Will3947 here. Just for the hell of it we've prepared an ending to Death Among Us, if we need it, which we might. Enjoy the best twist created in the entire series.


One Week LaterEdit

In the trio's office, Riley hands Will a large stapled packet, a list of cities and thier coordinates to firebomb. Out of the 12,000 hotwired US warheads, only 64 will be used today.

Will: Are you positive these are the cities you want?

Riley: Absolutely. 

Suddenly Jackson kicks open the door, (which has a lot of boot marks by the way) and pops his head inside.

Jackson: Here, hand me the papers, I'll take care of it.

Jackson grabs the bundle of papers from Riley then leaves the office.

Will: Order 64, is ready. One week.

Three Days LaterEdit

Late at night, while all the civillians are asleep in thier trailers, all 128 US Army, USAF, and USMC soldiers flock to the spare hangar, where Will and Jackson plan to tell everyone the news. The soldiers all file in, then sit down staring at the stage, where Will, Jackson and Riley stand. Will is dressed head to toe in his fancy military blues, cavalry sword, cowboy hat and all, while Jackson is dressed in his blues as well. Riley also is, but is leaning against the wall, with aviators on, smoking a cigar, not saying a thing.

Will: Gentlemen, since the dawn of time, humanity has only survived in it's purest form. That's why homo saipeans dominated the neandrathals so many years ago, why the lion eats the gazelle, and so on, and so forth. Now, as the coming of the end of humanity, it seems that the so-called Undead are the assumed pure ones. This however, is not the end of humanity. As the way God created us, we fight for our kind. So, as I speak, our C130's and F15's are spreading the word to the world. This is it. We're all going to die.

Several murmurs of fright and mutterings of shock emerged from the crowd.

Will: Then, by god, I tell you. A strain of the virus was all of us. It's airborne. And to make things worse, a horde in the millions from south america, is on thier kill us all.

From the crowd, a young USAF female cadet stands, to adress Will.

Cadet: Wait a minute, why are we doing this? Just to get rid of them or something? I'm really confused, why was this ranshackle of a base even built?

Will: To keep us busy.

Cadet: What you mean?

Will: In 2007 I was a helicopter pilot in rural Thailand. We were a small mountain base headed by Jackson's father. We were told directly from the US president to travel the remote northern countryside, into Laos, to burn settlements and kill everyone. We were trying to start a civil war, blaming northern insurgents, so the US, backed by the rest of the world, could storm in and occupy Bangkok. Why? Escalating tensions with North Korea and China pushed us to place weapon bunkers, nuclear warhead silos and sub bases all around them. Of course we could've just persuaded Thailand to help us, and produce nukes, but no one thought of it. So, to hide all of us who participated, they created two warhead stations in Idaho and Montana, where you all came from. Also known as Whitney AFO, and Pratt AFO.

Cadet: So basically you were placed here for the rest of your military service, to hide what you knew?

Will: Pretty much.

The young woman just nods, then sits down. Later, an older, tougher US Army sargent stands up, and walks to Will, directly on the stage.

Sargent: I have an idea. You know Vancouver Island? Canadian HAM radio broadcasts sugguest the undead swam off the island, or waddled along the seashore or whatever, and no one lives on the island anymore. But that was a year ago, so, it might've changed. The undead are on our way, we need to save them, as best we can.

Will: ....I kinda like that idea. Anyone else?

No one responds.

Will: Alright, that'll work. We'll tell everyone tomorrow morn' and send 'em out. Dismissed.

The Morning, 0645.Edit

Will, flanked by Riley, Jackson, and Col. Kyle, walk down the hallways of the command tower, to the radio room where a private sits at a table, broadcasting music all day. They step inside, and close the door behind the gaggle. The private gets up from his couch, then salutes.


Will: At ease, sound the raid siren, and hand me the microphone.

DJ:  Yessir!

The Dj walks to the recording table where all the equipment and records are, then cuts the record player off, then slams a metal switch across. The lights go out, then an old Army air raid siren begins to blare, followed by red flashing lights. He slides the microphone to Will, who picks it up and pushes the button down.

Will: Attention ALL Fort Cessna civillian personnel. We have, quite possibly detected a large horde of the undead in the millions within 25 miles of the fort. You have until 0700, until the civillian control gates will be opened, then the side door to the tarmac. Three C130's will be waiting, to take you to the evacuation zone. We only have 200 spots avalible, out of 361 of you. Gather your things, enough to carry in a small bag, and, for the love of god, hurry. Col. Hall, out.

Will turns to Col. Kyle, who then turns to Riley, who turns to Jackson, who smiles, then a quick silence is heard, followed by screaming and general uproar.

Jackson: I knew those pathetic bastards would scramble.

At the gate, Ashlynn, holding Brealynn's hand, is standing next to Beth, Ellis, Erika, Kameron, Jasper, Joshua, Graydon, Lady, Echo, Wallace, Tigris, Mark, Tyler, McKayla, and Peter, behind the crowd, in complete disbelief. At the gate seperating the trailers, the hundreds upon hundreds of civillians pile up, scrambling at the gate, waiting for the 6 military policemen to open them. A man raises a small derringer at the officers, then shoots at one of them, killing him. The third private on the right pulls his Beretta from his thigh, then shoots the man, followed by another, trying to cut the lock.

Third Private: Back, you filthy, fucking ANIMALS!

Officer: 9 MINUTES!

Ashlynn: 9 Minutes left, honey! Come on!

