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Summer was killed outside, saving Kameron Carter and her husband, as well as her two infant children. The snowstorm snowed in the gym building and the math building. Will and Beth were shocked when they realized Kameron's husband and one of the babies, Margaret, were dead. Beth had to drive a nail into the baby's head, ensuring she would not reanimate.


Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Ashlynn Taurus

Beth Wring

Brealynn Taurus

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Ellis Hall

Dean Chang

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Sasha Carter

Kameron Carter


Ashlynn looks at Brealynn and hugs her. Everyone around is sad. They have no idea who it was that died.

Ellis: I guess we'll just... Stay warm.

Ashlynn: We need to have someone in the lobby at all times to help them in if they get back.

Dean: Got it.

Everyone grabs blankets and sleeping bags and places them across the lobby floor. Ellis pulls a damp rag from her pocket and began to wipe down the Blunderbuss.

Ashlynn: Do you have to do this now?

Ellis: We could need her, in case the freaks break down the door.

Ashlynn: You are unbelieveable! You stupid white-trash redneck, all you do is sit around with that gun! It's a piece of shit! It shoots maybe a round a minute, and-

Ellis: Well then. That was mean.

Ashlynn: Does it look like I care?

Ellis: Well that wasn't very should be nicer.

Ashlynn: SHUT UP! 

Ellis looks down at the floor for a moment. She fiddles with the Blunderbuss hammer, trying to keep from attacking Ashlynn. Everyone else is silent, knowing that getting between Ellis and Ashlynn wouldn't end well.

Ashylnn: Oh no, I'm so scared of a redneck bitch-

Ellis swings the Blunderbuss at Ashlynn's face, hitting her. She flew back from where she was hitting and hit her cheek, leaving a large bruise.

Ashlynn: Bitch! Get over here! 

Ashlynn jumps forward to where Ellis was standing, grabbing ahold of her throat. Ellis falls back to the floor, with Ashlynn on top of her, choking her out. Ellis aims the Blunderbuss up to Ashlynn's chin, and with shaky hands, attempts to pull back the hammer. Ashlynn notices, then smacks the Blunderbuss away, sliding it on the ground towards Dean's feet. Ellis beckons for Dean to shoot Ashlynn. Dean raises the gun.

Brealynn: Don't Shoot Ashlynn! 

Dean: Who the hell do I shoot!?

Ellis: Shoot the bitch choking me!

Ashlynn: Kill the redneck!

Brealynn: Don't shoot Ellis!

Ellis: Thanks......

Ellis and Ashlynn continue to roll around the lobby, punching and chocking each other. Ellis is short on breath and is losing her fight. Dean shrugs then drops the Blunderbuss on the floor. Brealynn notices the opportunity and grabs the gun. She aims at the two, but won't pull the trigger. 

Brealynn: STOP!!!

Ellis and Ashlynn look over to see Brealynn holding the Blunderbuss, with the stock going over her shoulder.

Ashlynn: Brealynn, sweetie! Don't!

Brealynn squeezes her eyes shut, then pulls the trigger back. The Blunderbuss fires, then flies out of Brealynn's hands, breaks through the window, then lands in a snowdrift. Ashlynn gets off of Ellis and runs towards Brealynn. Ellis dusts herself off and looks at the window.

Ashlynn: Are you okay?

Brealynn: That-Wasn't Scary!

Ashlynn: I don't care! Don't ever shoot a gun again!

Brealynn: But it was fun!

Dean: Who knows, we need a sharpshooter anyways.

Ashlynn: I don't know...a five year old?

Brealynn: Brooklynn was six!

Ashlynn: I'll think on it.

Ellis: I think she could handle it. A blunderbuss has the recoil of a freakin' cannon, so I'll bet she could handle somthing small, ya'll agree with me?

Ashlynn: I don't know...Let me think!

Just then, a loud creaking echoes through the building.

Ellis: What the hell was that?

Dean: Do you think the snow is putting pressure on the roof?

Ellis: Maybe it'll collapse! When was this building built?

Dean: There was a plaque that said it was finished in 1848.

Ellis: Oh shit...we're dead. It sounded like it came from the gym. Maybe I should go check it out.

Dean: Be careful!

Ellis: Alright. Here we go.

