Maddie Stratten

Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Maddie Stratten was an Indonesian living with her boyfriend. She was diagnosed with ADHD in her childhood years and was mentally challenged. She became head of the class despite her disorders and was proud of herself. She graduated college with a PhD in neuroscience when she was 27 years old. When she was 40 she met Joshua Bishop. They went out and were engaged when the apocalypse struck, and Maddie was running from several walkers. Josh used his shovel and held them off while she ran away in fear.


When the apocalypse struck Maddie was with her boyfriend who had recently proposed to her. They were running away from a whole herd of walkers when suddenly Josh turned around to face them with his hammer. She begged him to stay with her and keep running, but he told her he would be fine. He struck at them over and over again until Maddie ran away. Unbeknownst to Maddie, Josh survived the attack and is still alive. Maddie was emotionally scarred for the rest of the time alone until she found a house with over 10 people living in it. The people let Maddie stay and took care of her.


  • Maddie's fiancee, Joshua Bishop, will appear and play a role in Season 2.
  • Maddie is the only member of the group with a PhD.
  • Maddie was the 4th person to reach the house.