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Mason and Graydon saved a military camp called Ruby Creek ontop of a mountain. Graydon learnt of Ellis' possible death and traveled to the School to help search the rubble of the collapsed gymnasium. Mason was injured and Graydon wedded Mason and Ellis after finding them.



Willis Hall

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller

Graydon Hall

Dean Chang

Brealynn Taurus

Ashlynn Taurus

Kameron Carter

Beth Wring

Sasha Carter

Lady Slave

Asher Lucero

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Ellis Hall


The remaining snow glistened on the ground as the sun shone down through the sky. The sky was blue and bright throughout the woods. Will looked at his compass, sighed, then turned to Ellis.

Will: Bad news.

Ellis: Ahh, Shit.

WIll: We're completely...on the right trail!

Mason: Oh shit! I was worried we were lost then run out of food and eat Miller!

Everyone pauses then looks at Mason.

Mason: What?

Miller: What....The f-ck?

Ellis: Okay, knock it off, twelve year olds. Let's keep going.

Will: Alright, lets ride over this ridge, then it should be there.

Ellis: What is-

Miller: The Bu-


Mason: Wh-


Miller: Aaaaaah, shit! Here he goes.

Will: Heh, just kidding. Alright. Let's ride!

The group rides their horses as fast as they could go over the ridge, then stops to observe the valley. Down in the Sumpter Valley, snow covered most of the buildings, except a bottling plant near the edge of the valley. Ellis grins.


Will: Miller and I have been there before. There's buttloads of booze. Thinkin' what I'm thinking?

Mason: Too late!

Mason and Ellis ride down the snowy mountain ridge into the valley, racing towards the bottling plant.

Miller: Am I the designated driver?

Will: No, I am. It sucks!

Miller: 'Kay bye!

Miller rides down the ridge, chasing behind them. Will sighs, then follows.

Will steps inside the dusty, dark warehouse corridor finding Miller, Mason, and Ellis breaking open containers, practically inhaling beer. Will sighs then opens a container, and takes one can.

Ellis:  Come on big hero, drink!

Will: First of all, underage drinking. Second of all, yeah- never mind.

Mason: Oh come on. It's the end of the world! Have some fun!

Will: LEGALLY- Only Miller and I can drink. Not you guys, but-


Miller shoots open a crate. Beer pours out, and Miller stuffs his face in the crate, trying to catch as much beer as possible. Will sighs and opens another can. Miller, Mason, and Ellis continue to bust open crates and drink to their heart's content. Will sighs again.

Ashlynn: God, damn! This place is a shithole! When can we leave?

Beth: This place has water, and warmth. We're staying.

Asher: Why would you abandon it?

Kameron: I'm with Ashlynn; this place is kind of a dump.

Jasper: This place is okay and all, but now that the gym collapsed.

Graydon: Pussies,

Brealynn: What does that mean?

Ashlynn: Don't repeat it sweetie. You'll learn when you're older.

Graydon: Actually the way I meant it was-

Ashlynn: NO!

Graydon: I didn't mean it like-

Asher: Stop!

Joshua: We get it man! Knock it off!


Asher: The hell?

Asher runs across the foyer and grabs the Radio. 

Asher: Hello? Hello?


Joshua: There are other people out there?

Jasper: Of course! We aren't the last people on earth!

Radio: (STATIC)

Asher: Well that's it then. 

Asher walks out of the room and heads for the roof. When he reaches the roof access, he climbs the access ladder and steps onto the roof itself. Asher stares out at the mountains, the snow, the valley and the clouds. He sighs heavily. Ashlynn was standing behind him.

Ashlynn: What's wrong?

Asher: There are other people out there. Big groups. People still fighting. Even after the harsh winter. Our world might change soon. 

Ashlynn: Oh. come on. Of course they're still out there! There once was a population of six billion! Probably more then half of that is gone, but that's still one billion people! And there's three-hundred million in the United States! I guaruntee there is at least ten thousand people fighting! Maybe one hundred people in Oregon! Don't give up on this nation! We will endure!

Asher: Wow, that- was beautiful! Where did you learn that awesome speaking?

Ashlynn: I was a part-time public speaker for a while. It was fun, but nerve-wracking.

Asher: You're right! I'm not acting like it's so shocking to find other people! 

Ashlynn: That's the spirit.

Asher and Ashlynn hug, then Ashlynn climbs down the ladder off the roof. Asher grins. Little did he know, the world was losing its fighters. If the apocalypse didn't end soon, humanity would go exctinct.

