This is the second episode of Season 5, titled 'Fight or Die.' It is written by Will3947 and will premiere on February 5th, 2014. 


The California Expedition took a violent turn when they found out that all of the men they came to save have already been killed. While fighting their way to a warehouse nearby, Mark Skix was killed. Inside, Jayden Marco was killed saving Leah. That night, a mysterious man by the name of PFC Tandy snuck up behind PFC James, who was on watch, and slit his throat, but nobody is aware of this man's presence in the warehouse...


Will and Asher eye the limpers below. Will whispers, "Do they ever stop?" Asher replies, "They stop when we kill them." A scream is heard, and another dead soldier is seen on the ground. In anger, WIll punches the wall. Miller is heard saying, "We have an internal threat." Asher says, "One of our own is killing us." Tyler stares down at all the limpers. Jasper is seen firing a small sub-machine gun down at them. Katie jumps off the catwalk, screaming. Will yells "No!!!!" Leah is seen against a wall, panicking, a pistol in her hand. Limpers are seen banging on the door of the aircraft, which is sliding shut by someone, but you can't tell who. A voice is heard, saying "You gotta get that plane started, it's our only way outta here." All the limpers are seen droning around, as you hear someone whisper "That's the everyday life now. You fight or die..."


Katie zips a small backpack shut and slings it over her shoulders. Everyone is eating. Will and Asher stand off to the side, staring down at the roaming limpers, listening to the endless, droning groans.

Will: I don't know if we're ever getting out of here.

Asher: We will somehow. We always find a way.

Will: We've had immense luck so far. That luck's gotta go away sometime.

Asher: Yeah, but not now.

The limpers continue to move around slowly and groan.

Asher: Do you ever think about the good old times when killing one of them was hard to do?

Will: Yeah, I do. I miss being scared.

Asher: I do too... It seems like a regular thing now, we don't think twice about it. We just do it.

Will: I miss when we never had to watch our backs 24/7... I miss my girlfriend.... 

Asher: I'm sorry, man. I miss her too. Hell, we all do.

Will nods in sadness, remembering Ramona.

Will: Yeah.

They watch the limpers groan and slide past one another, an endless wave of flesh and gore. Will squeezes his eyes shut, then looks down in pain.

Will: Do they ever stop?

Asher: They stop when we kill them.

They continue to watch as Katie comes to Will and sets the backpack down.

Katie: That's the supplies you asked for, anything else?

Will: Yeah. I need you to find a volunteer to head out there and get to the C-130, then contact Riley and tell him we need help. They should be able to bring in a helo and blow these undead assholes away.

Katie: Oh. I'll do it, I guess.

Will: You sure?

Katie: Yeah, what the hell. That what the pack is for? In case I get stuck?

Will: Yeah.

Will walks past everyone to the clearest spot he can find on the catwalk, then yells for attention.

Will: Everyone! I have a plan to get us out of here. Airman Katie has volunteered to get to the C-130 and contact Fort Cessna for help. I need a few people to go down and help her get out of the warehouse, she should be okay after that. As soon as she gets out, I need all of you who went down there to help her to get back up. Any volunteers?

Leah: Yeah, I'll do it.

A man steps up and nods. His name is Nathan Treacy.

Nathan: I'll go.

Peter: Me too.

Hannah: Yeah, may as well.

Reese: I'll help her get out of here.

Will: That's good. Now, obviously just jumping down into that is not a good way to live, so I need everyone else to get somewhere on the outside catwalk and start shooting, try to draw as many as you can to you. Make a lot of noise, but don't waste all your bullets. We're gonna need them.

Asher: What about James?

Will: I'll deal with that when she gets to the plane.

Katie strides over to the edge of the catwalk and looks down, seeing nothing but undead roaming around. They are packed in so tight, you can only see the ground in some places.

Katie: I'm ready, let's do this.

Will: Alright. Everyone, get out on the catwalk outside.

Jasper is the first to step outside. He gets to a far corner, followed by Tyler. He looks down at the horde and loads his sub-machine gun, then aims down and fires three bullets rapidly, taking down two limpers. As soon as the shots go off, the horde erupts into a swarm of growls and snarls. The others do the same, and eventually the limpers are screaming, lifting their grey, decayed arms, trying to get a fresh piece of meat. Jasper chuckles.

