Jasper at his going away party, before he leaves for college

Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Jasper Lionell was born outside the city of Portland. Growing up, Jasper didn't have much friends, and was kind of a loner, he never wore any named brand clothes, or anything fancy. Eventually in High School, he begin to be more social, where he found his love for music, and began playing the piano. His father was black and his mother was Asian. Both of them had a love for weapons, although he took more of his fathers "black" side. Around thie time he was in middle school, his father was killed in a car crash leaving him in a great depression. It was just him and his mother who was in the military. Since it was just him and his mother, he knew his mother was getting older & he felt he had to protect her, he began using his father's two pistols, and his mother taught him how to shoot and took him to the range. Surprisingly he was great shot and fast learner. During this time he earned himself a scholarship through his musical talents. He packed up his bags and followed his mother to his new campus, and rode off on his father's Iron 883 that he recieved for an early 20th birthday gift. Before they left his mother also gave him her father's katana, which was passed down through generation.


When the campus was attacked, Jasper took his new katana and fought his way through the dead with his mother, but she didn't last long. He was devastated and found a safe haven in eastern Oregon. He met several new people there, but didn't trust all of them.