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Brad was assaulted in his sleep and died the next day. Everyone voted on who they though the killer was. Asher is now angry and will do anything to keep the group safe. Will and the group at the cabin are having just another average day, not knowing about them. Also, in the 6-month time-skip, RJ Johnson joined the group. Lady Slave was saved by Luan.


Asher Lucero

Beth Wring

Luan Stephens

Brealynn Taurus

Willis Hall

Ellis Hall

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Alexander DeLarge

Summer Field

Lady Slave

RJ Johnson


Asher gazes down on RJ from the roof. It had been three days since Brad's murder, and they still had not found out who did it. Two days ago a little girl, Lady Slave, joined the group. She was only nine, so Asher knew he could trust her. For the past hour he had been staring at RJ walking around the perimeter of the inside of the fence, stabbing the stragglers on the outside. Only a few were left, and less and less were coming every day. It was getting cold, snowing, and everything like that. Walkers were freezing, he noticed. Some were outside, lying down, unable to move. When it got warmer they would all get up again and carry on. He catches movement in the corner of his left eye and snaps his head, picking up the rifle. He aims it down and peers through the scope. Remembering their call, he whistles a high-pitched #G and then a lower pitched #F to the group. Hearing his whistle, everyone outside ducks down. RJ, who is next to the river now, dives onto the high, uncut, dead grass and peers through, clutching the handle of his gun at his belt. Asher looks grim and squeezes the handle, aiming at the movement. Soon about five walkers stumble from the dense trees. He relaxes his grip and sits back down, setting down his rifle.

Asher: We're good!

Asher sees the group emerge carefully from their hiding spots. Ashlynn steps from the side of the gym with Brealynn and Lady, Luan and Beth come from behind two pillars of the main building, RJ, stands up from by the river, and Summer crawls out from behind Brad's gravestone. Everyone else was inside somewhere. Asher keeps watch for another hour, still staring at RJ, until Joshua walks up behind him.

Joshua: My shift.

Asher: Alright. See anything suspiscious?

Joshua: Not much, just Summer grieving and Jasper playing cards. Brealynn and Lady seem to be getting along. So do Luan and Beth.

Asher smiles.

Joshua: Everyone seems to be pairing off... It's weird, y'know? I mean... You guys knew my wife after this all started... I never got to see her again. It's hard but, I guess... You gotta move on. You know what I'm saying, right?

Asher: I do.

Joshua: We need more women. I mean, Summer and Brad... They weren't a couple, but you could tell they liked each other. Then there's Luan and Beth, you and Ashlynn, and then Summer. Think I've got a chance with her?

Asher chuckles.

Asher: Yeah. Only if you beat Jasper to it.

Joshua: Well... Now's not the time to ask. She just lost Brad.

Asher: Yeah, I know. Well, I'll see you later. Tonight, my apartment, as soon as the sun sets. I'll let Jasper know. You tell the other two yet?

Joshua: Yeah. Didn't get around to telling Jasper. See you.

Asher hands him the rifle and they nod to each other, then Asher walks down the steps to the back of the auditorium. He starts to walk around and passes Jasper, handing him a slip of paper. It said: My place. Sunset. Asher walked the rest of the way to his room and looked out the window. He saw Lady peeking around the back corner of the gym building. Soon Brealynn came around the other corner and ran up behind her. She poked her in the back and Lady jumped. They started to laugh and ran around together the other way. He sighed and leaned back, trying to go to sleep. As soon as he shut his eyes, he saw horrible things. He saw Brealynn cut open, lying on a bed. Ashlynn grieved over her, cryng and soon RK came up behind her and stabbed her. He turned to everyone else he knew, all of his friends: Luan, Beth, Will, Miller, Mason, Jordan, Jazmine, Ramona, Bryson, and everyone else they lost. RJ went through each, killing them until nothing remained but a bloody room and RJ smiling until finally stabbing the watching Asher. Asher just had to watch the whole thing replay: Over and over and over and over again. He squirmed. When it was finally too much, when he couldn't take it anymore, he burst. His mouth opened and he pushed with all his lungs, creaming the most blood curdling scream you'd ever heard. He throws off his sheets and thrusts forward with his knife, seeing the bloody RJ in front of him. He squeezes his eyes tight and hears a moan, grunt, and thump, then Ashlynn screaming. When he opens his eyes finally, He sees himself in the mirror, clutching his knife, which is thrust deep into his wall. Sweat is running down his sopping wet shirt and he looks around, seeing it was all a dream. He sees his sweaty sheets on the floor and how wet he is from sweating. He sighs in relief and rips out his knife from the drywall. The texture is scattered all over the floor and he sits down, panting from all of his dream. Soon he hears a knock on his door. Shortly after, Ashlynn steps inside.

