After Ramona was tragically killed, Will ordered the group off his land. Asher led everyone out into the woods, and Will started seeing Ramona. Asher and the group were running through the woods until they got surrounded by walkers. About to shoot, bullets tore themselves into the walkers' skulls. A man then appeared: Joshua Bishop. He asked to join the group, but Asher declined. Josh began to beg, but walkers started coming from everywhere. Asher and Beth left him and ran to the meadow where the group was staying. They left, knowing Oregon isn't as safe as they thought. Will set up a section of the fence and saw Bryson, Nathan, Jazmine, and Grimes. They told him to get to somewhere peaceful, he would have to die. Asher led the group to a cabin and they now plan to steal the helicopter and head back to Idaho.


Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Beth Wring

Ashlynn Taurus

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Joshua Bishop

Aaron Madison

Jason Madison

Luan Stephen

Phillip Jackson

Ramona Merril


A man runs through the tight alleyways of La Grande. As he rounds a corner, a walker turns to him. He chucks his hatchet into its skull, picks it up, and keeps running. He has five bulging backpacks carrying guns, food, water, and medical supplies. He has an AK47 hanging from his side, the strap going over his shoulder. His large knife is shoved between his ripped jeans and his belt. As he jogs into a department store, he draws a Colt Python from the back of his belt and slams the handle into a walkers' bald head. It crumples to the ground and he keeps running. As he exits through the back door, he comes to a crowd of hungry walkers. There are seven of them, and he aims his Colt Python into the crowd. He fires his six bullets and the gun clicks when he tries to shoot the last one.

Man: Ah, shit.

As the walker stumbles towards him, he calmly fumbles with his pocket and eventually pulls out a bullet. He flicks open the Python and shoves the bullet in. When he snaps it shut, the walker is merely five feet away. He clicks the hammer and aims betwwen its eyes, squeezing the trigger. The walker falls to the ground, and the man sighs in relief and runs into the next building, closing the door. Just before the walkers get to the scene, the man's hand pokes from the door, holding a flare, and throws it to the side. It lands, and the walkers show up. They spot the flare and head towards it. The man climbs to the roof, where a makeshift bed, several guns, and a small aluminum box lies, labeled 'The Kit'. The man sighs and throws the backpacks onto a pile of several backpacks. He takes off his belt and throws it, along with the weapons, onto his bed and walks to the pile of backpacks. He unzips one that he was just carrying and pulls out a tent.

Man: Hell yeah, finally.

He looks at a stuffed duffel bag then back at the tent.

Man: Today was our best day so far, sweetie, I hope you would be proud of that.

He steps a bit to the left and starts unpacking and setting up the tent.

Aaron: God, how much longer?

Asher: You told us this was the highway where they picked you guys up. Where exactly was it?

Jason: Hell if I know. Keep an eye out for bears.

Asher: We'll be fine.

Beth: Right now there's one idea I have.

Asher: What's that?

Beth: Portland. We head there, find supplies, and leave the way Jason and Aaron did. We go through, and we come out at the highway where Will found them.

Asher: We're not going to La Grande

Aaron: Actually, it might not be the worst idea. Better than walking the way we've been.

Asher: Trust me, you don't want to go to a city. It's packed, I saw that for myself. We'll-.

Beth: How do you know that's not where the walkers have been coming from? They're all over the woods now, the cities are our safest bet. The walkers are migrating from there.

Asher: Well.... What about Brealynn?

Ashlynn: No. We can't take Brealynn in, it's just too dangerous. I'll stay behind with her.

Asher: We're not leaving you alone. I'll take one or two people with me, head in, see if it's safe, and come back here. We'll get supplies, too.

Jason: I'd better stay, I'm not feeling one hundred percent just yet. Why don't you go, Aaron?

Aaron: You, Ashlynn, and a four year old? So tough, huh. I'll stay and keep this under control.

Luan: I'll stay with Jason in case something bad happens.

