This is the fifteenth episode of Season 4, titled In God We Trust. It will be released November 2, 2013 and will be written by Xraymoon102.


It was revealed to several survivors of Fort Cessna that there are thirty soldiers trapped down in southern California, and they need their help to go down there and save them. The people were given a few days to ponder the oppurtunity, but the soldiers lost a man. Jackson says they have to go the day after the large canyon walker attack, which is now upon the survivors. They now have to make a decision: Stay or go. They will head out that very same day...


Asher signs a piece of paper, then solemny looks over at a sobbing Ashlynn. Jackson sits in a chair, looking very stressed. Echo says, "Today's the day. You ready?" A female voice is heard, saying "I can't do it. I'm sorry..." Riley salutes to Will, who does the same. A random soldier is seen boarding a random aircraft. Riley is seen standing out front of the command center, the entire population of Fort Cessna gathered in front of him. Jackson sits at a desk next to him, a pencil and a paper with a list of people on the desk. Riley says to the people, "Today is the day the California Expedition leaves. Those who have been called, please step forth and sign the document to make it official. After you sign, you will be given one hour before takeoff. I repeat: One hour..."


Echo shakes Asher awake.

Echo: Why're you always sleeping, man? Come on, Jackson's calling an announcement in front of the command center. Today's the day. You ready?

Asher: Ugh... Yeah. Not looking forward to it, but I'm ready. Let's go.

Asher pulls on his jeans. As he walks through the trailer with Echo, he notices it is empty. Nobody is in there. Asher steps outside, seeing every single resident of Fort Cessna gathered in front of the command center. He and Echo walk to the dividing gate, then unlocks it and shuts it behind him. They stride over, hearing Riley announcing things to the community.

Riley: Today is the day the Calinfornia Expedition leaves. Those who have been called for the expedition, please step forth and sign the document to make it official. After you sign, you will be given one hour before takeoff. I repeat: One hour. Some of our men who have already accepted are loading up an aircraft for takeoff right now. You will be supplied with more than enough ammo and a month's supply of food for thirty people. Let us pray the expedition won't last that long. Please, if you were called to the meeting, step forward!

After a few seconds, Beth steps forward. When she gets to Jackson, she shakes her head.

Beth: I can't. I'm sorry.

She signs the document next to her name, under the "Decline" column.

Asher, Reese, and Jasper are the next to step up. Jasper and Reese get to it first, Asher limping behind them.

Jasper: I'm going.

Reese: I'm in.

Those two sign the document, leaving Asher's turn. He turns to Ashlynn, who is in the crowd. She has a pleading look in her eyes, and he almost reconsiders, but then knows what the right thing is to do. She knows he has to, and starts sobbing quietly.

Asher: Yeah. I'll do it.

He steps back, and then watches as everyone else called signs the document. Jasper, Reese, Asher, Pvt. Katie, Echo, Mark Woods and Mark Skix, Jayden Marco, Tyler Boone, McKayla Case, John Harris, Peter Shields, Juwan Majors, Jeremy Lacey, Brittany Rose, Joe Rose, Corey Stevenson, James Stevenson, Hannah Sandler, Leah Ashford, John Harris, Nathan Treacy, Erika, Miller, and Pvt. Daniel have accepted the mission, while Beth, Wallace Walls, Graydon Hall, and Joshua Bishop have declined. After that is announced, a few grunts step up, saying they volunteer to take Bocker's and the declining people's places. Asher sighs, seeing that he has an hour to say goodbye, and walks away.

Mason sits next to Ellis on the bed. She finishes changing his bandage, then smiles.

Ellis: Will, your dad, and Miller head out today.

Mason: I know.

His voice sounds angry, and his face is grim. Ellis frowns.

Ellis: What's wrong? It botherin' ya?

Mason: It's nothing. Just leave it alone.

Ellis: Mason, you should talk about it. It would help. Is the California Expedition bothering you?

Mason: I don't give a shit about the expedition, okay? It doesn't even mean a damn thing, and it's all bullshit anyways.

Ellis: What?