Ellis grabs her Blunderbuss and walks down the hallway leading to the gym. As she approaches, the creaking and moaning gets louder. She turns down the bedroom hallway. Every step Ellis took, she felt a creak and vibration in the floor. When she reaches the door to the gym, she stops to load her Blunderbuss. 

Ellis: we go....

Ellis gently opens the doors and turns on her flashlight when she reaches the dark gymnasium. As she walked, her boots splashed in liquid. She aimed her flashlight at the ground, noticing the icy water, with bits of snow left in it. Ellis points her flashlight at the roof, revealing a football sized hole in the roof, letting in water. She also noticed the timbers slowly slipping away as the snow fell into the room.

Ellis: Shit-

The final timber gives way under the weight of the snow, caving in the roof. Ellis tries to run, but the roof and timbers hit the ground before she can reach the exit.

Mason: What the hell was that?

Miller: Somewhere must've collapsed. It probably was the gym. Oh- God.

Dean: What-What if Ellis- you know?

Ashlynn: So what? she was a bitter old bastard anyways.

Miller: Agreed.

Mason: How could you assholes say such a thing like that?

Dean: Yeah, come on guys.

Brealynn: I didn't know her that well.

A tear rolls down Mason's cheek, and he turns away from the group.

Mason: Well, well, she's all Will and I've got. My parents abandoned me- my- most of my relatives are dead. Same with Will, except Graydon and Ellis...don't-don't talk about it. Okay? 

Ashlynn: Who's Graydon?

Mason: Will's brother. He lives in a cabin north of here. I've seen him a few times around. Good man.

Brealynn: Guys! Look! The doggy! She's sick!

The group runs across the lobby to examine the dog Will found at the farm. The dog was laying on her side, giving birth. 

Miller: Well I'll be damned. The dog's giving birth in the worst possible time.

Brealynn: Should we help?

Ashlynn: We shouldn't. Dogs give birth naturally. Mason: Damn. Miller, let's go check out the storm in the helicopter. We'll be back, guys.

Ashlynn: You sure?

Miller: We'll be fine. Don't worry about us.

They strap their stuff on and head outside into the snowstorm.

Dean: We should go check on Ellis soon.

In the helicopter...Edit

Miller and Mason sit in the cockpit of the helicopter, flying through the storm.

Miller: Damn, It's hell out there! 

Mason: You're telling me? It's actually the opposite. Searchlight engaged.

A bright searchlight engages, shining through the snow to the ground.

Miller: Alright, first order of buisness. We fly as high as the clouds do, and lets see how massive this thing is.

Miller pulls the helicopter up begins to fly upwards in the storm. The snow and ice smack the windshield, blurring Miller's vision. Mason engages the windshield wiper, clearing the cockpit window.

Miller: Thanks man. Wait- How the hell are we going to land?

Mason: If it's a small storm, we'll land outside of it. If it's huge, we're dead.

Miller: Sounds fair.

As the helicopter rises, the clouds begin to thin. Miller pulls the stick back even farther, driving the helicopter to near-vertical angle. Suddenly, Miller breaks through the cloud layer. He shoves the stick down, forcing the helicopter to level flight just five feet from the clouds. 

Miller: Oh my good holy god......It's beautiful...

Above the clouds, the sky was blue and bright, and the sun shone down on the clouds, lighting the sky.

Mason: Wow...I'm breathless.

Radio: We........(GUNSHOT)......Help!....R....Defenses...D...(GUNSHOT).

Miller grabs the radio piece.

Miller: Hello, this is Bravo-1, come in, over.

Radio: HELP!.....Defenses....(STATIC)...(GUNSHOT)...(GUNSHOT)...Squaw...Summ-(STATIC).

Mason: I think he said Squaw Summit. It's near here. I gotta help!

Mason opens a storage hatch and puts on a parachute pack. Suddenly another voice comes onto the radio, but no gunshots in the background.

Radio: (STATIC)... Picked up... (STATIC)... On my way! (STATIC)... I'm coming!

Mason: Shit, the signals have gone to hell cause of this God-damned storm! I'm going to help, I'll be back at the school soon enough!

Miller: Be careful, man! 

Mason opens the side door on the helicopter. Mason nods to Miller, then jumps out of the helicopter, into the storm.


Ellis Hall (Not confirmed)


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