Jazmine was a pro basketball player and really enjoyed basketball. She is a good sport and always cheerful. She never wants people to get hurt and will do anything to help random people. Jazmine knew of Will's condition and

Jazmine Guadycan

donated money for his hospital debt, but it didn't help much.


Jazmine knew Will was going to a mental hospital and tried to meet him there but found out that the hospital was complete chaos, the walkers already were chewing up people. Jazmine tried to escape but the walkers blocked the exit. Jazmine fought her way out with a pair of scissors and didn't find Will. She figured that she should go to her friend Jordan's house to make sure he was ok. Jazmine soon discovered the house where Analee offered people shelter.


  • Jazmine is the first character to suffer from amputation.
    • Her left hand was cut off after being bit by the walker Jair. She may live, although it is uncertain.