Ashlynn: What the hell happened? I heard your scream. You okay?

Asher realizes he is still clutching the knife and releases his grip, feeling the tension leave his arm. He drops to the floor with a loud thump. He closes his eyes, leans back, and shakes his head.

Asher: No... I'm not okay...

She walks over and sits next to him. She frowns, worried, and sees the hole in the wall, then the white knife. She looks at him, horrified, and swallows, trying to find the words to say.

Ashlynn: What... What happened?

Asher: I... It's all this, Ashlynn, it's... The killer, whoever he or she is, is still out there. And I think I know who it is. But I don't know for sure and I don't know how long it'll take for me to figure out.

Ashlynn: Who is it?

Asher: It's RJ. He didn't tell me what he did with his old group in Idaho and seems so weird. He might've been a bandit, or worse, and I DON'T KNOW!!!

Ashlynn: Calm down, it's okay. Listen to me: You're paranoid. We all want to know who it is but we can't for sure. I know it sounds wrong, like he might get Brealynn, or me, but we can't think like that. We've got to stay positive. It could've been suicide.

Asher: No. There was no knife in the room, so it couldn't have been suicide. Someone did that to him. Listen to me: It's him. He's doing this. We've lost far too many, and I'm not gonna let it be one of us. We have to stop it, it's the only way. It's almost sunset, and that's when they're coming. We're meeting tonight.

Ashlynn: I'll be there. You should relax.

Ashlynn gets up, smiles at him, and walks out his door. He watches her leave and gets up, sitting on his bed. He leaves the sheets on the ground and closes his eyes, having the exact opposite of his previous dream.

Jasper sits on his watch. Soon he will have to go to Asher's room, at sunset, giving Beth her shift. He sees Summer sitting at Brad's grave, crying. After ten minutes. Alexander walks over to her. Jasper's heart skips a beat and he moves his hand to his gun. He stares at Alexander, making sure he doesn't do anything, but only sees him sit nexr to Summer and stare at the ground. 'Does he look... Sad?' Jasper thinks. They sit there and grieve for half an hour until Luan and Beth walk over and see the weird scene.

Beth: What the hell?

Luan: He never comes out here with us.

Jasper: Yeah. Finally he shows some emotion.

Beth laughs.

Asher sits in his room, waiting. It is finally sunset, and he is waiting for his inner circle to show up. Finally Ashlynn steps inside. A minute later, there is a knock on the door and Jasper and Joshua step in.

Asher: Where's-?

Jasper: He's coming. Don't worry.

Asher nods.

Asher: First order of business: Did anyone see anything unusual today?

Jasper: I saw Summer pull something out of her pocket. She looked around to see if anyone was looking then shoved it under a crack in Brad's grave. I went to look after she left, but it was just a flower.

Joshua: I saw Lady give something to Brealynn earlier while I was on watch. They seemed pretty secretive, so-

Ashlynn: It wasn't Brealynn. I was with her all night and we were in the same bed. Trust me, I would notice if she got up. I'm a light sleeper.

