This is the fourth Episode of Season 1 of Death Among Us. This episode will show the group deciding where most of them will go.


Will was voted the group's leader and Sean murdered Bryson on the rooftop. Sean went crazy and killed Analee, Elijah, and Maddie Smith. Brooklynn shot Sean just as Nathan was about to be shot by Sean. Delayne was mentally changed by Eli's death and didn't take it well. She repeatedly stabbed Sean's corpse and was very emotional about it. Asher and Will bonded while digging the graves and Luan taught Jordan how to use a gun. The group built a wall of cars over the next few weeks. More and more walkers continue to attack the house each day and the group goes outside to practice their kills. Delayne is bitten and Jair informs her that she will die and return as a walker. She sobs and shoots herself in the head, scaring the group. Luan gets Asher in a room and informs him that the group needs to leave.


Willis Hall

Asher Lucero

Nathan Jackson

Jair Paz

Ashlynn Taurus

Brooklynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Maddie Stratten

Emma Walton

Luan Stephens

Lauren Faunre

Jordan Gropp

Jazmine Guadycan


Asher stares in disbelief at Luan.

Asher: You can't be serious.

Luan: I am. We need to go, man. Have you seen all those graves back there? Delayne just died, too, and we'll lose even more if we don't leave.

Asher: I thought you had my back, Will's back! We've gone through too much to give this place up!

Luan: I know, I get that. But like I said, we have to go. You don't have to, but whoever wants to is coming with me. I'll lead them through and find a safer place. If you like it maybe you can even come with us.

Asher: Hell no.

Luan: Just hear me out, man. We'll make that Seven-Eleven up there our meetup point. If you guys have to scram 'cause of a big pack of them, you'll meet us up there. We'll have two people there every day, and we can meet up if we need to.

Asher: I just...

Luan: Please, man. Most of these people want to go, and I've talked to them. You don't have to if you don't want to, but we'll keep in touch. We'll ask everybody what they'd rather do. If they want to stay, they can stay. If they want to go, they'll come with me. Please, just let us do this.

Asher: I... We need to talk it through with them.

Luan: Thank you, we need to do this.

Asher walks back with Luan and the group eats their food. After breakfast, they split up among the house they walled off and worked so hard on. Will and Asher walk out front and sit on the wall.

Will: What'd Luan talk to you about this morning?

Asher: Well, he wants to leave and take whoever else wants to with him.

Will: What?

Asher: He wants to find a better place and get us when he finds it.

Will: Wow, that's hard to hear. When are we gonna talk the group through with it?

Asher: Not sure, anytime. I was thinking around like lunchtime?

Will: Screw it, let's do it before lunchtime, give them a last chance to eat with us before hitting the road.

Asher: Yeah, sure... I guess.

Will and Asher hop down and walk into the house.

Will: All over here!

The group migrates like a horde to Will and Asher.

Will: Apparently, lots of you guys want to leave this place behind, try your luck out on the road. I'm fine with this, it's your choice, but I just wish you wouldn't leave. Luan will lead those of you that want to leave, and he'll tell you the details after you go. Anyway, I want a clear picture in my mind of who's staying and going, so let's decide. I'm staying, you already know that. Asher?

Asher: Of course I'm staying, what else do I have to live for?

Will: Great, now Luan is going, we all know that. What about Jazmine?

Jazmine: Wow, umm... Now that you mention it, the death has really scared me. I don't like this place at all, and there's nothing for me here. So I'm going with Luan to find a safe place.

Jordan: I'm leaving, this place ain't safe. I've had to do so much up on that wall, it's not worth it. I'm with Luan.

Jair: Damn, what the hell people? Why do you all want to go? I don't get it, and with more people helping, the easier it is to keep us safe. Why the hell are you all complaining about not being safe when most of you just sit around all day anyway? I'm staying with it, and I'll help them. What the hell else do I have to live for?

Stratten: I'm going, I really don't see the point to life if we just stay here.

Ashlynn: I'm leaving. You two girls-.

Brooklynn: We're going with you!

Ashlynn: No, you aren't. You're staying here with Asher and Will, they'll protect you. I promise you I'll be okay, I'll find a better place for you and I'll come back to get you.

Brooklynn: No!

Ashlynn: Brooklynn, please, you know this isn't easy for me or you and I just want you to be safe.

Brooklynn runs to Ashlynn and hugs her as she starts to cry. Brealynn hugs her too and starts to cry.

Brealynn: Ashlynn, don't.

Ashlynn: Brealynn, I promise I'll be okay and I'll fid you a place to be safe, okay?

The group looks in silence as the Taurus sisters hug each other.

Will: Damn, you sure you want to do that?

Ashlynn: I'm sure, I'll be okay. Promise to keep them safe?

Will: With all my life.

Asher: They'll be okay, I promise. I'll make sure of it. Ain't nothing gonna touch them even if I have to die for it.

Ashlynn: Thank you, thank you both so much.

Asher: No problem.

Emma: Wow, it looks like most of us are leaving, and I always wanted to be part of the larger team, the more powerful one. I'm going with Luan.

Lauren: Damn, it looks like I'm leaving with you guys.

Nathan: Jesus.

Nathan turns to see Brooklynn looking at him, hoping he'll stay with her. He looks between the little girl, his best friend in this world, and Luan. Luan pretty much saved him up on the rooftop, but then again, so did Brooklynn.

Nathan: It looks ike I'm staying.

Brooklynn: Yay, Nate!

She lets go of Ashlynn and runs to Nathan, hugging him. He smiles awkwardly and slightly hugs her back. He pats her on the back as the group smiles.

Brooklynn: We'll be okay, right, Nate? We'll be safe?

Nathan smiles and looks down at her.

Nathan: I promise. You'll be okay.

Will: Damn, are y'all sure you want to go?

Luan: They've chosen, we'll be okay. Let's eat before we go.

Asher: Wait, you're going so soon?

Luan: May as well while there's daylight. I ain't setting off out there in the dark.

Will: Wow, I'm gonna miss all of you.

The group eats some lunch and then starts to pack for the big move.

Jair: How many guns do you need?

Luan: Not too many, at least one for each person.

Jair: All right.

Nathan, Jair, Asher, Will, Brooklyn, and Brealynn sit on the porch as the group drives away in three of the cars, taking part of the wall. Ashlynn looks out the window at them and smiles at her sisters, a tear going down her cheek. The small group that's left sits there for another couple of hours until night time comes.

Will: Only six of us left, huh?

Asher: I guess so.

Nathan: Jesus, this is weird to have so little people with you.

Jair: Imagine how much space we'll have to spread out at night.

Asher: Damn.

They sit there for a few more minutes until Asher hears something coming down the hill, something very big.

Asher: What the-?

Nathan: What the hell is that, it's big?!

Will: Shit, get a damn light!

Jair runs inside and comes out a few minutes later as the cars start to shake loudly.

Jair: Here!

Will takes the flashlight and points it over to the hill. He clicks it on. The group gasps, seeing at least three hundred walkers barreling down the hill.

Will: Shit, everyone, get a weapon!

Asher: Where the hell's my gun?

Brooklynn: I have it! Here, take it!

Asher: No, take it! Brooklynn, Brealynn, get in that damn closet!

Brooklynn and Brealynn hide in the closet as Nathan, Jair, Will, and Asher get their weapons and run outside to the front door. They slam it shut and wait for the walkers to get over the wall and pick them off. Will steps ahead and turns around to Asher, his true best friend in this new world, Nathan, one of the only people in the group generous enough to stay and help, and Jair, the one who knew Delayne's fate.

Will: It's time.


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