Jasper: This is too fun.

He fires off the entire magazine, taking down limpers left and right. 

Tyler: Come on, OVER HERE! LET'S GO!!!

The volume of the pack of limpers steadily grows, and everyone starts yelling down and stomping on the catwalk. The rusted copper grating rattles and shakes, aggrivating the limpers. They start getting riled up. Inside, Katie and Will smile as the herd thins out. They all meet outside, under the catwalk most of the group is on. It is most dense below Jasper, and it slowly thins out, as if it is a perfect circle and Jasper is the epicenter. Will pulls a walkie-talkie out of his duffel and hands it to Katie.

Will: Take this. I've got the other one. If you get stuck, we need to be able to communicate.

Katie: Got it.

Will: On three. One... Two... Three... GO!

Katie leaps off the catwalk, sailing through the air. She lands next to a large crate with a mysterious hole of about two inches diameter. Nathan and Peter jump down after her. Nathan kicks a limper's face midair, knocking it down. Peter stabs it in the back of the skull, cracking it and spraying blood all over his machete. Hannah, Leah, and Reese come down next, and they all get in a messy formation around Katie. Every limper that comes close is decapitated or stabbed. Katie shoves her way past a limper and darts out the back door, wide open.

Will: She's out, get back up here!

Reese: Come back!

Reese and Peter start running back. Reese leaps up onto the crate and pulls herself onto the catwalk. She reaches her hand down and grabs onto Peter's hand, then lifts him up, but she loses her grip and drops him. He falls down onto the crate, sending splinters into his back, and yelps in pain.

Peter: Jesus Christ!

Nathan: Pete!

Nathan runs over and kills a limper reaching for Peter, then stands guard as he pulls himself back up. Hannah jumps up and helps him up, then Reese pulls her up. Nathan looks over at Leah, who has her pistol drawn and is backed up against a wall. She slams the handle against a limper's head and kicks one back. Just as she is about to get devoured, Nathan slams his hatchet into its head and pulls her out of the way. They both run to the crate and jump up, then boost each other up. Hannah and Reese pull up Nathan, and Nathan pulls up Leah.

Leah: Thanks... That... That was close.

Will: Yeah. Everyone outside, we need to cover Katie.

They all run to the outside catwalk and start shooting. Katie is halfway to the C-130 by now. They all start firing. Miller sees a limper from the side, reaching for her. She does not see it. At the last possible second, he fires and kills it. She runs up to the entry and slides the door open, but a limper grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her back. They tumble to the ground, but the limper is shot by Jasper. She gets up and sprints to the door, hops in, and slides it shut. Limpers are left behind, banging on the door. Will sighs, then looks over at Asher.

Back at Fort Cessna, Beth and Joshua sit on a bed, across from Graydon and Ellis.

Beth: When's the California Expedition gonna be back? Like when do you guys think?

Graydon: Hopefully soon, I can't stand not knowing what's happening to them.

Ellis: Mason's upset that he wasn't asked to go, says just a crash ain't gon' stop 'im. 

Joshua: He's just feeling weak, you gotta let him know he's not.

Graydon: He'll be fine, hon', just give him time to get over it.

Will: Everyone stop shooting! She's in, all we're doing now is riling them up. Asher, Jasper, Miller, you're with me. Let's go.

They follow WIll around the warehouse catwalk behind the crates, and come to the pool of old blood left by James the previous night.

Will: Someone did this last night. One of our own.

Jasper: What? Who the hell would do that and why? What is the point?

Will: I don't know, but whoever it is, we have to find them before they do it again.

Asher: Will.

Will: What is it?

Asher: Let's go. Back to Fort Cessna, today. We'll all head outside and draw the limpers away, Katie can get the plane started. We'll jump in and take off, quick, before the limpers get to us. When we get back we'll tell Riley and figure out who did this.

Will: That isn't gonna happen.

Miller: Will, he's right. We have an internal threat. We need to get back and handle it there.

Will: And bring this pyscho traitor back to our homes to kill even more people? Do you really want to bring him back to where Mason and Ellis sleep? Graydon? Ashlynn and Brealynn? There's no telling who this guy might kill if we take him back home.

Asher looks down at the ground, then back up at Will.