Back in the Budweiser plant, Ellis was nearly finished with her second crate of alchohol. She was nearly unconcious, but didn't stop drinking. Miller was on his tenth can, and near death. Mason was unconcious.

Will: Damnit you guys. Seriosuly.

Ellis: Ha-Ha-Happy Ani-Ani-versary Mi-Mi-Miller! Oh-Gawsh-Tha-sounds awe-so...what's the wo-word I'm lookin' for-uhh...Some! Tha-Tha-Tha-That's what I'm searchin'-fer.

Will: Ah crap, here we go.

Miller: Tree-Tree-I mean-Mason, I-love you-man. (VOMITS)

Will: Alright- Time to go home.

Ellis: But the-party- jus-jus-yeah-started!

Will sighs.

In the woods, a lone figure walks slowly through the woods. Suddenly, a walker jumps from behind the trees and attempts to bite the figure, the figure shoves the walker off and begins to run. The figure runs faster, but gets bogged down in the snow. The walker jumps to the figure and tries to bite again, this time the figure raises a gun and shoots the walker in the forehead, knocking the corpse down on the figure. The figure rolls the body off and attempts to dig its way out of the snow. More walkers emerge from the trees and limp towards the figure from all directions. The figure raises its pistol and fires upon the walkers approaching it. A walker from behind tries to bite, but doesn't penetrate the thick layer of clothing the figure is wearing. The figure drops its gun and pulls a hatchet from its backpack. The last zombie stumbles into the snow pit with it and tries to bit its jacket, again, it doesn't penetrate.

Figure: Help! Ranger down!

The Ranger throws the hatchet into the walker's skull. It dies, but is still stuck in the pit with the Army Ranger. The Ranger uses her spade and tries to dig out of the pit, but sinks up to her breast. Without warning, four horses come barreling up the hill, towards her. She picks up her gun, then gets ready to fire.

Horseback rider: Whoa! Don't shoot!

Ranger: Who are you asshole! I need help!

Rider: You a ranger?

Ranger: Born and raised. So....can I come out now?

Rider: Alright. 

The rider steps down from the horse, and pulls her out. He pulls the hatchet out the walker's skull, throws it in again, then pulls it back out and gives it to the Ranger. The Ranger dusts off her BDU blouse and pants. She cocks her head when she notices the several crates of Budweiser on the back of the horse. The others on the horses look at her and smile. The girl not wearing a uniform waves. 

Girl: How are ya?

Ranger: I'm doing fine, aside from relaxing in a hole with 'ol stumpy over there.

Rider: Well, we have a group, Do you need help?

Ranger: Yes. I've just been on S and D for a while. Nothing to do.

Will: Well it's nice to meet you. I'm Willis Hall, former Air Guard Captain.

Ranger: Former?

Will: Yeah. You know, the virus and all. Your name is?

Reese: Reese. Hannah Reese. Pleasure to meet you sir. Can we go now?

Will: Oh. Right. Get on with Miller. I'm sure the others would be happy to meet you. 

Reese: Others. Haven't heard that word in a while.

Miller: Come on up!

Reese grabs Miller's hand and Miller pulls her up on the horse. Miller grins and whispers to Mason.

Miller: I think...this is awesome.

Mason: Think? She's hot!

Ellis: Hey, I heard that!

Reese: Heard what?

Miller: Oh, I didn't say anything.

Reese grins.

Reese: You know what's funny?

Miller: What?

Reese: I heard all of that.

Mason sighs and says "Shit" under his breath. Miller laughs and shakes his head.

Will: Come on! Let's go!

The five ride down the hill and on to a highway. Will slows down when he sees a group of about 20 walkers. The walkers are unaware of the groups presence. Reese gets off the horse, followed by Miller. Reese walks towards the walkers, and raises her ACR. The walkers notice Reese and stumble towards her. Reese fires a round into the first walker and fires another round. She hits a second one, then kicks its body away. The others attempt to surround Reese as she kills more and more. She throws her hatchet into the far one's skull. The last walker bites Reese's helmet, leaving a mark on the armor. She tackles him and stomps his skull to mush. '''''Reese sighs.

Will: We could've gone around them.

Reese: Not my mission.

Will: Mission?

Reese: In the begenning, there was only 150 of us Rangers. Our mission was to find the undead, then kill them. Hence the term S and D. I was sent to Eastern Oregon, and I've been living on the road here for a long time. I've seen a body or two of military personell, heard a few helicopters, hell, even saw a Chinook. 

Will: Oh, that's our Chinook.

Reese: I also heard rumors of a group living in a school.

Miller: Yo.

Reese: Well that's it then. I'm living with you guys.


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