The midseason finale. Things are moving quick for Season 3!


A mysterious killer has been eliminating members of the group and has killed Brad, RJ, and Luan, as well as shot Alexander in the leg. Asher desperately wants to know who it is so he can stop it. Will and his group have left the cabin for unknown reasons. Beth kneels in Luan's doorway in shock, not believing he is dead...


Asher Lucero

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Lady Slave

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Alexander DeLarge

Summer Field

Beth Wring

Willis Hall

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller

Ellis Hall

Dean Chang


Will, Ellis, and Mason herded the cattle on horseback through the pine-covered ridges and crevices of the Elkhorn Mountain Range. Ellis and Mason rode behind him. After about half an hour, Miller contacted them through the radio.

Miller: Will, I found them. Over.

Will: Stop! Miller's on. Uhh, Miller, where'd you find them? Over.

Miller: A school, it looks like. Capitol Hill High School. I flew over the other night, I think a guy on watch saw me. Eh, who cares, really? When are we executing the plan? Over.

Will: When the time is right. Over.

Miller: Alright, I'm landing down at Baker City. There's only one way through these mountains, a path, barely wide enough for the cattle. Meet me at Baker City.. Miller out.

Will clips the walkie-talkie back on his belt and turns his brown-haired horse, which he named Brownie, towards Mason and Ellis, also seeing the enormous cattle herd following them.

Mason: So.. We going to Baker City?

Will: Yeah. Let's go.

Before they can start to ride, they hear the click of a gun. Will and the group turn towards the sound to see a black man with four other men behind him. Only the black man is aiming his pistol up at Will, while the other three are holding their rifles in rest position, showing no signs of harm.

Will: God damn it.

The black man smiles.

Man: Get their supplies, guns, food- Everything on them other than clothes. Search their pockets too. We're taking you to our camp, so please, don't be rude. Also, please dismount from your horses. We mean you no harm. Your animals will be put into a pen for safekeeping.

Will: You had better be f-cking kidding me.

Will, Ellis, and Mason follow the black man and the other four through the dark woods. After a while of walking, they reach a clearing, where a wall of logs on their side lie. A man on top of the logs pulled a few aside and let them in. Inside the camp, several tents and carnival tents, oversized, were scattered across the camp. Few people carried guns, but almost everyone carred a bow or sword.

Man: This is our camp we've been fortifying for the whole epidemic. Your animals will be taken to graze.

Ellis: Like hell they will!

Ellis lunges forward and tries to grab ahold of the man, but Mason held her back.

Will: Ellis, stop! Calm down!

Mason: We'll deal with things later, Ellis, just calm down!

Ellis elbowed Mason in the gut and bit his right forearm. He screamed in pain and let go of her. She lunged again at the man and tackled him to the ground.

Ellis: You little bitch! Kill you!

She punches him in the face before a boot meets the back of her head. She falls to the ground and looks up, seeing almost the entire poulation of the camp aiming bows, swords, and guns at her. She glared at the man and spat on him before getting up.

Man: Plan C. Do it now.

Will: What the hell is "Plan C?"

A man tried to grad Ellis' arm but she roundhouse kicked him in the chest, knocking him flat on the ground.

Ellis: Don't touch me!

Mason: Ellis, stop!

Man: Plan E!!

Before Will can react, he is pulled back from behind and a cloth is covered over his face. He tries to fight it as he sees Mason get covered in the same manner. He starts to fade away, just before seeing Ellis finally being brought down by about eight men. Will passed out from the effects of the cloth and crumpled to the ground, and that was the last he saw of Mason and Ellis for the duration of his slumber.

Will sat up abruptly.

Will: Oh... What the hell is this?

He looked at himself, seeing he only wore his underpants. He tried to stand, but hit his head almost instantly. He stumbled back down with a grunt and groaned in pain, then opened his eyes to get his bearings. He saw he was in a steel-wired cage, locked with a heavy padlock. Looking up, he could see he was inside one of the large carnival tents and it was nighttime. He looked across the tent, seeing more cages padlocked in the same manner, all with people inside. Will stared in disgust at what these people did. There were several people, men, woman and children, even newborns! There were about thirty cages, only four of which were empty. Among the several padlocked cages, he could see Mason in one, a little more than halfway across the tent, and Ellis in another, close to in between Will and Mason.

Will: Nmgh... Ellis! Mason! Guys!

Man: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Will: Huh?

Will looked into the cage to the right of him, seeing a Chinese man who looked to be in his mid-twenties curled up into a little ball in his cage.

Will: What's going on? Where are we?

Man: We're in a carnival tent in the middle of this damn camp.

