This is the eighth episode of Season 4, titled Fort Cessna. It premiered on August 13th, 2013. It is the midseason finale of Season 4.


The group had to stop for wood, but was attacked by walkers. Will, Reese, and Asher went out and got some, then had to go back, and just barely pulled off plowing through over nine-hundred walkers. The group was set back on track, and Ashlynn argued with Reese over giving Brealynn a gun, learning that Reese watched all three of her kids get eaten. Ashlynn went over to Ellis, who admitted she was not sure if Mason would wake up.


Willis Hall

Beth Wring

Dean Chang

Erika Munnyey

Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Pvt. Miller

Pvt. Mason

Ellis Hall

Graydon Hall

Kameron Carter

Jasper Lionell

Lady Slave

Sasha Carter

Joshua Bishop

Hannah Reese


Will groaned, then pulled back on the lever of the train. It slowed to a stop, and Joshua walked up front.

Joshua: What's going on?

Will: We're all out of God damned wood. Again. And we're so close, we even passed the border, we're in Idaho, we're almost there! The hangar is over that way about ten miles, we are so close!

Joshua: Why don't we walk?

Will: What?

Joshua: We walk. It's only about ten miles, and someone has to know the area.

Will: Yeah... You're right. I know the area, we could walk. Go tell everyone, see if Miller wakes up. I'm just about out of chloroform, he needs to get up. Let's go. Let everyone know we're walking, I'll be right there.

Joshua limps out and enters the first car. Will looks around him, then reaches into his backpack and pulls out his shotgun, Hannah. He looks at her, then cocks it, then slings his backpack on and walks into the next car.

Everyone jumps down. Miller is awake, but very weak. Joshua's leg is doing very badly, Mason still hasn't woke up, and Dean is barely conscious. Dean is on the stretcher and Ellis and Graydon are carrying Mason.

Will: We got everything?

Kameron: Yep.

Graydon: Let's go.

Everyone starts walking. Erika and Ashlynn are carrying Dean on the stretcher, and Will has his arm around Miller. They enter the forest, then hear a scream.

Will: Shit!

They turn around, then run out of the forest. Lady is the first one out, and she covers her mouth with her hands, shocked. When everyone else gets out, they either gasp, open their mouth slightly, or do the same. What they see is a man, lying on the ground next to the train, with a spear lodged in his throat. Everyone starts screaming and panicking, and Will draws Hannah.

Will: Nobody move! We have to stick together, don't panic! You'll draw the walkers to us!

Asher: Too late.

Everyone looks in the direction he is facing, and sees a horde of walkers emerging from the forest, shambling towards them. Everyone starts backing up, and Will motions for them to run forwards. Erika and Ashlynn are the first to run, but Erika trips over a loose root sticking up from the ground, knocking them over and dropping the stretcher, tearing it in the process.

Erika: Shit, we lost the stretcher! What do we do?

Jasper: Give him here, I've got it!

They try to lift him up, but he won't budge. He flinches, and then looks over at Jasper.

Dean: Leave me here...

Jasper: No, come on bud, I got you. You're gonna be fine, just keep going! We're almost there!

Dean: ...Just.... Leave me...

Jasper bends down and lifts him slightly, then notices his shirt is stuck on a vine. He pulls out his katana, sticks it under, and flicks it against the vine, snapping it in half. He lifts him up, then places him on his foot with his arm around him, and they start moving forward.

Graydon: Hurry, move, the walkers are close!

Reese: We're moving! But yeah, hurry!

Lady: How far do we have to go?

Reese: Not far, ten miles. Just keep moving and stay with the group!

After the first two miles, they have just barely gotten further away from the herd, Dean, Joshua, Mason, and Miller are slowing them down. Ashlynn starts to stray off to the side, getting about ten feet from the group.

Beth: Ashlynn, get over here! You're too far away!

Ashlynn: Wha-? Yeah, yeah. Sorry!

Ashlynn starts sprinting to the group, but suddenly trips over a log, sending her pistol flying off to the side towards the group.

Brealynn: Ashlynn!

Ashlynn: I'm fine, Brealynn! Don't worry, I just tripped! I- AHHH!!!

Brealynn: NOO!!!!

A walker tackles Ashlynn mid-sentence, knocking her to the ground and making her scream. Everyone starts yelling and Asher slams his hammer into a walker close to them. He runs over to her, and gets to her. As he slams the hammer down, it jerks its head away, trying to bite her. He raises the hammer for another scream, but then hears a gunshot. The walker stops moving as blood sprays from his skull. Asher and Ashlynn both look, only to see Brealynn holding the gun Ashlynn dropped. Reese smiles, and Ashlynn pushes it off.

Ashlynn: LOOK OUT!

Brealynn: HELP!

