This is the 12th episode of Season 4, premiering October 24th, 2013. It celebrates Death Among Us' 1 year anniversary. It is written by Xraymoon102 and Googlespark.


Asher was healed from his wounds and is now able to walk, however he has a permanent limp and can not fight the same ever again. Will has been appointed second-in-command of Fort Cessna, and the three leaders called a meeting with 31 residents who they knew were able to fight well. They were told about a mission to southern California to rescue 30 soldiers. Asher accepted.


Asher is standing next to Jasper, drinking from a red Solo cup. A voice is heard saying "We're celebrating. Before you all go, we need to throw a party." Ashlynn is heard saying "I don't know... I don't know why you have to go." Asher is heard saying "I have to. It's the only right thing to do." Will is seen throwing something down from the top of the wall. Jackson is heard saying "It can't be a week. You have to go soon, they just lost a guy."


Asher is sitting on his bed, taking apart his gun and putting it back together. He leans back, then looks out the window, seeing Private Daniel and Sergeant Daniel carrying a table towards the command center. He looks out further and sees there is a large party tent draped over the front of the command center. People are bringing punch, soda, and juice into the command center.

Asher walks outside his trailer, only getting a quick glance at the command center before a couple of soldiers walk by, talking about a going away party for the crew going to California.

Soldier 1: Wow, those guys are going all the way over to California for some idiots who got trapped? Sounds like their problem to me.

Soldier 2: I think those guys are pretty brave, risking their lives for others. I wish I could take out walkers like they can... Did you see them in action yet?

Soldier 1: Nope, but all I do is sit up there on the wall all day because of General Dumbass.

Soldier 2: Yeah, someone should do something about that guy.

Asher continues walking over to the command center, knowing that some people think he's brave. Then he starts thinking about how he might not survive in California because of his injuries. His strain of thought gets interrupted by Jasper handing him a red Solo cup filled with some type of cola.

Jasper: Here, have some soda.

Asher takes the soda, and stands next to Jasper, after he drinks the cola, he doesn't recognize the taste.

Asher: What is this stuff?

Jasper: Some of the people the fort took in made some homemade cola, it's not that bad.

Asher: Cool. Pretty good stuff.

They stand there drinking the homemade cola without talking, while others talk and enjoy themselves.

Jackson is standing at his desk, about to begin talking to Riley.

Riley: You needed to see me Jackson?

Jackson: Yes, and call me General Jackson, show some respect.

Riley has more and more thoughts about killing him so much more, mostly because he acts like a tyrant, controlling everyone, but also because he's a flat out jerk.

Jackson: I needed to talk to you about the team leaving to California. They need to leave soon, theres a problem.

Riley: They need at least a week to prepare everything, and get ready for the trip there...

Jackson: They can't leave in a week, they have to go soon. They just lost a guy.

Once all 31 people going to California were at the command center, a soldier walked up to a stand.

Speaker Soldier: We're Celebrating. Before you all go, we need to throw a party!

The soldier stepped down from the stand and looked out to the people, all silent.

Speaker Soldier: That means you can start partying. So party.

Everyone had drinks, and were all talking about the trip to California.

Reese: This is going to be like a vacation, to a heavily infested state.

Erika: That makes it sound so much better. Not.

Graydon and Will are walking around, looking for some sort of alcohol.

Graydon: Where's all the beer and whiskey?

Will: Jackson probably banned it from the party, he's only like 16 or 17...

Graydon: One more reason to hate that little punk.

Katie is the only person who left the party when it started, she went to Teagan's place, and knocked on the door.

Katie: Teagan? Want to go on a perimeter check? I'm bored, and this party is making me depressed.

Teagan: Yeah, sure. Let me grab my new M4. Want to borrow a silencer? I have an extra.

Katie: That would be nice, yeah.

Katie and Teagan strolled to the gate, and yelled up to the gaurd to open up the gate. There was no responce.

Katie: Oh, I don't think anyone's on duty, I'll open it, hold on.

Katie walked up to the post, but what she saw, she can't describe. The gaurd was on duty, but with an arrow in his throat and eye. With a pool of blood under him.

Teagan: What's taking so long? Is something wrong?

Teagan walks up the steps, until she reaches the top, and looks in the post.

Katie: Oh god.

Teagan: Something weird has been happening... Now this? I'm starting to think we're not the only people who like this place.

The two girls don't tell anyone. They bury the gaurd outside the walls, and put a small stone on his grave, to mark it so they can come back later and put a real gravestone. The two arrows are sitting on Teagan's table, and the girls are sitting there studying them.

Katie: These are some old freaking arrows. They even have stone arrowheads.

Teagan: That's what confuses me. We don't tell anyone, not until we figure this out.

Katie: People are going to want to go outside the walls sooner or later. I'll try to stop them.

Teagan: Good. I'm going to kill whoever did this.

