The group reached the cabin, but Pvt. Grimes was killed. Ramona, Will's girlfriend before the apocalypse, was at the cabin. Beth became Brealynn's friend at the cabin and Will decided to get things that people wanted to prove the world wasn't as bad as they thought. On the road, a soldier contacted Will over the radio and revealed that Riley, back at the hangar, had formed a community. They picked up the soldier, Kattner, and drove back. On their way back, they found two men: Aaron and Jason Madison. Jason was mauled by a bear and Aaron killed it. Will took them back to the cabin and Lauren went crazy, saying she loves Will, and cut Luan's hand open. She tried to kill Ramona, but the group tied her up and decided on exile for her, and that the newcomers could stay.


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Lauren Faunre

Luan Stephens

Brealynn Taurus

Pvt. Kattner

Aaron Madison

Jason Madison

Bryson Davidson


The fire-team (Miller, Mason, Will, Kattner) is driving along the road. Will looks on the left of the road, towards the meadows. A herd of walkers is shambling around, and turns to the humvee. Miller calmy swaps back into the humvee's turret. Will turns off the road towards the meadow. As the humvee approaches, Miller opens fire on the herd of walkers. Will turns sharply, while Kattner shoves out the gagged and tied Lauren.

Lauren: Nnnnnggg.... Nnnnngggg!

Will: Come on. Let's leave this bitch.

Miller: Roger that.

The humvee turns sharply and leaves the meadow. Katter looks out and throws Lauren a knife. She rolls to the knife and grabs it behind her back. She easily cuts through the first set of bindings and unties herself. She rips the washcloth form her mouth and races across the road, into the forest. The large crowd of walkers follows her.

Mason: Jesus.

Kattner: You ever had to do this before? Leave one of your own behind?

Will: No, this was a first. She was so nice before, I just don't see what made her so crazy.

Miller: I can't believe this.

Mason: Should we go back? We could still pick her up, she made it away from the walkers.

Miller: Yeah, we could go and get her.

Kattner: Let's go.

Will: No! Everyone, get this through your heads! We had to do this. We don't have to like what we did, but we did had to do it. What we just did took a piece of all of us. None of us are the same, we just changed. That had to be done. Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, this is what we do now. This is what we become.

The others sit in silence and let it sink in. Will has no look of regret on his face, and he keeps driving, intently staring forward. Deep down, his soul was crumbling. A piece was taken from him today, and he knew it. But there was no turning back.

The CabinEdit

Ramona walks into the living room of the cabin. Beth is giving Brealynn a piggy-back ride, and Ashlynn is watching and laughing. Asher is outside with a rifle, protecting the cabin.

Brealynn: Whee! This is fun!

Beth: Yay! Alright Brealynn, I'm gonna put you down for a sec, okay?

Brealynn: 'Kay.

Ramona: When's Will getting back?

Beth: He just left an hour ago Ramona, it'll be awhile. Just be patient.

Ramona: I just hope he's okay.

Beth: He'll be fine, don't worry. He's got those soldiers with him, he'll be okay.

Ashlynn: I'm gonna go check on Asher, be right back.

Luan: Alright, see you later.

Jason is lying on the second couch. He hadn't waken up yet, and Aaron had been there the entire time for him. Luan had to be there too, just in case.

Aaron: Will he be okay?

Luan: Yes, he'll be fine. He wasn't hurt bad, just scratched in the chest and upper stomch area. He'll be okay. The claws only cut about an inch and a half deep anyway, he's fine.

Aaron: It looked so much worse, though, there was blood all over the trees and leaves, and grass. I just went crazy, god damn slaughtered that monster. It was so bad, I don't know how I did it, but I just shoved that knife into its throat. I'm not proud of it, but it was going to kill my brother. He's all I've got left.

Luan puts his hand on Aaron's soldier.

Luan: He'll be okay, don't worry.

Aaron: Thanks.

They sit in silence for a moment.

Aaron: How's your hand?

Luan: It's alright, just hurt like hell. I'm glad they took that bitch and sent her on her way.

Aaron: What the hell is with her anyway?

Luan: I don't know. She seemed so good and nice a few weeks ago, I just don't know what happened. One day she's as sweet as can be, the next she's a damn monster. She just loved Will too much, it'll do that to you.

Aaron: Wow, damn.

Outisde, Asher was sitting on a tree stump outside the broken fences. He has a rifle and aims it into the forest, seeing movement. When a walker walks out, he shoots it. He sighs in exhaust and sets the gun down. There is a slight breeze ruffling the grass. It looked so beautiful, just like the way things used to be. He wished things were that way again. Ashlynn steps outside and walks over to him.

Ashlynn: What's up?

Asher: Nothing, just making sure we're safe and sound.

Ashlynn: You okay?

Asher: Yeah, it's fine. I just don't think we're so safe here.

Ashlynn: I know, Lauren was so nice. I just can't see what made her do that.

Asher: No, not that. It's just... Will's the best friend I have now, in this world, and he's the best one I could ever ask for. I was on my own before all this, my whole life. I never had friends or family, so god help me, I like this world better. It changes you though, and it seems like it's taking its toll on Will.

Ashlynn: It's doing that to all of us, none of us are the same.