Joshua: I know it wasn't, and Lady got here after Brad even died. She's only nine, too, so there's no way she could do it, leave, and then come back without noy telling someone. All I'm saying is you should ask Brealynn tonight to see what she gave her.

Ashlynn: I will.

Asher: I saw RJ being a loner all day. He didn't talk to anyone except this morning when he gave me his shift. Do you guys think it's him?

Jasper: Asher, man, you've gotta let this go. We don't all think it was RJ, he's never done anything to hurt any of us.

Asher: You don't know that. Everyone starts somewhere. Why not now?

They all look down. Asher glares at them and looks at Ashlynn.

Asher: You see anything?

Ashlynn: No, nothing. Everything seemed normal to me.

Just then there is a pound on the door. Not a knock, a pound. It rattles the door and Asher stares at it.

Asher: Come on in.

The door opens to reveal Alexander. He steps inside and removes his coat, then sets it on a hook by the door.

Alexander: Sorry I'm late. Paid my respects to Brad.

Asher: It's alright. We all should. But now's not the time. You guys... You four are my inner circle. The people I know I can trust. Alexander, did you see anything weird today?

Alexander: Just RJ acting weird. Notice how he never talks to anyone now?

Jasper: Oh, bullSHIT! Like you weren't like that 'till about three months ago.

Alexander: Hey, asswipe, you got a problem against a guy with huge-ass social problems?! Go to hell, dipshit.

Jasper: Go fu-

Asher: ENOUGH! We are the inner circle, Jasper, we need to get along. Just... God, act professional for Christ's sake.

Jasper: Well I think we're done here. Anyone else see anything weird?

Alexander: Summer wasn't doing math for once. That help?

They all burst out laughing and Jasper even cracks a smile. Asher tells everyone good night and after they all leave, he gets in his bed. He knew, soon, the killer would strike again.

Brealynn and Lady slap their hands together.

Lady: Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's man!

Brealynn: Bake me a cake as fast as you can!

Lady: Roll it, pat it and mark it with a B!

Brealynn: Put in in the oven for baby and me!

Ashlynn walks into the room and sees them playing. They stop.

Lady + Brealynn: Hi Ashlynn!

They giggle because they both said it at the same time.

Ashlynn: Hi, girls. Lady, why don't you go take a potty-break before bedtime? You haven't gona all day.

Lady: Okay!

Lady runs out and closes the door. Ashlynn smiles and looks at Brealynn.

Ashlynn: Brealynn, I need to ask you something.

Brealynn: What is it, Ashlynn?

Ashlynn: Earlier... Lady gave you something behind the gym building. I need you to tell me what it is.

Brealynn is surprised Ashlynn knows and her eyes dart from side to side, as if she were looking to see if anyone was listening.


Brealynn: Promise not to tell anyone big?

Ashlynn: I promise.

Brealynn smiles and leans forward, cupping her hand to the side of her mouth. She presses it against Ashlynn's cheek and whispers:

Brealynn: Candy.

That night, Brealynn sits up, unable to sleep. She looks at Lady, who is carresing her sword.

Brealynn: Hi.

Lady: Hi Brealynn.

After a few minutes she puts her sword down and looks at Brealynn.

Lady: Do you have any sisters? Or did you?

Brealynn: Yes. I have a sister named Brooklynn but she isn't home yet. I wonder where she is!!! Actually I kind of really miss her.

Lady looks down, knowing the truth, and Brealynn starts to sob after a few minutes.

Brealynn: I miss her!

She cries and the lamp flicks on, and Ashlynn rolls over on the bed in a tank-top, half asleep.

Ashlynn: Brealynn, what's wrong?

Brealynn: I miss Brooklynn!!! Where is she!? When will she be home?!

Brealynn sobs harder than ever while talking. Ashlynn looks down in shame and finally looks up.

Ashlynn: She... She isn't coming back. You remember Ben? The bad kid I told you never to go in his tent? He was so bad he made it that Brooklynn will never come back.

