The middle, I think. Yeah. Middle.


Summer was killed in the raging snowstorm. Will saved a woman, Kameron Carter, and her husband as well as their two infant twins. The husband and one of the twins was killed, frozen to death. Ashlynn and Ellis had a fight until Brealynn was angered and grabbed Ellis' blunderbuss, then fired it at the floor and the group started thinking about teaching Brealynn to shoot. The roof in the smaller gym room collapsed on top of Ellis, supposedly killing her. Mason and Miller flew above the storm, seeing it is a very large and dangerous but beautiful storm, although someone else could easily die from it. They picked up a signal from a nearby camp where what's left of the Oregon wing is staying, and they are under attack. Mason knew they needed help and parachuted out of the helicopter, heading to save the camp.


Pvt. Mason

Ashlynn Taurus

Dean Chang

Brealynn Taurus

Pvt. Miller

Willis Hall

Jasper Lionell

Beth Wring

Asher Lucero

Joshua Bishop

Kameron Carter

Sasha Carter

Ellis Hall

Graydon Hall


Mason flew in the air, away from the hovering helicopter. When he broke through the clouds, he saw again just how bad the storm really was.

Mason: Shit!

He went with the wind and started controlling his fall. He knew their outpost was about five miles west, so he put his head in that direction. When he got close to the ground, maybe about two-hundred yards, he grasped his chute and pulled the string, opening the parachute. The wind ruffled it hard and pushed him down, but his fall was slow enough. When he reached the ground, his feet landed with a loud thud and he tucked himself into a small ball. He rolled down the steep rocky hill as the rocks dug into his back. When he hit the bottom of the hill, he felt an agonizing, sharp, stabbing pain in his left side, in his ribcage.

Mason: Ow, SON OF A BITCH!

He clutched his side and moaned, then rolled over to see what had happened. When he rolled, the pain worsened and he heard a soft squishing sound and screamed in agony. He looked and saw a gaping bloody hole in his left side. A rock covered in blood sat merely six feet from him. He took deep breaths in pain and realized what was going on: It wasn't a snowstorm anymore. There was about two to three feet of snow everywhere, but everything was perfectly calm. He saw a very soft part of snow, where a then line of blood was trickling down the hill, slowly making its way to a large boulder covered with five inches of snow. Mason ripped off his snowcoat and pulled off the leather jacket underneath, then ripped it apart with his hunting knife and tied it tightly around his ribs. He pulled the snowcoat on and then looked up at the sky. It was just as bad as it was at the school. He looked confused. Then, when it came to him, his eyes widened in fear and shock.

Mason: Oh my God...

He was just in the eye of the storm.

The helicopter's rotor blades slowed down and the skids touched down softly on the roof of the gym building. Miller slid open the side doors and hopped out, then slid down the ladder and started making his way towards the main building. Suddenly the storm started to die down. Miller looked around, seeing everything slow down. Eventually it stopped snowing and everything was calm. He looked around at everything, seeing how beautiful it was.

Miller: It's over... It's over? It's over! IT'S OVER IT'S OVER!!! YEAH!!

He started to do a dance and laughed hysterically. He looked at the math building to see Beth, Will, and a woman he had never seen before walking towards him. He laughs and runs over to them, seeing the woman is carrying a cradle.

Miller: Hey man, whassup? How ya doin'- Wait a minute. What's wrong? Where's Summer? Who's this? Is that a BABY?!

They all look at him with very sad and grim looks on their faces.

Will: We'll clear everything up with you later. For now let's just get inside. This is Kameron. The baby's name is Sasha, he's Kameron's kid. Let's go.

Ashlynn: It looks like it's over. Miller's back, but no Mason. Will, Beth, and Summer are coming back.

Dean: That's not Summer.

Ashlynn: What?

Dean: Look at her, Summer's shorter and a little... Thinner. Not that she's fat, far from it. It's just that when you look at Summer, it's like 'Ho- shit that's skinny, damn!' Yeah, she's not fat at all.

Ashlynn: Christ, I get it already!

Dean: Sorry, just sayin'.

Ashlynn: But you're right, that isn't Summer. And what is that lady holding? A cradle?

Dean: I don't know, should we-.

Brealynn: I wanna learn how to shoot!

Dean: I'll get to that in a minute. Brealynn, can you go into my room? Room 203, remember? It's unlocked, just go in there and next to my bed, on the nightstand, there should be my duffel-

Ashlynn: Shit!

Dean: What's going on?

Ashlynn: Look at the clouds!

Dean: Why, what- Oh my God...

Ashlynn: We have to warn them!

