Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Joshua Bishop used to be a marine. He was dishonorably discharged for random outbursts of anger against commanding officers. He has anger issues, he is violent, and he mostly keeps to himself. He met and married Maddie Stratten at Boise State University. When the apocalypse hit, he grabbed a shovel and vowed to do


Joshua Bishop killing a walker in a large field.

everything he could to protect her.


Josh and Maddie left their home in Nampa and headed to Boise. When they were fleeing, a herd of walkers was chasing them. He told Maddie to go and leave him, so she did. He held his own against the walkers and escaped without a scratch. When he nearly got bit, he met a soldier who refused to tell Josh his name. The soldier drove Josh to Oregon and eventually the soldier got bit. Josh left the body and roamed the woods alone until he found a group in the woods, where he asked for help, and joined them.