At the school, early in the morning, the group was fast asleep. Asher was the first to wake up. He walked down the dark hallway to the cafeteria where he got some coffee. About 20 Minutes later, he heard Screaming, so Asher ran up the stairs to reveal Summer standing outside of Brad's room crying.

Summer: It's Brad!

Asher steps inside the room.

Asher: Oh, son of a bitch! Get Luan, RIGHT NOW! I want to know exactly who did this, god damn it!!!

Summer sinks to her knees and buries her face in her hands. Asher angirly runs down the hall to Luan's room. He swings open the door and shakes Luan awake!

Asher: Luan! Luan! LUAN! We need your help! NOW!

Luan: Nmgh. Can't it wait?

Asher: No! GET UP!

Asher rips him out of his bed and marches him down the hall. When he gets to Brad's room, he throws up on the ground.

Luan: OH MY GOD!

Mason lifted his stethoscope from the dog's belly.

Mason: Yep, it's official. She preggers.

Miller: Whew, great. We've got puppies now.

Will: When is she due?

Mason: She sounds about four weeks in, so it'll be soon. I'm guessing around five weeks.

Will: Great. Well, we'll be ready when it happens. C'mon. Let's go inside.  

Summer: He-He- HE'S STILL ALIVE! Try to help!

Luan runs into the room with Asher, where Brad was on his bed, with a giant gash down his stomach. Blood ran all the way down his bed and onto the floor. His blankets and sheets were sopping wet, along with his bed. Luan grabs a dry towel and blots it over the wound, only increasing the bleeding. Brad starts breathing heavily, then coughs up blood. Luan presses the towel down harder, this time slowing the bleeding a little bit. He opens Brad's mouth and tilts his head to keep the breathing going. Asher ran off to get more bandages and towels. Luan's hands were coated in blood all the way up to his forearm. Luan yells for Summer.

Luan: Summer! Make yourself useful! Go get the god damned sewing kit!

Summer nods slowly, then gets up and runs down the hallway. Asher returns with bandages, then Summer returns with the sewing kit.

Luan: Alright, I can't do this alone-DON'T JUST STAND THERE! HELP! Someone put pressure on the wound! NOW!

Asher places a towel on the wound, while Brad coughs up more blood. Summer wipes it off his face and helps Asher with the pressure. Luan grabs a needle and a roll of string. He threads the string through the needle, then begins to sew the flesh together. Brad moans in pain and coughs up more blood. Summer wipes off the blood from his face and squeezes his hand tighter. After the wound was sealed, Asher and Summer carried out the blood soaked blanket and sheets, as they dripped on the ground. When they reached the cafeteria, Beth and Ashlynn, who were in the kitchen, screamed and looked away. 

Beth: Oh-Oh-Oh my god!

Asher: Quiet, Beth! Now's not the time!

Beth and Ashlynn ran up the stairs to see Luan with a mop cleaning up the blood all over the floor in Brad's room. Beth saw Brad, then turned away in sadness.

Luan: Whoever did this- Mark my words- Is going to pay.

Ashlynn: How did this happen???

Luan: Hell, I don't know. Asher woke me up and showed me Brad. I don't think he'll make it. He might though. 

Beth: Who do you think it was? 

Luan: Could be anybody- I'm leaning towards RJ, or Alexander. 

Ashlynn: RJ seems nice though.

Beth: Joshua is who I'd be worried about. 

Brealynn, Jasper, and Joshua walk into the room.

Joshua: Jesus, what the hell happened?

Jasper: Did a walker get in?

Luan: No way in hell could a walker do this- No way!

Joshua: Need some help with the floor?

Luan: Yeah. It'll probably be a week until we get the stains gone. The sheets Asher and Summer dragged off were completely soaked, dripping too. He lost a lot of blood. 

Joshua grabs a mop and cleans the floor with Luan. When the rest of the group got up, they screamed in horror when they saw the blood, but only RJ threw up.

RJ: Jesus god ALMIGHTY!

Luan: Yeah, get it out of your system. Brad got nearly murdered, we know.

Joshua: Jesus man, I hope you find who did this.

RJ: Us too.

Downstairs in the cafeteria, the group discusses what happened.

Asher: Ok, all of us have heard. Brad's just about dead. It was ovbiously one of you guys. Walkers don't slice like that.

The whole group begins to argue and point fingers at each other. Asher bangs his hand down on the table, and the group falls into silence instantly.

Asher: ENOUGH! We need to vote on who you think did this. 

Luan: I think it was Joshua. You were always so suspicious. You're hiding some-


Alexander: BULLSH-

Asher: KNOCK IT OFF! NOW! Summer-


Alexander: Now just why the hell would I-


Summer: Alexander. 

Asher: Beth? 

Beth: Joshua!

Jasper: Uh- Uh- I think it was Joshua.

Ashlynn: RJ!

RJ: Joshua- He's messed up!

Brealynn: It was-

Alexander: I think it was RJ.

Asher: Nice try, Brealynn- I vote RJ. The votes are in- Joshua-4. Alexander-3. RJ-3. We aren't kicking people out yet. We'll conduct an investigation. This isn't over.

Later that eveningEdit

On the roof of the school, Beth was on watch, sitting in the lawn chair with a Glock in her hand. She was confused why people voted RJ. He was a nice man and didn't seem to hide anything. It could've been Joshua in her mind, but she also thought it could've been Jasper. The thought of a suicide also raced through her mind. Just then, Luan popped out of the hatch. 

Luan: My shift. Head on down now.

Beth: Alright. 

Luan and Beth exchange glances before stepping downstairs. She walked down the dorm hallway where she saw Brad's bloody room, but no Brad. She continues downstairs and stopped in the hallway, where everyone was bowing their head in sadness.

Beth: Oh no...

Summer looks up at her sadly.

Beth: He's dead?

Jasper nods slowly.

Outside the fenceEdit

Outside the fence at night, a young girl, holding a sword, was walking around the gate, looking for a way in. She had a large wound on her leg because she fell from a tree. Her feet were tired and she was growing drowsy. She waved her sword over the fence, but Luan didn't notice. She walked right up to the front gate and yelled:


LuanDrop your weapon!

Girl: Hurry please! I need help! They're getting closer!

Luan fires a round at the walkers, which hits them and sends blood flying. The undead continue to surround the girl as she fights them with her sword. She reaches up to a bar on the gate and begins to climb it. The undead surround the gate, leaving the girl stuck on the gate. She climbs to the other side, but loses her footing and falls down to the earth, also getting caught on the barbed wire and ripping her clothes, cutting into her. She hits the ground with a large thud and begins to stab at the undead on the other side, moaning from the pain. Luan climbs down from his post and runs through the school. He passes Asher without telling him what's going, so Asher, Jasper, and Beth follow him. When Luan reaches the gate, he aims his rifle at the girl. 

Luan: Come on!

Girl: But-

Luan: Come on!

Girl: I'm only nine!

Luan lowers his rifle.

Luan: Oh, that explains a lot. Not really. What's your name?

Lady: Lady. Lady Slave. It was originally Salve, but they messed it up when I came to America.

Asher: Who's this?

The girl looks at Asher.


Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Ashlynn Taurus

Luan Stephens

Brealynn Taurus

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Brad Cott

Summer Field

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Alexander DeLarge

RJ Johnson

Beth Wring

Lady Slave


Brad Cott

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