabs Sean repeatedly with the knife.

Delayne: You son of a bitch!

Asher: Woah, holy shit, girl. Calm down and put the knife away.

Delayne: I'm sorry, Eli was just so good. He- He was- He...

Delayne falls down and begins to cry. Asher looks down at his feet.

Asher: Head on back inside. I'm going to take care of these bodies.

Delayne nods and heads back inside. Asher walks up to the bodies. He sees Sean, Elijah, Analee, and Maddie Smith. He picks up Sean and throws him off the roof. Then he picks up Analee and carries her down to the backyard.


Asher and Willis are digging four graves for Eli, Bryson, Maddie, and Analee. They shove the shovels into the wet Earth and pull up several clumps of dirt and gravel. Delayne crouches on the front porch with a knife, killing any walkers that come near. Jordan and Luan walk into the backyard with packs with them.

Luan: We're gonna head a few miles out and scavenge a bit. Maybe even teach Jordan how to use a gun. You all right with that?

Will: Yeah, that's fine.

Jordan: Okay, be back in a few hours.

They walk away and Asher and Will continue to dig the graves.

All throughout the week several groups of walkers show up, and Jordan stands guard at the top of the wall of cars they built. He uses the gun only if he has to, being quite handy with it after Luan's training. Weeks pass as each day more walkers come. They manage and eventually Lauren talks to Willis about it.

Lauren: We're getting attacked more and more each day, Will. We aren't safe here.

Will: Then we build. I'm not giving up this place, not after all we've been through. We've worked too hard to lose it.

Lauren still wants to leave, and more walkers come every day. One day Delayne, Will, Asher, Jordan, Jair, and Nathan are outside of the wall practicing their kills.

Will: It's gotta be the brain!

Delayne: I got this one over here!

Asher: Nathan, on your left!

Nathan: Got him!

Jordan: Jair, behind you!

Jair: I see her!

Will: Damn, there's a lot.

Jordan: There's more and more every day, man! How long is it gonna take before you notice this?

Asher: We've noticed, we just have to deal with it!

Will: Shit, Nathan, look out!

Nathan: Jesus!

The walker stumbles on top of Nathan and he falls down with it.

Delayne: No!

Delayne takes a dive and stabs the walker in the head.

Asher: Delayne!

A walker comes behind her and latches on her back. It sinks its teeth in and rips out flesh with its teeth.


Asher: Shit!

Before the walker can take another bite, Asher tackles it to the ground and rolls over, placing it on top of him.

Asher: AAAHHH!!! Shit, get it off me!

He holds the head up as Will slams his shovel into its head. Asher gasps in relief and Will helps him up.

Asher: Shit, Delayne, we gotta get that wound treated.

Delayne: No, I'm fine! I can still fight!

Will: It's just a little loose flesh, nothing I didn't deal with in the army. She'll be fine.

Jair: No, she won't.

Will: What do you mean?

Jair: The bite kills you! It's what turns you into one of them! I saw it happen to my parents! They got bit and they turned.

Asher: You mean... She'll turn?

They stare at delayne and she looks down at her feet.

Jair: I'm sorry, but we have to put you down.

Delayne: No! I feel fine!

Jordan: You aren't, we're sorry.

Delayne: What do you-? Who's gonna do it?

Asher: Yeah, who could just kill a person?

Nathan: I'll do it. I've got nothing left to live for anyways, so I'll just do it.

Will: No, we need to give her time.

Tears flow from Delayne's eyes.

Delayne: I don't want to die.

Asher: We'll deal with it later. For now, you need time.

Delayne: I'm sorry, none of you should have to kill me. I've got it.

She pulls her Glock from her belt and pouints it to her chin.

Will: No, don't-!!

She pulls the trigger and collapses from the shot.

Jordan: Oh, shit.

Jair: Damn.

Will: We- We have to bury her. I got it covered.

Weeks pass since Delayne's suicide and the group mostly doubts their home. One morning while they are eating Luan calls Asher into the second bedroom for privacy.

Luan: I gotta talk to you, man.

Asher: What is it?

Luan: Well, you've probably noticed we've been getting attacked more and more lately.

Asher: Yeah?

Luan: And some people have been wanting to leave at some time...

Asher: We aren't leaving.

Luan: No, I'm not saying you have to. But some people do want to and they believe they can find a better place. And I'm sorry this has to happen.

Asher: What do you mean?

Luan: I'm sorry, and I know this isn't easy to hear but... But we gotta go, man.


Delayne Parra

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