At last, the season finale.


When Will found the hangar full of soldiers, they attacked and finally killed the steel mill group. Ben escaped and killed Brooklynn. Ashlynn was very angry and when the battle was over, she shot Ben six times. Jordan was killed in the battle. Jazmine finally got supplies, but she was bit for a second time on the highway, killing her. Asher went to Hudson and fired two shots, supposedly killing him. The group is planning to leave to Oregon, where Will owns a cabin. Eight soldiers were killed in the battle.


Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Lauren Faunre

Pvt. Grimes

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller

Cpl. Lucas

Cpl. Riley


The group sits around the helicopter, planning their strategy.

Will: So if we go west, over Hell's Canyon., we should get to Oregon in less then two hours..

Miller: Uhhh, Will?

Will: Not now! So the cabin is closer to the mountains, that means an even farther ride. We'll get there by walking a few miles, we don't have exactly enough gas to make it the whole way, but pretty damn close.

Asher: So, when are we leaving?

Ashlynn: Soon, we have to go soon. 

Brealynn: Ashlynn, where's Brooklynn?

The group looked at Brealynn.

Ashlynn: She's coming, don't worry baby.

Grimes: Will, seriously! Miller has something to say, and it's important!

Lucas: It is, there's a problem. we didn't mention this before.

Will: What is it?

Riley: This'll be hard to hear, but... Well... A beauty she is, that plane'll only hold nine of us, plus supplies. Some of us are gonna have to stay.

Will: What. The. Hell.

Asher: You didn't mention that before? What the hell, you just let us think we're all gonna make it to Oregon, be safe, and then you turn around on us?

Lucas: Sorry, man, we thought you knew.

Will: God damn it, so there's six in my group, and how many of you guys made it?

Riley: Twelve of us made it, man. That makes eighteen, so only half get to go.

Will: My people are all going. We've been through too much, we can't stay here.

Red: What the hell, some of you guys didn't even fight! All of us soldiers went in there, and the only people of yours who actually went out there are Asher, that skinny dude, and you! The skinny guy's dead! So you two, and seven of us get to go.

Asher: Hell no. If Ashlynn and Brealynn are staying, then I am too.

Riley: Will's right, you should all go.

Riley looks at the helicopter and starts to examine it.

Riley: I elect myself to stay, Lieutenant. It was an honor serving you, but my time has come. I have to stay.

Red: This is bullshit, we should all go!

Will: You sure you want to do this, man? I mean, with all the stuff you did for us, it seems like the least you could do is come along.

Riley: No, it's my job. I was ordered to stay here, and eliminate anyone hostile.

Lucas: Wow. He's right, we were ordered to. But now that I think about it, there is no government. I'm staying, too.

Ashlynn: Well-... I mean, Brealynn has to go. And I'm going with her.

Red: Well, you damn people are just fu-

BLAM! A gunshot is heard and Red falls to the ground.

Will: What the hell?

Two morer gunshots go off and Davidson falls to the ground, and Asher yells in pain. They turn to the door of the hangar and see that Hudson opened it, and he has a rifle.

Luan: You son of a bitch! I'm gonna kill you!

Luan runs at him, followed by Asher, Will, Miller, Riley, and Lucas.

Hudson: Sons of bitches.

Miller tackles him to the ground and Asher pulls out the Baretta 92FS. He aims it down on Hudson's head.

Asher: I shot you in the gut. How are you alive?!

Hudson: Bitch, you ever heard of bulletproof vests?!

Asher: You damn monster. Go to hell, you son of a bitch.

Asher pulls the trigger and kills Hudson, permanently.

Asher: Back to it.

The group is scared now. They walk back and continue to plan.

Will: Jesus. We leave tomorrow, everyone. Now, Red and Davidson are dead. Wow, I can't believe this. Hudson made it. Just... Wow.

Asher: Bulletproof vests. That son of a bitch.

Will: So now we have sixteen people. You okay, Asher?

Asher: Yeah, just nicked my shoulder. I'll be fine.

Will: So fourteen people might get to go. Five of them gotta stay, since Riley and Lucas are staying. Ashlynn and Brealynn get to go, that's settled. I think Luan needs to go, he's a doctor, I guess.

Luan: Yeah, combat medic.

Will: So six more.

Riley: Since Harris is dead, I am now in charge of this group of soldiers.

Will: What're you saying?