Mason: You heard me. Assholes think I can't fight just because of a f-cking crash, so they don't even ask. This place is no good.

Before Ellis can reply, the door opens and Graydon, Will, and Miller step inside their room in the trailer. Mason glares up, then fakes a smile.

Mason: What's going on? 

Graydon: I declined. After everything you've gone through, bud, I'll be damned if I can't spend the rest of the life I have left with you and Ellis. I'm not leaving this place for anything but you two.

Mason: And you?

Miller: I'm going. They would do it for me.

Will: We've got an hour before we takeoff, they're letting everyone say goodbye.

Miller: We're thinking we should get everyone together. You know, everyone from the school. I haven't seen Jasper, Joshua, or Kameron in awhile.

Mason: I haven't seen anyone but Erika since we got here.

Will: I'll go gather everyone up, meet back here? It would seem appropriate to say goodbye to everyone. After all, we're family. We've been through more together than anyone could imagine.

Will knocks on Asher's door a few minutes later. He steps out, followed by Erika.

Will: We're gathering everyone from the old group up so we can all say goodbye before we head out.

About ten minutes later, Will, Beth, Erika, Asher, Ashlynn, Brealynn, Miller, Mason, Ellis, Graydon, Kameron, Sasha, Lady, Jasper, Joshua, and Reese sit in Mason, Graydon, and Ellis' trailer. They all remember everything they've gone through to get to this place, realizing this is truly the one last fight.

Will: This is it, I guess.

Asher: It's been awhile. I haven't seen some of you in forever.

Erika: Who's going out of all of us?

Beth: Everyone except for Ashlynn, Brealynn, Mason, Ellis, Graydon, Kameron, Lady, Joshua, and me. Everyone else is going.

Ashlynn: How long will it be?

Miller: We don't know, anywhere from a week to two months. It's impossible to tell.

Mason: You're all gonna make it back, right? All of you. Promise?

Jasper: We'll make it back.

Brealynn: Why do you have to go?

Ellis: They have to rescue some of 'dem soldier guys down in California.

Graydon: I never did like California...

Kameron: Same. I know it'll all turn out okay.

Lady: I hope so.

Reese: We've only got about half an hour left. I can't believe this day is actually here...

Joshua: I never thought it'd actually come.

Asher: Yeah...

Half an hour later, a loud whistle goes off, and Riley's voice booms through a megaphone.

Riley: The time has come. Those who have accepted the California Expedition, please meet at the front gate. Some soldiers will form a line behind you, and the civilians may follow if they wish. You will then be escorted to the airstrip, and you will of course be on strict watch if you wish to see them leave. 

Asher walks with Jasper and Reese to the main gate, where a soldier stops them. They all have their signiature pistols strapped to their sides, large backpacks with several supplies, and a melee weapon at their other side. Asher, however, does not have his pistol he always used. He left it with Dean in the forest. So he now has a brand new pistol, a Glock.

Soldier: You civilians or expeditioners?

Asher: We're all expeditioners.

The soldier lets them past him, where everyone else who is leaving meets up. Once all the civilans and all the expeditioners have gotten into place, the gates open and the entire community starts walking to the airstrip. When they get there, Riley is standing at the entrance of the large aircraft, a grim look on his face. A random soldier is the first to board. He shakes Riley's hand, then steps up onto the plane. Jasper and Reese do the same, then Asher turns and looks at Ashlynn, who is sobbing. He simply nods at her, saddened, then shakes Riley's hand and boards the plane. Will is the last one to board. He shakes Riley's hand, then pulls him into a brotherly embrace.

Will: We're gonna make it back. All of us.

Riley: I know. I believe you will.

Will gets to the entrance of the aircraft, then turns to Riley. He salutes to him, and he does it back. Will boards the plane. Riley's megaphone goes off again. The countdown begins.

Riley: 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2...1... Takeoff!

At the end of the countdown, the plane's engine roars, it starts racing across the runway, and pulls up at the last second, and starts heading south, venturing into a new, hostile, unpredictable environment. This is the biggest thing the group has done so far.


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