Like Old Times will be the fifth episode of Season 4. It premiered on August 9th, 2013.


The group went to the crash site to find Mason, and found him alive, but Dean was bitten in the chaos. Will hacked off his leg, leaving him passed out of blood loss. They were thinking of a new way of travel, given all the cars were stolen or destroyed, and Jasper showed him the train he landed on...


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Pvt. Miller

Dean Chang

Erika Munnyey

Hannah Reese

Pvt. Mason

Ellis Hall

Graydon Hall

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Kameron Carter

Sasha Carter

Lady Slave


Will climbed up the steam locomotive to the cockpit, and poured his canister of gasoline in the pot, and threw in some logs, then struck a match on his boot. He grinned, then threw the match inside the pot. The logs ignited, then started to burn nicely. He jumped off, then walked down the train until he reached a flatbed car. He disconnected the brakes and chains, then unscrewed the car. The flatbed and the rest of cars behind it rolled away slowly.

Will: She's good. I decoupled it three cars back so we've got more than enough room to spread out and make ourselves comfortable for the long ride.

Lady: Did you kill the dead guys in the train?

Will groaned, then looked at Asher, who pulled out his hammer and started walking over to the first car.

Will: We'll be back in a minute.

Will walked over with him, and they stepped onto the platform. Will opened the door. Only one was in there, and Asher brained it.

Will: Hopefully these next cars will be the same.

He walked over to the next one, opened the door, and 10 walkers piled out.

Asher: Nope.

Will: Shit.

Ashlynn looked over at Graydon, who was standing guard with his axe.

Ashlynn: You don't really have to do that, I'm sure the whole town went to the helicopter. Asher and everyone else killed them all.

Graydon: We can never be sure, I just don't want to take any chances.

Erika set down her pack and threw some rocks on the ground. Jasper started arranging them in a circle, while Joshua started digging a foot down the circle. When they were done, she threw some twigs down and Reese pulled out a piece of flint and then started striking it on her Swiss army knife. Eventually sparks started flying, catching on some twigs but not lighting. Twenty minutes later, Will and Asher walked back, splattered with blood.

Will: Grab some axes, people, we're going to go get some wood.

Three hours later...Edit

Will: Ok. That's enough wood. We can go now. 

Brealynn: Willie! Can I ride with you?

Will: Sure, why the hell not?

Brealynn: Swear word!

Will: Ok...whatever. Uhm....I'm not exactly sure what to do in this situation....but....yeah.

The group climbes up the train platform and into the two cars. Reese, Graydon, Will and Brealynn go to the cockpit, while Asher and Jasper carry the bundles of wood to the coal car. Will throws a bundle in, and the flames burn high. The rest of the group walks back to the passenger cars, to settle in and relax. Jasper nods, and he walks away towards the passenger car, followed by Asher. 

Brealynn: Willie! Blow the horn!

Will: You want to attract walkers?

Brealynn: No...

Will: Well there's your answer.

Brealynn sighs, then sits down a pile of wood.

Will: What's wrong?

Brealynn: I just wanted you to blow the-

Will interrupts Brealynn by pulling the cord three times, letting out three blows of steam from the horn. Brealynn giggles and laughs.

Brealynn: Yay! 

Will releases the brake, pushes the throttle forward and the train slowly begins to move. Will looks back at the peaceful town, then the smouldering wreck of what used to be a helicopter poking out from the roof of a store. Brealynn giggles again and Reese fires an M4 round into the air. 

Reese: Rest in hell, craphole!

Will smiles. After about a minute, Ashlynn steps into the car.

Ashlynn: Everything going okay?

Brealynn: Yeah, Will blew the horn!

Will: It's good, I haven't seen a single walker. But then again, we just started, so who knows?

They all sit in silence for a few minutes.

Brealynn: Where's Lady?

Ashlynn: She's in back, want me to get her?

Brealynn: No, it's okay.

Another minute passes.

Brealynn: Ashlynn?

Ashlynn: Yeah?

Brealynn: Will there be kids at this new place?

Ashlynn looks at Will, who subtly shrugs.

Ashlynn: I don't know, there might be. We'll have to see. I'm gonna go check on Dean, maybe take a look at Joshua's leg. See ya.

Ashlynn walked out the door and went into the next car.

Ellis: Miller's up.

Ashlynn looks over to her right, where Miller is sitting backed up against a wall.

Miller: What's going on? Why are we here?

Ashlynn: Remember? We're going to a new place we think Riley has?

Miller: I know all that, but why are we in a train?

Ashlynn: After the crash, we needed a new way of travel. All the cars were gone, so we took the train.

Miller: Makes sense.

Asher and Will are the only ones up in the cockpit. Asher looks behind them out a window, where the sun is about to set.

Asher: You do realize we're not gonna be able to help them right?

Will: What?

Asher: This new place, Riley's. Either the walkers killed them and they're dead or they killed the walkers and don't need our help anymore.

Will: I know, it's just... These... These are shit times, man... But we gotta go through it. And if they are still alive and just cowering inside then they need our help. Either way, we can get through the dead. We're gonna be alright, you just can't give up hope.

Four hours later, Will feels the train starting to slow. He reaches over to where he's been keeping the stockpile of wood, only to find empty air.


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