Asher: So just me and Beth, then? Alright, let's go. Be back in a bit.

Ashlynn: Bye, be careful.

Ashlynn hugs Asher.

Asher: Don't worry, we'll be okay.

They walk off, towards Portland, unknown of the dangers and unraveling events that are yet to occur.

Ashlynn: Shit...

Joshua runs through the forest, panting. No walkers are to be seen, but he keeps going. He glances over his shoulder again and trips over a log.

Joshua: Agh, shit!

The fall slit his pack open, and supplies spill out from the gaping wide hole.

Joshua: Ah, damn it!

He scrambles up and starts to stuff in supplies. He shoves in a few, then picks up a roll of duct tape that fell out and tugs off a strip. He bites it clean off and shoves the roll in, then slaps the patch on the hole. He notices a walker and angrily stabs his knife under its chin, then lets it drop to the ground. He starts to run again.

Miller: We got any cereal?

Mason: Yeah, third cupboard.

Miller: Thanks.

Miller opens the cupboard and pulls out a box of Lucky Charms.

Miller: Aw hell's yeah.

Mason sits at the table, trying to get a signal from the radio and Miller is pouring himself a bowl of Lucky Charms. Will is nowhere to be seen.

Mason: Damn, can't get a signal!

Miller: We'll try tomorrow.

Mason: Yeah, I guess.

Mason sets down the headphones and gets up, pouring himself a bowl of Lucky Charms.

Mason: I've never realized how damn good this shit is.

Miller laughs. Mason sits down and starts eating his cereal. Miller stares out the window.

Mason: How's he doing?

Miller: I don't know, I haven't seen him since yesterday morning. I know he was out here last night, look. The east section of the fence is up. He's probably in his room now, just give him space. If he's not out by five, I'll check in on him.

Mason: Ugh... Shit... This world, just... God damn... You know what's the hardest thing about living like this?

Miller: What?

Miller: Not picking out the god damn marshmallows and throwing away the rest.

Miller and Mason laugh really hard.

Will sits in a barn, about three miles from the cabin. He can barely see La Grande from his position, and sits there, waiting. Eventually, someone taps him on the shoulder.

Will: Huh?

It is Ramona.

Ramona: Hey Will, we need to talk.

Will: What is there to talk about, I failed you. I tried to keep the group safe, but I just couldn't do it. What have I done?

Ramona: None of that was your fault, Will. You tried, believe me, you did. But in the end, it's never happy. I'm sorry, Will, but it is what it is. What I needed to say is that you need to stop this. Get it together, there's a group that needs you.

Will: I already made them leave, there's nothing more to it.

Ramona: I know you did, that's the problem. They'll be back though, trust me. You need to be ready to take them back in, and let Asher take charge. Just let them come back, Will. This all could've been avoided if you just took some time for yourself, time to mourn and get over it.

Will: I know I failed, Ramona, I know. But I just can't get the feeling out of my head that I let you die.

Ramona: You're okay, Will, that's what matters. Keep yourself safe, and come home. I'll be waiting for you there.

Asher and Beth walk through the open streets, passing a mossy wall covered in blood. They walk past that and get close to the large bridge. Once they start crossing, they see walkers feasting on a dead body. Beth draws her gun but Asher keeps walking. He walks right on past them, too distracted to notice him. Beth scoffs, chuckles, and does the same.

Beth: How you holding up?

Asher doesn't answer and she looks away, giving him space. When they get close to the middle of the city, two walkers emerge. Asher starts running at them before Beth draws her gun, and he tackles them both. He gets up, stomps on their faces, and walks into a nearby alleyway. Beth runs to catch up.

Beth: Jesus, Asher, where the hell are we going?

He still doesn't answer.

Beth: God damn it, tell me! Where are we going?

Asher: Checking this department store that Will showed me on the map. Gotta be something there, I bet.