Asher: You gotta get that plane started, it's our only way outta here.

Will: Not until this asshole is dead.

Will's walkie fuzzes, and Katie's voice is heard.

Katie: Will?

He grabs it from his belt and holds down the button.

Will: Katie, what is it? Did you contact RIley?

Katie: I tried, but-(Fuzzes)... The signal wouldn't go through. We can't contact for help, we're on our own.

Will stares at the walkie talkie for a few seconds, his rage boiling inside. He sreams in anger and punches the wall, leaving a bit of blood. He breathes heavily, anger fuming from his nostrils. He then clicks the button down and raises it to his mouth.

Will: We're gonna come get you, alright? Hang tight.

He clips it back to his belt, then looks up at Asher and Jasper.

Will: You guys hold down the fort. I'll take Miller and a few other people out to get Katie.

The four men walk back to the rest of the group, without seeing the dead soldier with his throat slit behind a crate. His body lies next to James', who still has not been found.

Will: Alright everybody, Private Katie has reached the plane and has tried contacting Fort Cessna, but the signal won't go through. We're alone out here, so we need to get her back here and come up with a new plan. Private Miller and I are gonna head out, I guess we'll take two or three volunteers to tag along.

Reese: I'll come.

Juwan: I will too.

Miller: Alright, my friends Asher and Jasper here are gonna keep everything together while we're gone, I suggest you listen to them when they ask you to do something.

Will: We'll be back soon, with Private Katie. Everyone else make as much noise as you can without using too many bullets.

Will takes Miller, Juwan, and Reese over to the crate Peter fell on and they all hop down on it. Everyone else draws their attention and they are able to hop down without a single limper attacking them. When they get outside, a limper reaches for Will, but Juwan pins it against a wall and stabs it in the forehead.

Will: Thanks.

Juwan: No problemo.

Back inside, Asher watches the four jog around the distracted limpers. Tyler comes next to him.

Tyler: You think they're gonna get Katie back?

Asher: I know they are.

Tyler: Something wrong?

Asher sighs, then looks her in the eye.

Asher: One of our own is killing us. Private James was killed last night.

Tyler: Oh my God... Do you have any idea who it is?

Asher: No, we don't even have the slightest clue as to why any one of ours would do that. I don't know how we're gonna find this guy.

Tyler: We will somehow.

Asher: I know. I'm tired of our own people turning on us, it's the one thing that tears our group apart more than anything else. You don't know who to trust, and when you do, that person could turn on you at any time. I'm sick of it, I just want to stop fighting and live in peace.

Tyler stares at the ground for a few minutes, then looks back up at him.

Tyler: I am too, but... I guess that's the everyday life now. You fight or die...

Outside, the four start jogging around the distracted limpers, and surprisingly only have to kill about five limpers on their way to the plane. When they get to the door, there are about six limpers banging on it. Miller swings his M4 at one, causing the weak skin around its neck to tear and send out blood, spraying onto Miller's face. They cut the rest down with hatchets and machetes, then slide the door open. Katie is inside and nods to WIll.

Katie: Thank you. Let's get back to that God damned warehouse. Hurry. Look out!

She aims her pistol past Juwan's ear and squeezes the trigger, terminating a limper that was about to get him. She doesn't think about what will happen next, which dawns on her afterwards.

Katie: Oh, shit.

Will: Run. Run!

Every single limper in sight turns towards them and starts shuffling towards them. They try to sprint around, but they are trapped. They have to fight through the endless horde.

Will: On my lead! 

The four start shooting and slicing their way through the limpers, occasionally looking behind them and saving each other's lives. About half way through the herd, a limper creeps up on Will. No one sees it, but it is there. It quickly grabs him by the shoulders and yanks him back, pulling him to the ground with it. He screams as it touches its dead teeth against his neck. Before it can sink them in, however, a gunshot rings out and Reese pulls him up.

Will: Jesus... Thanks for killing it. It almost got me.

Reese: That wasn't me...

Will: Then who-?

Before he can conclude his sentence, another gunshot goes off and WIll snaps his neck in the direction it came from. His eyes take him to the top of the very tall building the soldiers were in before they were killed. He sees one man on top of it, aiming a sniper rifle down, picking off the limpers one by one.



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