Hey y'all! Only four more episodes left of Season 2! In this episode, Ashlynn tries to find Asher in the wild, Luan goes searching for survivors, and Will makes a discovery. This episode's a big one, everyone!


Beth found the school on a scouting run and met Jasper. Jasper confronted Alexander and Joshua was allowed to stay. They decided to let Beth and everyone else in the group stay. Asher finally reached the group, only to discover Ashlynn was missing. After a short confrontation with Luan, he went back to find Ashlynn. Beth led Brealynn and Luan to the school while Jasper and Aaron stayed to wait for Ashlynn and Asher. Meanwhile, Miller and Mason made the basement of the cabin a game room and played ping-pong with Will, who made things all right. Will went on a run and found a farm with several animals in the barn, and a farmer who died the same day of starvation. Will stayed the night at the cabin because it began to storm.


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Luan Stephens

Aaron Madison

Brealynn Taurus

Jasper Lionell

Summer Field

Brad Cott

Joshua Bishop

Alexander DeLarge

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason


Beth and Luan, who is carrying Brealynn, reach the gates of the school. Thunder booms overhead and rain pours down on top of them.

Luan: Umm... Do we knock?

Beth: I don't know, I don't see a doorbell.

Luan: Brealynn's asleep, so we gotta get in. You sure this is the school?

Beth: The same one. Same fences, same sign, I'm sure.

Luan: Hold on, I have an idea. Take Brealynn for me real quick.

Beth takes Brealynn and Luan draws his gun.

Luan: Cover her ears.

Beth cups her hands around Brealynn's tiny ears and Luan raises his gun, popping off a round into the air.

Luan: Alright, now they should come.

They wait until Summer and Brad run to the gate with their weapons. Brad raises his Skorpion but lowers it when he recognizes Beth. Summer also lowers her bat.

Summer: What the hell? Where's Jasper?

Beth: He's fine. When we got to the camp, it turns out the guy that didn't make it was alive, but his girlfriend went looking for him before he came back, so he went back out to look for her. One of our guys stayed and Jasper volunteered to stay with him, so they could wait for our people. 

Brad: Is this the four year old?

Luan: Yeah. Her sister's the one looking for our guy. 

Summer: Oh my god, she's so cute! What's her name?

Beth: Brealynn. Can you please open the gate?

Brad: Yeah, come on in.

Brad inserts the key into the Master Lock.

Brad: Damn, wrong key!

Beth: Hurry! Walker, Luan! Kill it!

Luan turns to the walker who is about to attack and tackles it to the ground.

Luan: Give me a knife!

Brad: Here!

Brad throws a knife over the fence and it lands next to Luan. He grabs the knife and stabs the walker under the chin.

Brad: Alright, I got it open! Come on!

Beth runs in with Brealynn, followed by Luan, and Brad shuts the gate behind them and locks it again. Summer and Brad lead Beth, Brealynn, and Luan into the main building.

Brad: So how exactly have you been surviving out in the woods?

Luan: We've been trying to find people ever since we got kicked out of a cabin a few miles out. We were planning to take a helicopter but none of us knew or had any way to find out how to drive one. I don't think we'll need that anymore, though.

Beth: Thank you for letting us stay here. Really, we appreciate it.

Brad: No problem. We've been needing more people anyway, as long as you can pull your own weight.

Beth: Yeah. We can do that.

Asher runs through the forest, getting closer to Will's cabin. Rain still pours down on them and thunder cracks above. He stops and starts to walk. Looking up, he sees lightning streak across the sky. He keeps walking and eventually hears a scream. He gasps and starts to run towards the sound, and gets there after ten minutes. He finds a walker on the ground, dead, with a knife stuck under its chin. He takes the knife out and examines it. It is Ashlynn's knife.

Will is still asleep, dreaming about Ramona and when they were together before. The animals in the barn are clucking, snorting, and walking around. Will wakes up suddenly when he hears tapping on his door.

Will: Shit.

Tapping turns to banging. Will panics and grabs his shotgun, getting ready. He slowly creeps up to the door and opens it as quick as possible, jumping back as he does so. The dead farmer stumbles in as a walker.

Will: What the hell?

The farmer tackles the confused Will and almost sinks its teeth into his shoulder, but Will pushes him off. He rolls over with it, getting on top of him, and grabs the shotgun. Not wanting to waste the bullets, he slams the butt of the gun into its face, smashing it to bits.

Will: Oh, god.

He gets up and is confused. Cause of death: Starvation. Well then why the hell is the guy a walker?

Will: God, damn it!

He bends down next to the walker and examines the upper body. He sees no signs of a bite and turns him over, finding no bites. He pulls off the shirt and only sees just about the skinniest body he's ever seen. Yeah, that sure as hell was starvation. Will grimaces and pulls off the denim jeans and still sees no bites on the legs. He sighs and pulls up the radio.

Will: Miller, wake up. Over.

It takes a minute, but Miller finally answers.

Miller: What do you need, pal? Over.

Will: I'm still at the farm, about to come back. But there's something serious that we need to talk about. Over.

Miller: What is it? Over.

Will: I.... You don't.... God, I.... I'll tell you when I get back. Over.

Miller: Okay... Over.

Will: Coming back right now. Will out.

Will clips the walkie-talkie onto the back of his belt and goes down the stairs, smelling something horrible. He covers his nose and walks to the boxes of cereal and rice and other assorted foods. When he grabs a box of cereal, liquid swishes around on the inside and chunks hit the side of the cardboard. He grimaces and opens the lid, seeing a pool of blood and fingers, toes, and what he thinks is a tongue floating in the dark black fluid.

Will: Oh, shit!