The herd reaches Brealynn, and she screams, then shoots three rounds into the herd, killing two and hitting one in the upper torso. She starts running and Ashlynn picks her up, then slips the gun out of her hands. Everyone starts jogging through the forest, frantically turning around and killing one melee every time one gets close. Later, when they are just one mile from where they think the hangar is, Graydon passes Ashlynn an axe. Erika runs and grabs an axe from Joshua's bag, and then they drift off to the side slightly. A few minutes later, when they are less than half a mile, a few walkers go after Ashlynn and Erika. Brealynn and Lady run over to them, but then even more walkers come. Just as the walkers get to them, Asher kills one with his hammer and then they all start running.

Asher: Seriously you guys, stop doing that! You're gonna get yourselves killed!

Erika: Sorry, we don't even notice we do it!

They keep running, and Will fires six rounds from Hannah into the herd. He starts pushing shells back in, then aims and fires more. He has killed more than fifteen now, and they all start getting more and more tired.

Erika: We can't go on like this, we're gonna die! The herd is only about twenty yards away, and they're getting closer! Shouldn't we have been there by now?

Will: No... It... It'll be... Be about ten more minutes...

Beth: The herd will get us before then!

Dean: Leave... Leave me here...

Jasper: Not gonna happen!

Dean: Leave me here!

Dean slams his eldow into Jasper's gut, causing him to drop him into a bush. His leg scrapes a fallen tree branch, ripping through his bandage and opening up his wound. He groans, then grunts when Jasper pulls him back up.

Jasper: Come on, man! You're getting through this once you cut the bullshit!

Dean: No, you don't... Understand... I can feel it, Jasper... I'm losing blood faster than before now... I'm not going to make it. Please, leave me here. Better I slow them down than you... Please...

Jasper looks over at Will, who nods reluctantly.

Jasper: Dean, I... I'm so sorry.

They run ahead and Jasper leans Dean's back up against a tree. Dean nods, and everyone starts sobbing. The walkers are getting closer, about forty yards away now.

Will: Dean, please. Are you sure you want to do this?

Dean: I'm sure... This way the rest of us live... Get to that new place, and... Just go...

Erika, who is sobbing the hardest, kneels down.

Erika: Dean, please. Please come with us.

Dean: I can't, Erika... This is it for me here...

Asher: Are you sure?

Dean: Yes... I am...

Asher sighs, turns away, puts his face in his hand, then looks over at Dean. He reaches behind him and pulls out his old signiature Baretta 92FS from his belt. He walks over and hands it to Dean.

Asher: You've got fifteen rounds, please don't make this for nothing.

The herd is now twenty yards away.

Erika: Dean, you-you can't! You can't, Dean! Please! Please! Dean, please!

Dean: Hey hey hey, look at me.

Erika looks softly and deep into Dean's warm, tearful brown eyes.

Dean: I'm okay... You have to go now. Please... Live. Make this world a safer and better place... Don't die. None of you... Please live... Go...

Erika, who is stroking Dean's face now, squeezes her eyes shut, sobs even harder, then bends over and kisses him on the forehead. Everyone sadl and reluctantly turns around and starts running.

Will: Goodbye Dean.

Dean: Goodbye...

After everyone has gone away... Dean looks down and gently strokes the handle of Asher's signiature gun, seeing the word, faintly written in crayon, 'Brooklynn.' He smiles, then looks up at the herd. He shuts his eyes, then opens them, and raises his gun.

Everyone runs through the forest. In the distance, they hear four gunshots, then five more after a slight pause, then five more after another pause. After about ten more seconds, they hear one last gunshot, then silence.

Will: Keep moving... We're almost there, just keep moving... We can do it... We're almost here...

The group runs for five more minutes.

Beth: I can't do it...

Ashlynn: We're done here...

Jasper: We're not gonna make it...

Joshua: Son of a bitch...

Just then, Will stops dead in his tracks.

Will: Stop!

Reese: What...?

Will: Is that what I think it is?

Everyone listnes carefully, hearing a low, deep rumbling. They look around, and Will points directly to the left. They all start running, hearing the sound growing louder. One minute later, when they start to give up hope, they burst out onto a small ridge just south of the hangar. A Blackhawk helicopter flies sixty feet over the ridge, then banks to the right and flies off. The gunner waves, then the helicopter flies off.

Will: Holy shit...

Asher: Am I seeing this? Am I here?

Will: It's a miracle...

Down below and far away from them, a long airstrip sits in the distance. Along the airstrip, a long cement wall sits, along with two other walls, forming a triangle. A center fence runs through half of the triangle. On one side, several trailers stand, on the other, several tents and a building with odd shaped doors on the front stand. On the airstrip, several helicopters, and three AC-130s lay on the runway.

Will: We're here...


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