The party was blaring music very loudly, which was attracting quite a few walkers outside. Everyone was eating pizza made from canned tomatoes, dough from wheat, and aged cheese. Nobody has had pizza in months, some in a year. So the pizza was gone incredibly fast, so people then started eating other things like beans, and canned foods. It was a real party, and was about to end abruptly.

Jackson walked out of the command center at about 1 AM, and shut down the party. Everyone was tired, so nobody could say no. The tents and other tables with foods and drinks were left out, and everyone left to their rooms.

Asher: I was just starting to have some fun... 

Beth: I'm tired. Let's party more tomorrow.

Jasper: Same here, it was fun to not worry about zombies for a couple hours.

Everyone split off and went to their own trailers, Along the way, Ashlynn stopped Asher.

Ashlynn: We need to talk, about the California thing.

Asher: What about it?

Ashlynn: I don't know... I don't know why you have to go.

Asher: I have to, It's the only right thing to do.

Ashlynn: Well sometimes the right thing to do is the wrong thing to do.

Asher: If I were one of those people... I would like more people to come for me. People who know how to kill walkers.

Ashlynn: you're injured, you can't fight the same. You could die, I can't let that happen. Not now, not after everything.

Asher: I'm going, after all, I still have a week or so left until we leave.

Ashlynn glares at Asher sadly, and walks off without saying another word.

Graydon: That wasn't as fun as I remember parties to be back in 78'.

Will: That's because everyone was stoned back then, remember?

Graydon: Stoned? I'd rather call it "Opened up".

Will: Whatever, you should probably sleep. Old people need sleep right?

Graydon takes a nice walk in the moonlight, before opening up his trailer and plopping down on his bed. Will starts walking again after watching Graydon go to his trailer, but hears his name called from behind him.

Riley: Will, we need to have a talk.

Will: Yes, we do. That party was horrible, flat out horrible.

Riley: Not the party Will, it's about California.

Will: What about it?

Riley: Jackson says that you and the others need to leave sooner than a week... They lost a man.

Will: We need more time to prepare, we need at least a week.

Riley: I already tried that. Jackson doesn't care, he needs the extra man power around here.

Will: Alright... Also, Pvt. Katie and Teagan were absent from the party. Did they ever come back from the perimeter check?

Riley: I don't think so, I'll go check outside. If I'm not back in 15 minutes, go check for me, I might be dead.

Will: Alrighty, keep and eye out. Hehehe...

Riley gives will a glare, feels his empty eye socket, covered in a pitch black eye patch, and walks back to his desk in the barracks.

Sgt. Bocker: Hey Riley. What're you doing?

Riley: Grabbing my carbine. Going to go check on Katie and Teagan, they didn't come back from a perimeter check.

Sgt. Bocker: Mind if I come with you? I'm not really tired yet.

Riley: Sure, grab a weapon.

Sgt. Bocker pulls a digital camouflaged M16A4 off the wall, and loads a magazine into it. The two keep walking until they get to the gate.

Sgt. Bocker: Wilson! Open up the gate!

No responce came, but they waited for a couple of seconds.

Riley: Wilson was probably at the party. I'll go open it.

Riley walks up the cement steps, and turns to his left, looking where the gaurd post is. He sees a small pool of blood, that someone made a weak attempt to clean up, suddenly he hears immense amounts of groaning, then turns on the flashlight on his carbine, and shines it down over the wall.

Riley: Dear mother of god...

'At least 50 walkers' were piled up on the outside, almost crawling on top of each other to get in.

Riley: Bocker... Go get Col. Hall, and a grenade or two.

Sgt. Bocker: Why do you ne...

Riley: Don't ask. Just do what I say please.

Sgt. Bocker: Alright, I'll be back in a little bit.

About 10 minutes later, Will and Bocker are back with 2 grenades.

Will: I was having the most wonderful dream... What's so important?

Riley: You tell me.

Will and Bocker walked up the steps until they could see all the walkers outside, slowly trying to make their way over the wall.

Sgt. Bocker: Wow, that's a lot of limpers.

Will: Hand me one of those greades.

Sgt. Bocker: Gladly...

Bocker handed Will one of the grenades, and kept one for himself. Will chucked the grenade down from the wall after pulling the pin, letting it explode killing most of them. They waited a few seconds, until Bocker pulled the pin and dropped his into the horde, killing the rest of them, but making an extremely loud explosion.


Hundreds, maybe a thousand walkers are infesting a city. On the streets, in buildings, some even in the sewers. A loud explosion happens, grabbing the attention of the whole city. Then another explosion, causing the vast amounts of walkers to start slowly making their way in the direction of the noise.


Will is standing outside Asher's door, ready to deliver the news to him. A couple seconds after Will knocks on the door, Asher opens it. Without asking, Will walks in and sits down in a chair by a window in the trailer.

Asher: Of course you can come in...

Will: Asher, I... We need to have a talk



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