Before they got trapped by 800 walkers, The group returned from the steel mill with 12 troops, and Asher, Will, Breaylnn, Ashlynn, Luan, and Lauren. Hudson somehow survived being shot in the chest twice, and shot 2 troops, then got killed. after that the 800 walkers came and tackled Greene and a few other soldiers and killed them. Then the main group,(plus Grimes, Miller,and Mason), took off in the last, and best helicopter to search for Will's cabin. Then Riley, Parker, and John got trapped in the hangar.


Cpl. Riley

Pvt. John

Pvt. Parker


Cpl. Riley and his two remaining troops are trapped inside the hangar with about 800 walkers outside looking for food.

Riley: Crap... um... Parker? Johnson? You the only two left?

John: I think so, I doubt Lucas took down many before he died.

Parker: I hated Lucas anyways...

Riley glares at parker, giving him no hint of anger or sadness.

Riley: Well, i have an idea, does that humvee still work?

John: Yeah, I think.

Riley: Good, were going to have some fun...

It's 15 minutes later, Parker and John are rigging a button to the door of the hangar when suddenly it opens up by 4 inches or so and about 30 arms pop through next to Parker and John.

Parker: Aaaahhhh! 

One of the hands had grabbed onto Parker and pulled one of his arms through.


Riley: Hang on, just hold still!

Parker: Please, no!

Riley slammed the hangar door down on all of the arms, including Parker's. Right after that Parker passed out from either blood loss or shock, maybe both.

Riley: You worked with Medic for a while right?

John: Yeah, but I've never worked with an amputated arm!

Riley: You're gonna have to. Wait; is the button ready yet?

John: Almost, about five more minutes and it should be good.

Riley: Ok, I'll keep the door down! Stop Parker's bleeding first, I need him for the plan!

John had stopped parkers bleeding and put him in the back seat of the humvee. While John did that, Riley kept the door down until the button was done. When the button was finally done, Riley and John got in the humvee. Riley in the driver seat, and John on the turret.

Riley: You ready for this?

John: Sure, you could say that.

Riley: Hold on, how many guns do we have left?

John: 17 M4 carbines, 5 Shotguns, 9 Barettas...

Riley: Okay that was a stupid question, never mind.

After Riley and John grabbed a shotgun and Barreta each, they loaded in the humvee again.

Riley: Okay, now we're ready.

John: All right, let's do it...

Riley: Here we go!

The humvee started and John opened the hangar door with the button. As the infected started to swarm the inside of the hangar, Riley and John screamed as the humvee took off into the massive herd of zombies.

Parker: Huh...

Rounds and rounds of lead being poured into the heads of the walkers woke up Parker.

John: Parker! Get ready to load the next belt on the machine gu...

He stops speaking due to the massive fleet of at least 50 helicopters approaching the hangar. But Riley still drives through the endless herd of zombies, until he sees it too.

Riley: Am I drunk or do you guys see that too?!

Parker fainted again and John just sighed.

Riley: Do you think we should worry about the fleet of helicopters?!?

John: I don't know, but I think we've got bigger problems right now!

Riley: Well, I guess your right!

John: There's a lot more bodies than walkers now!

A walker's arm found its way into the window and Riley blew it off with his shotgun

Riley: You don't say?

John: Ok, im out of ammo on the MG!

Riley: Toss me my Berretta!

John: Ok, here!

John tosses a Berretta to Riley, then they both start shooting out the windows.

Riley: Almost all of them are dea....

Suddenly the car's front right wheel blows out and the humvee does about three flips until finally coming to a stop at the end of the clearing. After almost all of the walkers pile up on the humvee, Riley's vision is blurry, and all he can hear are gunshots, and the only thing he can see is blood.

30 Minutes LaterEdit

Riley looks up from the driver seat to see the humvee flipped over.

Riley: Ugh... Johnson? Parker?

John: I'm here... can't say the same for Parker... At least half of him.

Riley: Crap... The walkers still out there?!?

John: No.

Riley: Huh? Oh, the helicopters?

Somebody tapped on the side of the humvee and started to talk.

Mysterious Voice: Ya'll ok in there?

Riley: Who are you?

Mysterious Voice: Why do you wanna know?

Riley: Whoever you are, be careful! Theres a lot of walkers out there, and half of Pvt. Parker!

Mysterious Voice: Oh, Ya mean all'a these zombie things?

Riley: Uh, Yea! were have you been during the zombie outbreak.

Myserious Voice: Killin' em all... And when I say all, I mean all.

Riley: I still haven't gotten your name.

Jackson: My name, is Jackson.

Riley crawls out from under the humvee, looking up at Jackson. A 15 or 16 year old boy with a paintball mask and an M4 carbine. With 2 troops in full military standard armor on his flanks. Looking down at Riley.

Jackson: So... Ya'll need a leader?



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