Maddie Smith had recently graduated from College of Southern Idaho and was looking for a job as a lawyer. She

Maddie Smith

lived a rather exiting life and was always looking for a party. Maddie was extremely smart and witty. Maddie lived a city life unlike most people living in the suburbs. She never really liked the country and the emptyness of the rest of the world outisde of Boise.


Maddie was driving to work one day when someone covered in blood ran in front of her car. Maddie didn't see this woman and hit her. Maddie stopped for a second to see if she was ok but walkers were swarming her car. During the early stages of the apocalypse nobody knew that walkers were hostile but Maddie did. She rolled up the windows to keep them out. Her car wouldn't start but just as soon as a walker was about to get inside, a news helicopter flew down low and lured the zombies away so Maddie could drive away. Maddie drove as fast as she could to get back to her house when her car broke down. Maddie was near death when a group of 7 other people took her inside and cared for her.