Beth shakes her head and they get to the department store. Asher puts his finger to his lips and opens the door. They aim their guns inside, see none, and start to walk slowly. Guns lie everywhere.

Asher: Jesus, it's like Fort Knoxx in here. Grab those shopping bags and start loading up.

As they load up, they talk.

Beth: After this I'm thinking we check the streets, maybe make some noise, then see if walkers come out. How's that?

Asher: We won't make noise, if that's possible. We get supplies, check around, then get the hell back to the group.

Beth: How do you think Will and them are doing?

Asher: Better than us. Let's just hope that helicopter's still there. We gotta find Kattner's place, then check for instructions. Let's go, this is enough.

They each hold two shopping bags stuffed with guns and ammunition and waklk to the back door. It is open a crack. They then notice bloody shoeprints leading to the backdoor.

Asher: Someone was here. Like today.

Beth: What?

Asher: Come on, we'll see if they knew where Kattner was staying.

Beth: Asher, you don't know-!

Asher kicks the door open, interrupting her, and reveals a large crowd of walkers. They see them and start to give chase.

Asher: Oh, shit! Go back, Beth, go back!

They run and Asher slams the front door shut, then shoves a small pipe between the handles.

Asher: Go, let's leave, now!

As soon as they start to run, a voice calls down to them.

Man: Hey!

Asher: Oh, shit! He's up on the roof behind the department store! What do you want?

Man: Oh, GOD DAMN! I knew it!

The man walks back, out of sight.

Asher: Where'd he go? What's he know?

Suddenly, the man returns to view, this time with an AK47. He aims down and starts shooting at them.

Asher: Shit!

Beth screams, and Asher dives behind a car tipped on its side. He draws his gun and waits for a moment. Meanwhile, Beth scrambles into the house across the street from the department store. The gunfire stops, but Asher still waits. A few seconds later, Asher peeks. What he sees is the man aiming at him, and starting to open fire. He scrambles back and still waits. All of a sudden, a walker shuffles to Asher. Asher shoots it in the head and it falls on him. Asher takes the time and searches the walker's pockets, finding only one bullet. Asher puts it in his pocket and the gunfire stops. Asher goes around the other side and starts to unload on the mystery man. The man starts to fire as well, and Asher is almost hit. He goes back, then Beth pops out and starts shooting. Asher flips around and unloads his last three bullets, but misses.

Asher: Oh, shit.

Asher is stuck between a rock and a hard place, and sits, waiting. Then he notices, just next to him, hanging from the iron awning of the house, six walkers hanging from ropes by their necks. Not dead bodies, live walkers, growling and snarling, trying to get at Asher.

Asher: Son of a bitch...

He realizes what this man does, and pulls the last bullet from his pocket, the one he looted. He loads it into his gun and peeks around the wall, only to be met by a wall of bullets. Beth notices and jumps out, starting to shoot at the man, drawing the attention off Asher. Asher closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and lets his mind take his body. He thinks about focusing, and exhales slowly. He looks back at the man, aims carefully, and fires. The man stops shooting and falls to the ground.

Beth: Oh, shit, are you okay?

Asher: Yeah, I'm fine You?

Beth: I'm okay. let's get the hell out of La Grande! I just want to go back to the group!

Asher: No, we're going up there.

Beth: What?

Asher: We need to make sure he's dead and doesn't have instructions, let's go.

Beth reluctantly follows him. They head around the block and get to the building. A catwalk lies above them.

Asher: Follow me. Stay quiet.

Beth nods and they open the door. The stairs are to the right, and they start climbing the steps. When they get to the top, they see a large tent, a pile of about two dozen stuffed backpacks, and a makeshift bed with weapons on it.

Asher: Holy shit, grab the backpacks!

Asher begins to run forward. Beth notices the movement, and shouts.

Beth: Asher, stop!

But it is too late. The man comes from the side and slams the butt of his gun into Asher's head, knocking him down, and Beth aims her gun at him.