He throws the open box at the wall and the parts splatter over everywhere. Will thinks he knows why the farmer starved and grabs another box, which seems to also be filled with fluids and body parts. He goes through every single box, finding the same thing over and over again. He bends down and rests his hands on his knees, feeling sick. He feels it coming and turns away as he opens his wouth and spews out vomit. He sighs and slumps back against the wall, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. So much for food, he thinks. He gets up after a minute and walks back to the humvee. He gets in and inserts the keys, making the engine roar to life, but then remembers something else. He takes out the key and gets out of the humvee. He walks to the barn and swings open the doors, seeing the animals again. He smiles and goes inside, then goes up the steps to the top, and comes back down with a fifty foot rope. He sweet-talks the animals and herds them to the humvee, then pulls out his knife and starts cutting the rope into sections. He uses most of it to tie around the horses' necks and then uses the rest to tie chicken feed and hay to the back of the humvee, attracting all the animals. He gets in and starts to drive, very slowly, towards the cabin.

Beth sits on her new bed, waiting for the whole group to get back. She waits for ten minutes until Joshua knocks on the door. She gets up and walks to her door, then opens it.

Beth: Oh, umm... Hey.

Joshua: Hi.

Beth: Did you... Need something?

Joshua: No, I wanted to talk to you. I remember when you and that other guy left me in the forest to die, get eaten by the walkers. And I made it out. I don't know how, but I did. And now, if we're gonna be living under the same roof, we might as well clear the air. I get it, you weren't exactly being so trusting of people back then, with being kced out by a couple guys and all, and I get it. I don't want to pass by you every day and have it be awkward, might as well have it be exactly the same as everyone else here. I don't want to treat everyone well but just you and your group like shit. So don't apologize, I get it. Just act like that never happened.

Beth: Umm... I... Okay? I don't want things to be weird either, so... Thanks, I guess.

Joshua: No problem.

Joshua gets up and walks away. Summer and Brad are talking to Luan in the room next door.

Luan: We've got three more, out in the forest. Aaron's the one staying with Jasper. Asher is out in the forest looking for Ashlynn.

Summer: Okay, can you please start over? I don't get it, this is confusing.

Luan: Okay, so Asher went on a run but didn't come back for a long time, so we left and went to another camp. When we got to that area, Beth went on a run and found this place. While she was gone, Ashlynn went out to look for Asher because she thought he was still alive. While she was out, Asher found us but didn't run into Ashlynn, so he went back out to look for her. Then Beth got back and we all came here, but Aaron and Jasper are staying to wait until Asher and Ashlynn get back.

Brad: Okay, that makes a little more sense. How's it been for you guys?

Luan: What do you mean? 

Summer: This world. How has your group been faring?

Luan: Oh. Well, we-.

Joshua walks into Luan's room.

Brad: Hey, Josh.

Joshua: What're we asking him about?

Summer: We're asking how his group's been doing during this whole mess.

Luan: Well... It started out with about twenty of us, I think nineteen. We were staying in a small house in Boise, one of us went crazy and killed four of our group. One of us put him down, and after that one of us was bit. She killed herself, 'cause she didn't want to come back. I thought the house wasn't safe, so I took a few people away from it. Just the ones that wanted to, we promised to keep in touch with the people that stayed. Some of us came to check on them the next morning and found the house blown apart, fire everywhere, and walkers all over the place. We cleared out the area and one of the walkers bit one of ours, so one of our guys cut off her arm. Surprisingly she pulled through. So then three of the people that stayed come out of the forest, saying one of our guys, Will, blew up the house, sacrificed himself. We went on the road and found a steel mill, went to clear it out. Then we found out it was bad people who lived there, not walkers. We went into an all-out war with them, and we even got some of the military on our side. Will turned out to be alive. We attacked at one point with the military and got two of us killed, including the amputated girl. Then we got on a helicopter and flew here, to a cabin, where we met Beth. Will's girlfriend was here too, but one of ours killed her because she went crazy and supposedly LOVED Will, so they took her out and Will kicked us out of the cabin. We lost Aaron's twin to a crazy guy and then that whole sequence of events I just told you happened.

Summer: Wow.... I'm sorry you've lost so much.

Luan: Yeah, I... I think the death that affected me the most... Was Maddie. She was the first one killed by the steel mill.

Joshua perks up.

Joshua: Maddie?

Luan: Yeah. You know, I think I remember her saying she had a husband named Josh.

Joshua: Are you serious? Did she say anything else about her husband?

Luan: Umm... Not much, other than he worked in a steel mill.

Joshua's eyes grow wide.

Joshua: She said that? What was her last name?

Luan: I don't remember... I think it was Stratten.

Joshua squeezes his eyes shut and leans back against the wall.

Brad: Josh? You okay?

Joshua: She's dead? You know she's dead?

Luan: Yeah, we saw her get shot, and we buried her.

Joshua: My... She... She was.... She was my wife...

Luan: Oh... She was.... I'm so sorry man. Anything we can do?

Joshua: No, we... When this all began, we were back in Boise too. At one point we were running from a herd and I made her go. I told her to be safe and t ostay alive, and I stayed behind. I kept the herd away from her and ran to Nampa, then got a car and drove to Oregon. I just wanted her to be alive...

The whole group is saddened and Luan sets his hand on Joshua's shoulder.

Luan: I'm sorry, man. We-... We're sorry.

Alexander DeLarge sits upon the top of the gym with his rifle, eating a sandwich. When he finishes, he looks up and sees Joshua sitting by the gate with his M16, keeping watch. He looks sad. Alexander laughs and aims his scoped rifle at Joshua's head, having a clear shot. He sits for a second, then pulls the trigger. He laughs when the gun clicks and he sets it down, then pulls out a list. Only the top is visible, and only one word is visible. The word is "Summer." Alexander circles Summer and writes, "TOMORROW" in huge letters next to it. He smiles and sets the gun down.



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