All the locations/areas in Death Among Us.

Season 1Edit

The HouseEdit

The house first appeared in Episode 1: Rise From the Dead. It was the group's primary home in the beginning. Previously owned by Analee, it was built by her grandfather. It cost many people their lives in the beginning, but Will

The old house in the beginning of the apocalypse.

and Asher chose not to give up on it. It was fortified with a wall of cars later on and Jordan always stood on watch. Sadly, the house was lost after the majority of the group left, feeling it was unsafe, and the few that stayed were attacked by a large herd. Jair and Nathan lost their lives in this attack. In the chaos, Will stayed behind and blew apart the house with heavy explosives.


  • Bryson Davidson
  • Elijah Monroe
  • Maddie Smith
  • Analee Elsenbeck
  • Sean Creswell
  • Delayne Parra
  • Jair Paz
  • Nathan Jackson


  • It was owned by Analee before the apocalypse.
    • Her grandson was staying there with her before the apocalypse because he was in debt and the bank took away his own house.
  • It was the group's first primary home.
  • It was blown up by Willis Hall in a walker attack.
  • Much of the group felt it was unsafe and decided to leave. These people proved to be right as the ones that stayed were attacked and two were killed in a walker attack.
  • First appeared in Episode 1: Rise From the Dead.
    • Its last appearance was in Season 2, when Will went back to put down the people he knew after learning about walkers' virus. The exact episode was Episode 17: Three Little Birds.

The Steel MillEdit