Asher: Agh, shit...

Beth: Let him go, right now!

Man: Who the hell are you people? You ain't from here, are you?

Beth: No, just visiting. Who the hell are you?

Man: I'm Phillip. I'd suggest you get out of here right now, people.

Asher: Guh.... Listen. let me up and I'll explain.

Phillip: Get up slowly.

Asher obeys and pushes himself up, then looks at Phillip.

Asher: We didn't need to shoot, we were defending ourselves. We were just looking for a place to find instructions on how to fly a helicopter, man, no need to get shot. How'd you make it anyway?

Phillip lifts up his shirt, revealing body armor.

Phillip: Helicopter, huh? I might have those instructions.

Asher: Really? Could we borrow them?

Phillip: Depends, could I join a group you guys have?

Asher and Beth look at each other.

Asher: Yeah, that could be arranged.

Beth: Asher! That guy in the forest couldn't come, so he can't! What the hell are you thinking?

Asher: That guy in the forest was different, he didn't have something we need. Just think, if we let this guy join us, we get the helicopter! We need this Beth, trust me.

Phillip: Where you staying?

Asher: Just out of the city, c'mon, I'll take you there. Let's go, Beth, trust me.

Beth glares at him and they start walking, after they grab just about all of his supplies.

Phillip: Here, let me lead, there's a quicker way.

He starts walking and Asher talks to Beth, whispering.

Asher: Don't worry, I know. We get the instructions, then we kill him. He doesn't belong, I don't really trust him. I got this, Beth, don't worry.

Beth: Good, you scared me for a sec.

They get to the catwalk and a walker strides below them.

Phillip: Gah!

He throws his hatchet down at the walker, killing it, then hops down, landing in a dumpster.

Phillip: Jump, don't worry!

Asher: Oh god, I'll go first.

Asher takes a good deep breath of fresh air, then hops down, but lands softly. He lets his breath go, not smelling anything foul.

Asher: Good, pillows! Just pillows, don't worry!

He gets out and Beth hops down, too.

Phillip: You guys lead.

Aaron: Look, there they are!

They see Asher and Beth walking towards them with Phillip.

Aaron: Oh, shit, son of a bitch! What the hell is that asshole doing here?

Aaron is freaking out and draws his gun, aiming it at Phillip.

Asher: Hey, calm down, man!! What is it?!

Aaron: That son of a bitch, he shot at us! That's the guy that shot at Jason and me!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!

Asher: Calm down, we can sort this out!

Jason: Too late for that, he made me almost die! Kill him, Aaron!

Asher and Beth realize who who Phillip is. Just as they turn, Phillip raises his AK47.

Phillip: Too late for nothing, ASSHOLES!!!

Phillip screams and starts shooting, driving three bullets into Jason's stomach. Asher quickly ends it and knocks out Phillip with his gun.

Aaron: No, JASON!!!

Aaron runs to him and Ashlynn holds back Brealynn, and Luan runs to him.

Beth: What now?

Asher: Luan, do what you can! Ashlynn, keep her back! Beth, help me tie this shit-for-brains to that tree. We'll let Aaron and Jason deal with him later.

Luan: I don't know if he-... I'll do what I can, but I'm sorry Aaron. Don't get your hopes up. I'm sorry.

Luan pulls out medical supplies and Asher angrily kicks Phillip in the ribs.

Will sits in the shed back on his property, Mason and Miller are about to look for him there. Will is tying something with a rope, then throws it over a pipe. He sets a salt lick on the loose end so the other end won't fall from weight. He gets up, revealing the rope tied into a noose. He gets up on the shelf, grabs it, then slips it around his neck.

Ramona: Will!

He looks at her.

Ramona: Please don't do this, Will!

A tear rolls down his cheek.

Will: I'm sorry.

He stomps the shelf, kicking it down, and swings into the air, hanging.



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