Asher: No, I mean... Some of his choices now aren't seeming the best. Coming to Oregon was a great desicion, probably the best one he's made so far. It's better here than it was in Idaho. So peaceful, but people are worse here. It changed Lauren, and we left behind those poor men. Grimes, Red, Greene, and Lucas could've made it if we stayed. We left them to the walkers, and only Riley and those other two guys made it. If we stayed, we could've taken them out together. Grimes already died here, and that's on us. We're letting Lauren go now, which isn't right, not human, but it's gotta be done. I just think there could be a better way. I just feel like we could've done something, maybe just put her down. Shooting her would be more humane than just feeding her to the walkers. We could've done anything else. But we chose to release her to the wild. We're not the same now, I'm not, you're not, Brealynn's not, Will's not... This changes us. We're not human anymore. this isn't right.

Ashlynn sits next to him and holds his hand.

Ashlynn: It'll be okay. We used to have others with us, but now we don't. Those people are gone, but we aren't, so we keep on pushing forward and living. We're the ones that survive through all of this shit, the people who make it. We'll make it to a bright future, just trust me.

Inside, Beth is sitting on the couch with Brealynn on her lap. They are staring at the television, some crap that Will's grandma recorded. It's staticy, but still watchable. Luan and Aaron are watching Jason, waiting for him to wake up. Ramona just sits in the recliner, staring out the window. She just watches, waiting for a humvee to come zooming over the dark, gloomy horizon.

Brealynn: Where's Ashlynn?

Beth: Don't worry, she's outside with Asher. She's okay.

Luan: Be right back, I'm gonna grab a bite to eat real quick.

Aaron: No, wait, look!

Jason's eyes barely open.

Aaron: Yes! Jason, it's me!

Jason: Whu.... Whe.... Where....

Aaron: What?

Aaron leans closer. Jason's voice is barely a hoarse whisper.

Jason: Where are we?

Aaron: Oh, we're at a cabin, man! People live here, and they're good! Not like that guy in the city, but actual good people! They aren't bad, they picked us up off the road. They said we could stay man, finally! They have a four yearl old, man, they're good people.

Asher and Ashlynn run in.

Asher: They're back.

Beth: Let's go.

The group runs outside and greets the fire-team. Ramona runs up and hugs Will, planting a kiss on his lips. Will hugs her and shakes hands with Asher. They nod at each other; Will knows what Asher knows. Miller smiles at Beth and the group walks back inside without a word.

Later, at NightEdit

Ramona: So how'd it go?

Will and Ramona are in the bedroom, Will with his shirt off. He is cleaning the dirt off in the sink, and Ramona waits in bed.

Will: We found a herd and shoved her out, gave her a knife.

Ramona: Well good riddance, right?

Will doesn't answer.

Ramona: Right?

Will stays silent and sighs.

Ramona: What's wrong?

Will: It's just... This wasn't right. We should've just shot her, not fed her to walkers. It needed to be done, but just not in this way. There had to be something else I could've done.

Ramona looks down at the floor. She gets out of bed and walks to Will. She comes behind him and wraps her arms around him.

Ramona: It's okay, this is what we do from now on. We aren't the good guys anymore, we just have to do what it takes to build a brighter future for the good ones. Lauren had to be dealt with, none of this is on you. I promise, Will, this was the right choice. We might not be the same, but this had to be done.

Will sighs and turns off the sink. He looks in the mirror and sees Ramons'a beatiful face resting on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around him.

Will: Thank you.

She kisses him on the cheek.

Ramona: Please don't leave tomorrow, I'll miss you.

Will: I won't leave, I promise. This was the last time, I'm here from now on.

Ramona: Thank you.

Will: I love you.

Ramona: I love you too.

Next DayEdit

Asher, Beth, and Will walk into the shed. Ramona, Miller, Kattner, Mason, and Ashlynn were fixing the fences, and Brealynn sat twenty feet away with her teddy bear cradled in her tiny arms.

Asher: So what's up?

Will: I just wanted to let you guys know that I agree this wasn't the best choice. There are other things we could've done, but this was the easiest. It changed all of us, but this is who we really are. What we were before... That was just a shadow. Now, this is the real us. This brought us out. Now I understand, we have to kill to live. I'm sorry, but this is the sad truth. Killing others lets us live. It will change us, turn us into who we really are, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. This is how it goes. This is who we are. We have to kill to live.

Asher: I agree with everything you said, man. Trust me, we'll make it through this. You're the best leader I think possible man, don't ever doubt that. Thank you for everything you've done for us.

Beth: We just gotta keep on living.

They leave the shed and walk to the fences where they start helping repair. Will looks over his shoulder and sees Brealynn cradling her teddy bear and rocking it. She appears to be talking. Will looks confused and walks over to her.

Asher: Where you going?

Will: Just checking on Brealynn, I'll be right back!

Ramona: Okay!

Will walks over to her and sits down next to her. Yeah, she is talking to herself. Will is freaked out.

Will: Brealynn, who are you talking to?

Brealynn points in front of her at the thin air.

Brealynn: Look, it's Bryson and Nathan!

Will snaps his neck towards the point where Brealynn's finger is directed at. He sees nothing, nothing but air.

Will: Oh, shit...

Brealynn: You don't see them?

Will: Shit... Just... God, no....

Will buries his face into his hands and looks back up. Nothing is there. He is so worried; Brealynn is seeing dead people.

Will: No.... Shit...

Will zones out at the spot and stares for a few moments. Just as he is about to look away, a figure appears before his very eyes. Bryson.

Bryson: Are you gonna talk to your stupid-ass imaginary friend, or are you gonna go help the damn group that's alive?!

Will: I...

Bryson: Will. You are seeing things. Go help your group.

Will stays silent.

Bryson: Aaahhh, so you're taking it this way, huh? Alrighty then, let's do it. Your choice.

Bryson leans back against an imaginary tree.

Bryson: So what's up?


Lauren Faunre (Presumed)

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