Will: I don't remember anything after we got to this clearing. Some asshole captured us, I-... I don't remember anything.

Man: I didn't either. We're all locked here because of something we did, supposedly. My name's Dean Chang.

Will: Willis Hall.

Dean: I was one of the first ones here. Assholes use Plan E and put chloroforme over your face. They take everything you've got except your undies and then lock you up here. They give us two meals a day, and if we wake anyone up they get to come in here and torture whoever they choose. Sick bastards.

Will: Oh, shit. My radio! I need that! How do we get out of here?

Dean: We don't. I've been in here for about a month and a half now. I used to be part of this group, but when they started doing this I protested, but they didn't like that. So they took me here, too.

Will: It's not like that. We're getting out of here, right now. HEY! SOMEONE! GET YOUR ASS UP, BITCH! YEAH, YOU HEARD ME! YOU BUNCH OF PUSSIES!

Dean: Shut up! Do you know how much torture someone's gonna get for that?

Will: Watch and learn, Dean.

Will waits for a moment before a man runs in, furious, in his pajamas. He holds his shotgun up and looks around the cages. Seeing only Will and Dean are awake, he fires a single shot into the air. Everyone wakes up, panicking.

Random Woman: What's going on?

Man: Shut up! I was trying to sleep, and you took that from me! Which one of you assholes decided to scream their head off?

Will: Me!

Ellis: Will?

Mason: What the hell man? Stop, before he shoots you!

Will: Nah, he's such a pussy. He'd never-

Man: Shut up! Get out here, right now!

Will smiles as his plan begins to fall into place. The man runs up to Will's cage, pulls out a key, and inserts it into the padlock. The cage door swings open.

Asher kneels down in silence. He isn't vengeful, as he was with Brad, nor angry, as he was with RJ, he is depressed. Luan was with him from the beginning. After eight months, it had come to this. Luan was dead, and this time was dedicated to mourning. Asher bowed his head in silence and waited. Beth sobbed. They were there for half an hour, being the only ones who noticed the fight, until Jasper came down from the roof, holding the rifle.

Jasper: Something's going down in the woods. Who's taking their shif-... Oh, God, what happened?

Asher: I... Luan, he-... Oh, God...

Jasper saw and gasped in shock. He stared, horrified, and bowed his head.

Jasper: I'll... I'll get the others...

Beth continued to sob and Asher nodded. Jasper walked away slowly. After about ten minutes, the group came back. Ashlynn carried Brealyyn, Lady walked beside her, Joshua followed behind, and Summer walked with them. They came to the room and bowed their heads. Everyone waited until Jasper walked up to Asher.

Jasper: I didn't get Alexander.

Asher: Why not?

Jasper: 'Cause he and I just-... We don't get along, and I don't feel like getting punched right now for waking him up.

Asher: I'll get him.

Asher walked off.

About fifteen minutes earlier- In The WoodsEdit

The man grabbed Will's arm and threw him on the ground in the middle of the tent. He aimed the shotgun at his left foot and was about to fire, but Will quickly grabbed the barrel of the gun and pulled it back, then wrenched the man's hand off the trigger so he wouldn't attract noise.

Man: Gah!

Will: Get down!

Will pulls the shotgun from the man's grib and stomps on his face. He pulls the man up and grabs his head, twisting it to the side. A snapping sound was heard, the na grunt, the nnothing. Will set the body down and remembered the number one rule. He took the heavy padlock and slammed it on his face multiple times.

Ellis: Oh.. Shit...

Mason: ... F-ck me...


Will: YEAHHH!!!

Will runs with the shotgun, blowing off all the locks. When people are set free, they run to the side of the tent, where they hide behind the boxes. Will frees Ellis and Mason and they instantly leave the tent. Will sees almost all the men of the camp scattered around, looking frantically for their partners or lovers. Will fires at one of the men and they start to run acroos the camp. Not getting fired at, they reach a tent with the words "Captured Personell Items" spraypainted above the entrance. They run in and see two men. Will fires upon both of them and they see dog cages all over the place. One holds Ellis' items, one holds Mason's and one holds Will's. They are all the three on the left side, being the most recent. They strap on their items and grab several other dog cages, then run back to the carnival tent. Mason and Ellis run in, but before Will can enter, the leader, the black man, tackles him.

Man: You son of a bitch!

Will: Ugh- GET OFF!

They have a brief struggle. The man tries to take Hannah, but Will slams the butt into his face and knocks him down. Will gets up, aims down, and puts the black man to rest. He runs back into the tent.

Jasper stares up at Luan's body. The throat is slit, his stomach is sliced open, and he is hanging from the ceiling. After a few minutes, he starts to move. They all snap their heads up in wonder.