Riley: I'm saying what I say passes. I'm saying that your whole group is getting in that helicopter. That means only three of my soldiers get to go.

Greene: Hey, wait a sec! I'm in charge, not you!

Riley: You're injured, dumbass.

Will: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Riley:  No problem. Miller, Grimes, and Mason. You three are going. You're the best men and I've seen you in combat. The three of you need to protect these people for as long as you're alive.

Miller: Roger that, sir.

Will: So that's it, then. It's settled.

The group disbanded. Asher walked outside and was followed by Ashlynn.

Ashlynn: What really happened?

Asher: What do you mean?

Ashlynn: With Brooklynn. What happened?

Asher: Oh. Well... We were going through the forest, and a couple walkers popped out. They got on top of me, and Brooklynn saved me with the hammer. The gun got lost, though, when she got grabbed. It flew back to the forest, and we killed 'em all. I went to get the gun, but Ben popped out of the forest, with the gun. He shot, but missed me and hit Brooklynn. I messed up his face pretty bad, though.

Ashlynn: She didn't have to die...

Ashlynn started to cry.

Asher: It's okay, it's okay. She's in a better place now. She doesn't have to suffer. She died a hero. The last thing she did was save my life.

Ashlynn: I know..... (SOBS) ...... Thank you.

Ashlynn and Asher hug.

Ashlynn: Thank you.

The next day, Riley sits at a desk.

Riley: Attention, attention! Everyone near the area, Idaho is safe. Come about five miles west of the Boise National Forest, to a hangar. We have seven soldiers here, ready to fight.

Riley was speaking through a radio.

Will: We're heading off.

Riley: Alright. Thanks man. For all of that. We're gonna be okay here. We can rebuild humanity. When all this is over, I'll contact you somehow. We'll be okay.\

Will: Alright, thanks.

Will walks out to the helicopter, where he sees Asher and Ashlynn holding hands in the helicopter. He smiles. '''''Luan is throwing supplies into it. Lauren is sitting across from them, staring at Will. He didn't know it, but she had feelings for him. Brealynn was asleep in the helicopter. Miller, Grimes, and Mason were saying their goodbyes.

Asher: Thanks for everything y'all. We're gonna be okay.

Miller: Oh, shit!

They look into the distance, seeing a herd, twice the size of the herd at the house. It is coming fast.


He speaks to the microphone again. He looks at his three men that are leaving.

Riley: GO! Just go, We'll be alright!

Will: Alright, GOODBYE!

Will shoots five rounds at the oncoming herd until he finally boards the helicopter.


Will starts the helicopter, drowning out the sound of Riley's voice.

Will: WHAT!??!

Riley: YOU....... BE......-TEN!!!

Will: What's he saying?

Lauren: I don't know, just go!

Miller, Grimes, and Mason jump in the helicopter as it leaves the ground.

Will: Alright, we're off! Let's get outta here!

As the helicopter starts to fly away, Asher looks back. He sees the soldiers fire into the herd. As they get too close, Riley shouts something inaudible. When the men turn around, Greene and three other unknown soldiers are tackled to the ground by walkers, being eaten. As the rest make it, the hangar doors close, and Lucas purposefully closed the doors, locking himself out. He turned to face the hered, and killed at least twenty before being pulled to the ground, and swarmed, leaving nothing left of him.

Asher: Shit.

As the group heads off, Will wonders about the inaudible sentence that Riley yelled. It had to be important, what was it? All Will knew was that the future was uncertain, and that Asher knew it too. The group was heading to a new beginning.



Hudson Mayer

Pvt. Red

Pvt. Davidson

Sgt. Greene

Cpl. Lucas

Three unknown guards...

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Dayumm! If you ask me, I think we took the whole steel mill thing too far, and the assault, WAY WAY TO FAR! A nuke? REALLY? Beside that, I'll be writing season 2 for episodes 1-13, and xraymoon will take over! I still look back when Death Among Us had one fan (cartman is awesome). Thanks to him by the way for support! And I'd like to thank all the people who've just started to read the story! And last but not least, I'd like to thank Googlespark, our new spellchecker! He made me realize that my spelling sucks! Thank you all, and get ready for a wonderful season 2! We've brought up many questions. What did Riley say to Will when he took off? Will the soldiers survive the zombie horde? and what is now of the steel mill? And will Googlespark write with me? Of course! Lastly, these questions will all be answered, I promise you all. Goodnight everybody!-User:Will3947

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