Episode 10, guys!


Willis Hall

Sgt. Harris

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Grimes

Pvt. Mason


When Will left for the hangar to get men and a helicopter, Hudson returned and Ashlynn was secured, although Will was shot in the face at the hangar. Asher told Ashlynn it would be okay and that she would be fine. Hudson's eye was shot out by Luan and Emma was killed saving Ashlynn. Asher and Ashlynn may start a relationship. Maddie Stratten was killed by Hudson's men.


As the hangar door slowly opened, Will heard the cocking of guns. When the door was fully opened, Will heard a bang and dropped to the ground.

Voice 1: Oh, SHIT!

Voice 2: You… You killed him!

Voice 1: I...I...Thought he was infected!

Voice 3: You idiots! That’s Lt. Col. Hall!

Will then drifted out of consciousness, slowly. Will had no idea what had happened. He was at his hangar, with his men, yet, they shot him right in the face. Maybe it was an accident. The next thing he knew, he was laying on a clean bed, with people frantically running around, with surgery tools, bandages and everything. 

Will: It’s me! Seriously, explain to me what the hell is going on!

Soldier 1: Drop your weapons, Sir. Don’t make it any harder then it has to be.

Will: You can’t make me!

Soldier 2: Hall! DO IT!

Will: How… Did…. Wait. What? Oh my god...

Soldier 1: Sir, DROP IT!

The strange soldier, dressed in a desert camouflage uniform, wearing a helmet of the same fashion, also with his face covered by goggles and a gas mask, along with others that look exactly the same, cock thier guns, then aim at Will. He lowered his gun.

Soldier 2: Well, that took long enough.

The soldiers lower their guns.

Will: Oh my god you guys, how did I not remember you?

Soldier 3: Sorry brother, but there's only twenty of us left. What are you here for? We all thought you were dead.

Will: I was looking for some help really.

Harris: Well, you know what happened.

Will: Not really, tell me!

Harris: No.

Soldier 2: 1 month, two weeks, and 5 days.

Soldier 1: No, six days.

Harris: None of us can really tell, but it's something like that.

Will: So who’s in charge now? Anybody new here? No reinforcements, supply drops, or paratroopers.

Harris: You are. 

Will: Good to be back.

Harris: It's good to have you back sir. It's hard to command twenty soldiers as a sargeant.

Soldier 4: Yeah, he does a shitty job.

Harris: Oh, F-ck off.

Will: So, tensions must be high with you guys. You probably need a break.

Soldier 2: Yeah, I guess so.

Soldier 1: Anyways, now what?

Harris: You're friends are here.

Mason: Howdy!

Grimes: ‘Sup.

Miller: How’s It Going?

Will: We have a little problem, with my group and I.

Miller: Oh yeah? What's the problem?

Will: A group, of about fifty at a steel mill.

Harris: Well? What about them? We've seen them before, 

Will: They’ve killed some of ours. We need justice.

Grimes: Well then, let’s go kick some ass!

Will: They’re armed. And they're angry. Besides, what else do you think they could do with a STEEL MILL!?

Harris: We have 20 people, 5 OH-6’s; each hold 2, so, that’s enough to kick some ass. We also found some heat seeking-missiles, anti-ground missiles, miniguns, and the package.

Mason: Man, I don’t know, I hate those things. They're freaking unstable.

Harris: Well, we do have one other thing, that we've been saving for a long time.

Will: What is it?

Harris: Let me show you.

Harris walks into a storage shed, turns on the light, then moves a bookshelf. A small hatch is on the ground. Miller opens it.

Harris: It’s in the other hangar at the other end of the runway.

The tunnel was maybe three feet wide, and four feet tall, dimly lit and damp. After the five crawl through it for a good five minutes, Mason reaches up to the ceiling, feeling wood; he bashes it with his flashlight. The dusty hatch opens, letting light in. The five crawl out of the hatch, and there it stood.

Miller: She’s a beauty isn’t she?

A helicopter sat in the hangar gracefully. A CH-47 Chinook, painted red-white-and-blue. The sunlight reaching in via a hole in the roof made the metal shine.

Harris: The best helicopter, ever.

Will: Wow…. It’s beautiful.

Harris: And guess what? It has enough food inside to support nine people for a year, plus 1,500 rounds for the turrets. And also, well, look inside.

Miller jumps into the pilot’s seat, flips a switch and the back loading ramp rolls down, and A Humvee rolled open. 

Miller: And guess what?

Miller throws Will the keys to the helicopter and humvee.

Grimes: She’s all yours. 

Mason: Hoorah.

Will: Harris, did-

Harris: I think it’d be best. Your group sounds like it’d need it best. It also has medical supplies. In case anybody’s hurt.

Will: Well, it wasn’t in your orders to kill people, non-infected people.

Harris: That’s what's best.

Will: Wow, guys, I don’t know what to say.

Harris: I do, we’ve got work to do. We need to kick ass. 

Miller: Damn straight.

Miller Grinned.



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