Summer: What the hell?

Joshua: What's going on?

Lady: Is he alive?

They all stare in shock as he snaps his head up and down. Luan is a walker! But he wasn't bitten, so how? You already know, but the group at the school is still unaware.

Jasper: Oh, shit.

The group stares in shock and starts to back away as Luan starts to snap his teeth and swings his arms about. They back away until a gunshot is heard and Luan stops moving, and Jasper has the rifle aimed up towards Luan, a shocked expression on his face.

Will: Get back! We're gonna fight to the last man!

Mason: You heard him, everyone! Get back, we fight for freedom! Get back and get ready to fight!

Will, Ellis, and Mason start tossing out dog cages. Very few actually get their own, most get someone else's, and about four people get nothing.

Will: Arm up, defend yourselves! Fight for your freedom!

He is met with a loud chorus of applauds and raises Hannah in the air. He turns around and aims at the entrance of the tent, waiting. Ellis is next to the entrance, holding the blunderbuss. Mason is back behind all the boxes and cages with the people to protect them. They wait in silence for a moment, listening to the commotion outside, until they hear someone shout, "Hurry! Before they can escape!" Will tenses up and tightens his grip on Hannah. Finally a man runs in, shooting a bow into the crowd. Ellis instantly hits him in the head with her blunderbuss and he crumples to the ground, then gets shot by Mason.

Will: Push forward! Attack and be free!

Suddenly more and more men start to pour in as everyone in the tent starts to run forward. Will shouts, a blood-curdling battle cry, and starts firing. Bullets and arrows fly everywhere, with the occasional random crap from Ellis' blunderbuss. Bllod is spilled, men all, prisoners get impaled. The battle wages on and Will starts to see the true odds. There are about twenty men left and the only prisoners alive are Will, Ellis, Mason, Dean, and seven other random people.

Will: Keep fighting!

Ellis: We can do this!

Mason: Come on, go!

The prisoners regroup quickly and line up. They start to go forward as they shoot, killing lots of men. When there are only about sixteen left, Will hears them shout.

Man: Retreat! We're all that's left! 

Man: My wife! They all ran off!

Man: Everyone left for the woods! GO!!

Will and Mason fire at the retreating men, only taking out two. After they have gone back into the forest, Will turns to the surviving former-prisoners.

Dean: Is that it? It's over?

Will: It's over. We're free.

Random Woman: My son... All the children... They're all dead! There are barely any of us left to enjoy being free!

Mason: At least we can.

Ellis: There's only eight of us left... What now?

Will: One thing we can do now. We get the animals and we head over to Baker City, where Miller is.

Suddenly static is heard from Will's belt. He hears Miller's voice come through.

Miller: Hey, Will! One hell of a fight you just put up there. Mason and Ellis okay? They retreated all right! Over.

Will: Miller! They're okay, we got caught by some assholes. There are five new people. They're gonna join us. Over.

Miller: Alright. I left the helicopter over by the outskirts of the forest. I'm heading out to your tent right now. I'm in the camp. Meet you there, Miller out.

Will: Let's go. Follow me.

Will walks out of the tent, followed by everyone else. They walk out and greet Miller.

Miller: Hey bud. What happened while I was gone?

Will: Pfft. So funny, asshole. Let's go get the animals.

Ellis: Whew, that was clo- AGHAHAG!!

A gunshot is heard and everyone panics. Ellis was shot in the right shoulder, and she is now on the ground, crawling to her blunderbuss. More gunshots go off.

Will: Get down!

Miller: Shit!

Will, Mason, Miller, Ellis, Dean, and one other woman drop down, but it is toolate for the other three. They are shot and crumple to the ground.

Mason: Shit, they came back! Ellis, babe, are you okay?

Ellis: Nmgh... Yeah, just peachy, dipshit.

Miller: They're back! There aren't too many, we have to aim out and bring 'em down!

They all crawl around the camp and aim at the gate. They open fire, but so do they. Suddenly the woman is shot and she stops firing. Will doesn't break his concentration and keeps firing until all of them are dead.

Dean: Shit... Margaret's dead.

Miller: Let's go. We better get out of here. Dean, it looks like you won this season of Survivor.

Will laughs. They walk over to the pen where the animals and horses are, untie them, and ride over to the helicopter. Mason and Ellis share, while everyone else gets their own. They ride off into the forest towards the helicopter. 

Asher steps into Alexander's room.

Asher: Alexander, it's Luan... He-

Asher stops dead in his tracks when he sees the sight: Alexander, slowly wiping blood off a knife. They stare each other cold in the eye. Now it's anger Asher feels.

Asher: You...


Several innocent survivors.


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