Dean: Go, I'll keep Brealynn safe! 

Ashlynn opens the wooden doors and sprints towards WIll and Beth.

Ashlynn: Come on, get inside! IT's JUST THE EYE OF THE STORM!!!

Will's eyes widen in shock and the woman clutches the cradle. Beth pushes his arm and they all start to run.

Will: Get inside, hurry!

Thirty yards away, they feel the wind start to push against them.

Beth: Go!

The wind reaches full force when they reach the door. Snow pours down on them and they open the doors, then run inside and slam the doors. Ashlynn gazes out the window as Will and Beth sit at the edge of the lobby.

Will: Christ. That was close.


Asher peered out the window.

Asher: It's over! Should we start tunneling out?

Joshua: Yeah. I think I wanna get back to my room already.

Jasper: Wait. What do you mean, 'It's over?'

Asher: The storm's all gone. It's completely calm and Will, Beth, and Summer are all walking back to the school. Let's start tunneling!

Asher hops off the stool and grabs a wooden spoon with Joshua while Jasper steps up onto the stool with a worried look on his face. Asher pulls the doors open with Joshua, although they are frozen shut and take a lot of strength. Once they are open, snow piles inside about five feet in, and all the way up to the roof. From the top it slopes down at about a 45 degree angle and comes to a stop at Asher's feet, eight feet in.

Asher: Let's go.

Joshua: Yeah, I'm sick of this building already.

They start to chisel at the rock-hard snow with their smooth wooden spoons. They chip out a little circular tunnel about a foot in and then Joshua slides himself in and starts to chip away at the ice.

Joshua: I'll tell you when I get tired so you can take my shift.

He chips at it for about two minutes until Asher takes his shift. He slides in and sees that Joshua tunneled out about nine feet in. Asher starts to chip at it and pushes the spoon into the ice. Suddenly Jasper screams:

Jasper: Oh shit!

Joshua: Asher, get outta there!

Asher: What is it?

Jasper: The storm's just getting to the middle! IT'S JUST THE EYE OF THE STORM!!!

Asher: Shit!

He pushes off the wet slippery ice and scrambles out of the tunnel. They hear the wind grow back up and then their tunnel collapses, leaving nothing left of their work.

'Asher'That was so close.

Jasper: I knew it was just the eye cause of the sky. If you look at the clouds, it's still just as bad.

Joshua: Let's just hope this ends soon.

Mason dove into a small cave that went into the bottom of the mountain for about two yards. He slid himself in and waited. When the storm started back up, he ran out towards the cover of the trees. When he got into the forest, it was a little better, but still really bad. He wound his way through the trees, working his way towards the camp. Soon he heard faint gunshots coming from deeper into the forest. He ran through and plowed his way over snow and around trees. When the gunshots got really loud, he turned to the left and ran for twenty seconds, then reached a wall made of cloth attatched to a bamboo pole above. He then saw that they had made squares of bamboo poles and put cloth in each square and used it to form a wall around their camp. Not very safe, Mason though. He realized the cloth was pulled taut so nothing could get in. He stomped in the snow a bit and then slid himself under, but saw a chain link fence with about fifty soldiers behind it firing at slow-moving walkers coming at them. He climbed over as there was no barbed wire and then landed on the ground, but felt a worse pain in his side than before. He clutched it but then pulled out his six-shooter revolver he found in the helicopter. He ran to the soldiers and saw a commander behind them ordering them where to shoot.

Mason: Hey! I'm the guy on the radio, I came to help!

Man: I recognize you, Private Mason! It's me, Commander Whitman! Now pull your head out of your ass and start shooting! These things formed a God damned layer of ice around their heads, they're practically invincible! Six shots to the head seems to do it!

Mason: I got it, sir!

Mason started to shoot at the oncoming walkers. When Whitman pointed towards another far side of the camp where more walkers were breaching the defenses, one grabbed him from behind.

Whitman: AGHHGG!! SHIT! HELP ME!!!

Mason: Shit!

He ran to Whitman and pried the walker off of him, then stamped his head down into brains. He pulled up Whitman, but saw he had a deep round blood mark on his shoulder, where his hand clutched. It was too late. He pulled out his two pistols and looked at Mason, then nodded.

Mason: I'm so sor-

Whitman: Mason! Don't you ever be sorry! Take good care of these men, and for Christ's sake- LOOK BEHIND YOU!

Mason turned around to see a walker almost on top of him. He pushed him away when he grabbed him and fired three rounds into his thick skull. When he toppled over Mason saw that when he stomped the snow in, he created an opening for the walkers, so several walkers were now approaching from behind. He looked at Commander Whitman.

