Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Graydon was the first of two children. After five years of being an only child, his brother, Willis, was born. They spent almost every day being rednecks and causing mayhem in their childhood. Graydon loved to play the accordion, and would sometimes teach Willis. When Graydon turned nineteen, he bought a cabin out in the woods and started a farm. WIllis moved to Boise, Idaho and they visited each other at least once every three months. Graydon then met a woman named Edna, whom he married . They had two children, the eldest of which was their son, Billy. Four years

Graydon meeting Will after the apocalypse.

later, they had a daughter, Ellis. They raised them the way they were raised: Rednecks. They spent all their time either hunting, farming, or skeet-shooting.


One day when Graydon came back inside from picking crops, he went to Edna and told her he saw someone come onto the property but apparently didn't see him and left. When they went outside, they saw three people limping towards Graydon and Edna. Graydon went over to them and asked them to leave, but they simply growled and tried to grab him. Graydon saw each of them had a bite mark somewhere on their bodies. Graydon had no choice but to run away. When he remembered Billy was hunting, he got his gun and waited, staring out the window as the people banged on the door and Edna took Ellis, who wasn't afraid at all and was slightly happier, into Graydon and Edna's bedroom to hide. When Billy got back, dragging a deer carcass, he saw the three people and went to them, asking them to leave. When he got there and put his hand on one's shoulder, they turned around and lunged at him. The other two did the same. Graydon then lost it as they tackeld his son to the ground, about to tear the flesh from his bones. He went outside and shot all three before they could do anything, then pulled his son inside and proceeded to barricade the cabin and his land. After all the traps were set a month later, Edna felt uncomfortable that they had to live like an armed camp and tried to take Ellis and Billy away from Graydon. Ellis refused and even threatened to kill her mother, but Billy agreed with Edna and they left. So Graydon and Ellis spent almost all of the apocalypse relaxing, seeing only about one walker a week. One day Willis returned to Graydon and Graydon agreed Will could take Ellis to his cabin, as he thought it would be best for her. They still visit Graydon sometimes, as he now spends all his time setting more creative traps and playing his accordion, and picking crops every once in awhile.