The group finally reaches the house, only to realize it isnt what it seems.


The group was sitting at the table inside the cabin's dining room, eating bowls of soup. The cabin's interior, with brown carpet, dark wood paneling, and brown ceilings, were slowly peeling away. 

Beth: I can't thank you enough for letting us stay.

Will: Ah, no problem. I could use some help around here anyways. Tomorrow, we need to get the electric fence going. Then travel a few miles upriver to the water pumps. Then we should probably bury Grimes and Brock.

Ramona began to cry.

Will: Ramona, you have to let that go. Im sure Grimes would forgive you. Hell, I know he would.

Ramona: Ok...

Everyone falls silent and looks at the ground.

Miller: So, I have a question for all of you. If you had one wish, what would you do with it?

Luan: Make everything go back to normal.

Brealynn: Yeah, No more evil creatures.

Mason: A lifetime supply of Pringles!

Everyone laughs.

Miller: A freaking shower!

Everyone laughs again.

Will: Sucks ass for you, cause you're never gonna get one, bitch!

Ashlynn: I'd bring back everyone we've lost.

Lauren: I'd make Will- Never mind.

Will turns over to glare at her.

Beth: Some whiskey.

Asher: This place is perfect. The lot's safe, we have heat, maybe some water soon. And you all are safe, thats enough for me.

Ramona: I...I...I think I just want the water back on.

Will looks over at Miller. He nods roughly. Will looks over to Mason, who also nods.

Will: I'll be back in the morning. Hell, probably late tonight.

Will, Mason and Miller run out the door. They head over to the humvee, unhitch it from the helicopter, and drive off.

Asher: I wonder what they're doing?

Luan: I don't know. But we should sit around for a little while. The electricity is on, so, how about the TV?

Ramona: Will's great-grandmother filmed a lot of stuff on VHS tapes. We could watch some of that stuff.

Brealynn: YES! TV TV TV TV!

Ashlynn: Ok, calm down. I gotta go change. Any extra clothes around? 

Ramona: Only Will's grandmother's stuff. She was about your size anyways.

Ashlynn: Beth, can you watch Brealynn please?

Beth: Sure, no problem. Hey Brealynn! Come here please!

Brealynn: Ok! 

Beth and Brealynn walk into the family room. There are two old couches there and an old rocking chair.

Beth: Do you want to learn how to knit?

Brealynn: What's knitting?

Beth: You've got a lot to learn.

Brealynn Smiles. Lauren is staring out the window, sighing. 

Luan: What's wrong?

Lauren: Nothing.

Luan slams his hand down on the table. 

Luan: Dammit Lauren! It isn't freaking healthy to keep your emotions bottled up like that!

Lauren: I don't want to talk about it!

Luan: Spit it out!

Lauren: Well, I-


Lauren begins to talk very fast.

Lauren: I like Will a lot but now that dumbass Ramona shows up and now I can't impress him and I think he's mad at me but now I want to kill Ramona but then that freaking phsycopath Miller will gun me down, then Mason will break down then that dumbass little kid Brealynn will get all emotional and shit. LIFE SUCKS!


Luan drops his beer. Asher picks up Will's shotgun in the corner. Ramona throws him two shells. Lauren panicks and runs towards the door. Luan fires off a round from his pistol next to Lauren. 

Lauren: I can explain, sort of.


Lauren: Will loves me more than you!

Ramona: Wait, what?

Asher: Tie her up!

Lauren: Back off, f-cker!

Asher dives onto Lauren, pinning her down. He grabs the rope and wraps it around her torso, but she bites him on the neck, drawing blood. Asher screams and rolls over, and she pulls the ropes off. As she tries to stand up, she feels the toe of a steel-toed boot slam against her temple. She falls to the ground and looks up, only to see a black boot slamming down on her face.

Luan: Jesus. You alright?

Asher: Yeah. Tie her up.

On the HighwayEdit

Will: Alright, we almost have all the stuff.

Mason: Why are we even doing this?

Miller: We're doing ths to really prove to the people that the world isn't that bad.

Will: So, we have Pringles, whiskey, now all we need is to get the water going.

Radio: Attention. We have seventy-two soldiers headed for Cessna, Idaho. Repeat. We are low on fuel.

Will grabs the radio.

Will: Roger that, Colonel Hall speaking. State your posistion, over.

Radio: Repeat, Posistion, Bravo, Six, Four. Four clicks from Sumpter, Over. No signs of live. Town's gone dark. our C-130s are low on fuel. 

Will: Roger, we know of a flat area. Co-ords, Bravo, Seven, Eight. Twelve clicks from Sumpter.

Radio: Negative, we're gonna have to keep going, over.

Will: Wait, Did you say Cessna?

Radio: The Montana wing and the remnants of the Idaho wing have started a small community. Thirty-six hours ago. Forty soldiers from Montana, and seventy-two from Us, we'll drop a soldier, over. Co-ords, Charlie, Two, Six, in Sumpter, over. Roger that.

Several Minutes LaterEdit

The Humvee pulls up to a lone soldier standing on a storefront. He aims his rifle at the humvee, but stops when he sees the Army markings.

Soldier: Hey! Name's Kattner.

Will: Hey, we're on our way back to our cabin. 

Kattner: How many you got there?

Will: Enough, hop in.

Kattner climbs in and the Humvee speeds off, leaving a dust cloud in the faces of about fifty walkers, shamlbing along with out Will or anyone knowing it.


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