Whitman: I already said it once. Take care of these men, they're in your command now. He sprints towards the walkers and shoved his men out of the way, then started firing both pistols at the herd as he got dangerously close and dove into the croud, screaming.

Whitman: AMERICA!!!

His men started screaming their battle cries and charged forward, but Mason remembered the walkers behind them.

Mason: Behind us you ASSHOLES!!!

Soldier: Oh shit! LOOK OUT!

They all turned around and started to fire. Mason sighed in exhaustion and facepalmed.


The soldiers didn't listen and kept firing. Suddenly the walkers reached their backs and gave about twenty soldiers a chomp. The soldiers were broken. They scattered everywhere, breaking their ranks and creating complete chaos. Mason stamped down in frustration and fired his remaining three shots and a walker attacking a man. Suddenly the walkers started getting their heads blown off without even being shot. The soldiers looked confused. Three of them were with Mason, staring intently on the walkers turning around and walking away. When enough were killed, it revealed a familiar sight to Mason, who smiled.

Graydon: Well don't just stand there, kill 'dem assholes!

The men all started to fire until there were only about twenty walkers left. Graydon shot some and then they were all dead. The remaining soldiers looked around. There are only sixteen left.

Mason: That was close. Who's the highest ranked soldier here?

Soldier: That would be me, sir!

Mason: Alright then, you. Before Whitman died, he left me in charge of y'all. But now I'm leaving that to you. Good luck, sir.

They saluted to each other and Mason turned around, then started walking out of the camp. Graydon looked at the soldiers, confused, then threw his arms up in the air.

Graydon: You're welcome!

Graydon turned away, slung his shotgun over his shoulder, and caught up with Mason.

Graydon: So you picked up the signal too, huh?

Mason: Yeah.

Graydon: How is them group, huh? My daughter okay? Willis?

Mason: Oh... This huge snowstorm isn't as bad over here but at the school it's chaos. They're just passing through the eye of the storm right now, so I don't know how it's going. Umm... At one point, the miniature gym's roof collapsed while Ellis went in there... She, she-...

He couldn't go any further. He squeezed his eyes shut and stopped walking, then broke out into a single sob.

Graydon: God damnit, get your ass up!

Mason stood up and Graydon set his hand on his shoulder, panicking and growled at Mason.

Graydon: It's not your God damned fault, son. Now- Did. You. See. Her. Body?

Mason: No, we- No one went in there yet.

Graydon: Why the hell not?

Mason: For fear that the rest would come down.

Graydon: Well no matter what you say now, I'm coming to that school and I'm staying there. Even after we find her- ALIVE- I'm still staying. I could use a change, plus that cabin isn't exactly the most reliable place to stay. Now hurry your ass up!

Mason nods and starts jogging towards the school.

Will's head is buried in his hands. Beth and Kameron are looking in shock.

Will: So you're telling me that Ellis could be dead? And you NEVER looked for her? What the hell?

Dean: We never went because the rest of the roof could come down on any of us. We're sorry, but we don't know what else to do.

Miller: I'm sure she's fine, Will. She's one tough bitch.

Will: That doesn't matter! IT ONLY TAKES ONE SLIP-UP!

Dean: She's fine!

Ashlynn: We'll look for her now, we never know until we find out!


Miller: Will, I get it, you're traumatized by the whole incident you told us about in the math building, and I would be too, but you have to start thinking rationally. We'll find Ellis, but only if you keep your head!

Suddenly the door opened and two men ran in, then slammed it shut. Mason pulled off his hood, bandana, and beanie.

Mason: Everything went well. Guess who came with me? Wait- IS THAT A BABY?! Who's this?

Will: Oh whoop-dee-do, another new person to make my day better. I'll explain later, Mason, now who the hell are you, asswipe?

Graydon: Watch your tone when you're talkin' to me, brotha', you know 'dis.

Graydon pulls off his facemask and glares at Will. Will gets up in shock and nods at his brother. They share a brotherly embrace, then Graydon looks at Will.

Graydon: Quit whining like a pussy and let's go find Ellis.

He gives Will a small smack on the cheek and pulls a flashlight from his pocket, then looks at Will again.

Graydon: Well go on, lead the way! I don't know where the hell this place leads to.

Mason: I'm coming.

Miller: Me too.

Beth: Kameron and I'll watch Sasha.

Dean: Me, Ashlynn, and Brealynn'll watch the door, make sure everything goes well. Be careful.

Will: Always.

The four walk down the hallway towards the gym room.


  • Several Soldiers
  • Commander Whitman


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