Ashlynn breaks down into tears and starts to sob along with Brealynn and they embrace, sobbing. Lady starts to sob and they are all crying their eyes out, remembering Brooklynn and how sweet she was.

Asher lies in bed, staring at the ceiling. He can't sleep, worrying that tonight the killer will strike. He gets up and pulls his boots on, and grabbing his gun. He strapped his knife onto his belt and stepped lightly into the hallway. He walked through the building and stepped outside. He started scouting around the school, looking for clues as to who the killer might be. Needing a clearer view, he steps up onto the roof of the gym and stares down. He hears the airvent blowing out air. The generators are keeping every room warm during the winter. He listens to the sound of the blowing air and notices something: it sounds wrong. The air sounds sort of strained and not normal, like the other ones. He gets on his hands and knees and pulls off the grating. He sees a plastic Walmart bag and a rifle. He pulls the rifle out and examines it. Not recently used. He sets it down, seeing it is empty, and pulls out the bag. He stares at it closely, finding that it contains the following items: ammo, a knife, duct tape, barbed wire, a closet hanger, a shirt, socks, and steel-toed boots. Asher frowns and inserts the contents, setting the grating back on. He takes the bag and rifle and walks back to his room. He locks the door and sets the bag down, then the rifle is set on his chair. Now he is feeling a little tired. He lies down, happy to get some sleep, and almost drifts off, but a gunshot snaps him awake.

Voice: AGAHGAHG!!!

Asher: God damn it!!

Will looks at Miller, who is setting duffel bags down. Mason sets Ellis' duffels down and his lone backpack. Will picks up Hannah and they all starp their guns to them, with the leftover guns and their clothes, along with beer and wine, in the bags.

Will: Ready?

Mason: Ready.

Miller: Ready.

Ellis: Le's do dis thang!!

They open the door to the cabin and start to venture out into the dark.

Asher sprints through the hallways of the school, wielding his knife. He sprints as fast as he can to the source of the scream, not stopping for anything. This is it. He is going to find the killer. Tonight.


Beth: Hey.

Luan: Hey.

Beth: What's up?

Luan: Nothing, just... I can't shake the feeling that I'm gonna be the next one killed.

Beth: Yeah, we've all got that feeling.

Beth sits next to Luan on his bed.

Beth: You should know something.

Luan: Yeah?

Beth: I... Kind of like you...

Luan: Oh... I like you, too...

Beth: Who knows how long any of us have left?

Luan: Yeah.

Beth: So we may as well make the most of the time we have left...

Luan: You're right.

Beth: So... You're up for it? Me and you?

Luan nods slowly.

Beth: Okay then. I'll see you tomorrow, Luan.

She leaves Luan's room. As soon as she is gone and the door is closes, Luan jumps into the air, doing a very excited dance.


Asher bursts into Alexander's room, where the scream came from. He sees Alexander clutching his leg, blood gushing out from him, soaking the sheets.

Asher: LUAN! GET IN HERE! What the hell happened?

Alexander: Ugh.. God! I woke up from getting shot in the God damn leg and saw some asshole running out of my room. I tried to run and stop him, but... DAMN! It f-cking hurts to walk with a bullet-hole in my leg!

Luan runs in, followed by Jasper, Joshua, Beth, Ashlynn, and Summer.

Ashlynn: Oh, no!

Luan: Someone get me the sewing kit and bandages, and a whole lot of paper towels! NOW!

The group scatters around, trying to get the supplies. Asher looks around, studying the group, and realizes something: RJ is the only adult who isn't present.

Asher: Oh no... Oh no!... OH NO! GOD DAMN IT, RJ! IT'S RJ!!!

Asher shoves Joshua out of his way and sprints to RJ's room. He gets there and kicks down the door, drawing his knife.

Asher: RJ, we know! It's you, and we want to stop it-... Oh my God.... Oh.... Oh no....

Ashre drops to his knees, seeing RJ with a huge gash down his stomach and his throat slit. His sheets are soaking. Just exactly like Brad.


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