In the aftermath of Brooklynn's murder, the group wants revenge. Will's plan takes action.


Asher and Brooklynn went into the forest, scouting. Luan noticed Ben had escaped, and went into the forest searching for him. Brooklynn was killed by Ben. Asher punched Ben repeatedly until "His face turned to mush". Asher carried Brooklynn back, and Ashlynn sang Three Little Birds to her body. Asher explained that Hudson wanted HIM and that he needed to go. Luan found Ben in the forest and said, "You're coming with me." Ashlynn wants to be the one to kill Ben. There are ten men outside the camp, waiting to attack.


Willis Hall

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Jordan Gropp

Lauren Faunre

Jazmine Guadycan

Hudson Mayer

Ben Gawea

Sgt, Harris

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Grimes

Unnamed Soldiers


Luan is walking down an old dirt road, rifle in hand, dragging Ben on the ground by his foot slung over his shoulder; unconscious Ben. Luan hears a movement in the bush, pauses, and then aims his rifle carefully at the bush. A small figure pops out of the bush.

Luan: Go away; I’m not in the mood.

The figure from the bush was a boy walker. He slowly began to stumble towards Luan.

Luan: Ah what the hell.

Luan fires 2 shots into the boy’s brain. His body slams the ground with a loud thud. Luan keeps walking. Luan wasn’t sure exactly where he was going. He was just walking towards the steel mill…and the pillar of smoke rising next to it.

Luan: What…the…h-?

Luan was interrupted by several distant gunshots, followed by more gunshots.

Luan: This can’t be good.

Luan started to jog down the road. He had at least three more miles to go.

Luan: I hope it isn’t walkers, or worse.

Luan began to run as fast as he could now, only stopping for a second to observe the endless piles of walker bodies along the road. Luan was close to the steel mill. As he got closer he started to notice the endless piles of zombie bodes, and nearby crates of matches and kerosene. Luan’s stomach dropped as he saw a speeding car off in the distance, driving right at him.

Luan: What the hell is going on here!?

As the car appeared into detail, Luan noticed the driver holding a gun out the window…and the two others aiming pistols out the windows. Luan didn’t hesitate. He looked down the scope of his rifle, paused for a minute, then aimed carefully at the driver. He fired one shot, and then missed. He pulled the bolt back, slammed it forward, and aimed again.  This time he hit the driver right in the throat. His head slammed into the steering wheel. The car honked, then span out of control and hit a pile of bodies. It hit the bodies then flipped dozens of times before landing towards the edge of the woods.

Luan: Aw yeah, sweet.

Luan reloaded the gun then approached the vehicle. The driver was dead, mashed into the dashboard. The first gunner was lying under the flipped car, lifeless. The final gunner, alive, turned over towards Luan and growled.

Gunner: You’ll…pay.

Luan: Oh really. Who sent you?

The gunner coughs up blood.

Gunner: Hudson…..

Luan: What’s up with all the bodies?

Gunner: Hudson’s virtually-

The gunner coughs up more blood.

Gunner: -Cleared most of northern Elmore County.

Luan sighed.

Luan: Are you planning on burning these bodies? I mean what’s with all the kerosene?

Gunner: What-

The gunner coughs up more blood

Gunner: What do you think…?

Luan: You are no more use to me.

Luan steps back casually, walks to a crate of kerosene, grabs a can and some matches. He casually spreads kerosene around the car and the area around it. He throws the can on the ground.

Gunner: NO! DON’T! PLEASE!

Luan opens a matchbox. He stares the gunner cold in the eye, touching his soul. He reaches in, grabs a match and strikes it on the side of the box.

Gunner: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luan: Goodbye, asshole.

Luan drops the match. As soon as it hits the ground, the kerosene ignites, and then the entire area bursts into flames. Luan remembered the car could explode, so he turns around and walks away. Almost as soon as he’s out of the blast, the car explodes.

Luan: Cool guys don’t look at explosions.

Luan laughs.

After Luan finishes walking down the road, he reaches the three tents, only to find the others gone. Luan unzips the tent and finds the group tied up and gagged. All except Asher.

Luan: Oh god, what happened?

Luan started to untie the group and get them to their feet.

Jazmine: Oh god, they took Asher! They took him!


Jordan: They took him back to the steel mill with Hudson.

Ashlynn: This is bad, very very bad! Oh, HEY BEN! YOU ASSWIPE! I'M GONNA KILL YOU LATER!!!


Back at the military base, Will steps outside, his combat boots treading heavy on the damaged cement. '''''Sgt. Smith opens the hangar doors. Some of the ground troops jump out of their humvees and tow the helicopters out onto the helipad. Miller and Will are inside the cockpit of their helicopter, a UH-6 Osprey. The rotor blades roar to life, the instruments flicker on, and Miller grins.

Will: Alright, we’ll do a V formation to the mill, break when we get fired at, got it?

Sgt Greene: Let’ do ‘dis!

Sgt Harris: Ready!

Sgt Hacker: I was born ready!

Sgt Smith: Roger that broham!

Will: Hoorah! Stay close to the ground with the humvees, well take the main road through the woods until we get to the mill, then break, got it?

Miller: Heard ‘ya the first hundred times.

Will: Wow, I only said it once.

The five helicopters take off, flying tight together in perfect formation as the humvees guzzle gas and drive along. Back at the camp, Luan sits on a log, pondering on what to do. The group sits close by them and offers suggestions.

Jazmine: We should just surrender.

Jordan: Nuh-uh. No go.

Luan: So…no what? We’re in a tight situation right-

Luan trails off.

Jazmine: Hey, I know that sound! It’s a…humvee? And, a formation of helicopters if I’m right!

Luan: Oh, shit! If they’re Hudson’s then we’re dead.

Luan looks up to the sky. His jaw drops when he sees five helicopters in formation fly above the trees. Will salutes, then his helicopters break formation and begin to swarm around the mill. Luan jumps in fright as two humvees packed full of soldiers speed along the road, stop directly next to them.

Luan: No, way.

Sgt. Smith: Yes way.

The soldiers unload their gear and storm towards the mill. Jordan looks up at the sky to see the helicopters unloading missiles on the building, followed by gunfire erupting from the steel mill.

Luan: Will, that crazy son of a bitch.

Jordan: I don’t believe it.

Brealynn: Not possible!

Jazmine: Clearly it is. It’s happening!

Towards the steel mill, only small amounts of gunfire retaliate the missiles. Not enough to hurt them anyways. Several soldiers charge out the giant crater in the side of the mill, only to be gunned down by Will and Miller. All seemed well until an RPG shell brushed by a nearby helicopter, taking out its tail.

Radio: Whiskey 2-1, we’re hit! We’re hit! We’re gonna try and land her on the ground, over.

Miller: Well shit. This won’t be fun.

Will: Hey Miller, what’s your favorite kind of beer?

Miller: An open one!

Will laughs hard.

Will: And how do you know when you’ve had too much?

Will + Miller: I run out!

Will and Miller crack up laughing.

Will: Time to end this.



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