Brealynn: I'm scared!

Ellis: Do what you wish, I ain't going! Not without Mason!

Graydon: Ellis, you are getting on that airplane, no matter what! You're a young girl, they'll let you on no questions asked!

Joshua: Jasper, Wallace, on me. We're gonna cut the fence down the side, we need to get out of here.

Jasper: Are you fuckin' insane? They'll mow us down!

Wallace: It's a risk I'm willing to take to live. There are five hundred of us, maybe less. We can't fight a million undead!

Joshua: Whatever Jasper, we're going.

Joshua and Wallace walk down the fence line, and Joshua pulls out his buck knife. On a weak part of the fence seamed to the wall, he begins to cut the fencing, enough for him and Wallace to slide through. They dive behind a small sandbag embankment, then wait for the soldiers to open the gates, where they'd make a dash.

Officer: 5 Minutes!

People begin to panick and scream, slamming on the fencing, trying to climb over.

Officer: Animals I tell you. ANIMALS!

A woman with a pair of bolt cutters is ontop the fence, cutting at the barbed wire, so people can climb. The officer shouts, then pulls the tazer from his pocket, and shoots the line at her. She jolts and screams, then falls, just as the tazer slips from the officer's hands, retracting it over to the civillians. Beth notices it, then rips the prongs from the woman's face, and reloads the springs. It might be useful to knock down some soldiers in the way. The air raid siren continues to blare, and the emergency lights continue to go off. The sun is barely over the mountains, and people are already screaming and losing their shit.

Ashlynn: Breallyn, get on my back!

Ashlynn grabs Brealynn, and pulls her up onto her back. They're prepared to sprint to the airplanes. Ashlynn has nothing, not even her belongings, or Asher's necklace, or even a gun. Beth just looks crookedly at the guards, with the tazer, and shoots it across the fence. It hits a private, who shudders and falls to the ground. The officer, bends down to the private, the only one with a gun, and rips it from his holster, then fires into the crowd. The private shakes his head, then gets back up. After 6 shots into the crowd, he couldn't hit Beth once, only innocent people. This was a madhouse. He looks down at his pocketwatch, then gasps.

Officer: 30 SECONDS!

The crowd begans to scream at the top of thier lungs. In the distance, the furthest trailer begins to burn, probably from a dropped cigarette. This isn't going to end well. In the distance, on the corner fort cannon, civillians climb on it, trying to shoot down the gate. Suddenly, a gunshot is heard, and one falls to the ground, then another, and another, and finally, the last one. The snipers got them.


The two privates on the door release the drawbridge ropes, which slam the gate onto the ground, and civllians begin to pile over each other like scared sheep, and also climb over the military equipment, through the fields, and over everything to the side gate behind the command tower, to the gate to the C130's. In the panic, the military slips off to the command tower, slamming the heavy metal doors behind them. Outside on the tarmac, the two military men guarding the gate are slaughtered, and the doors flung open. Standing by the three C130's are two soldiers at the side door, to load everyone in. An officer walks by, handing out Pythons.

Officer: Use them only if you have to. Good luck, and godspeed gentlemen.

As the crowd begins to scream and slam everyone over, the computer controlling the side doors close the door at 205 people, sealing the rest inside. While they scream and flounder, the officers and soldiers can only watch, from the command tower and barracks, as the panicked individuals scream and panick, all like madmen.

At the tarmac, the three birds, parked in a line, begin to load people on. C130 -1 is completely swarmed, while the intelligent few go to the other airplanes. The soldiers on the first airplane are swarmed, only letting on women and children first.


The panicked masses begin to swarm the airplane, trampling the two soldiers guarding it. One of them dies, but the other, gets up and closes the door, when the airplane reaches capacity. The remainder of the crowd, begins to run toward the others, like ants with a flooded nest. One man, before leaving, strips the dead soldier of Revolver and knife, before running to C130 -3. At that airplane, it was relatively calm. The soldiers were loading on women and children first, then the men. Except for this man, he ran back to C130 -2 and shot the two guards. Everyone screamed, and began to pile over each other, then the airplane left with 25 over capacity, after the guards were murdered, a few good people closed the doors. The last C130 was at 27 out of 80 people. A panicked gentlemen, closed the doors on the remaining 80 or so people outside. Many had climbed the walls to get to the airplanes. Before the guards could try and stop the man and open the doors, the soldiers had to leave. It was 0715. Inside the fort, those who could not climb the walls began to pound on the command tower door. 250 evacuated properly, 100 fled the fort, in an immense panick, and the remaining 200 or so, began to plead. With god, with the military, or just plead, to whoever. This was the utter truth. Humanity had been done in, and the world was going to end. The air raid siren still played, but in the panick, many''''' lights had been shot out, or smashed. The first 6 trailers were ablaze, and the fire wouldn't stop there. At least it didn't have anywhere else to go. All the buildings beyond were metal and brick. From the command tower window, Jackson, Riley, and Will watched the three C130's to carry on humanity, fly away. Will poured himself a glass of brandy, then poured some to Jackson and Riley. In the offices, the three sat, awaiting thier fate, at thier desks. Here they would die, at thier posts. This is it.

Jackson: Well, we had a good run, didn't-

Jackson doesn't finish his scentence, until RIley pulled a flintlock pistol from his desk, and fired. Jackson's head basically moved five feet, onto the wall, in a thousand little pieces.

Riley: No more of this. I'm not just gonna lay around and die, okay? We're gonna fight. To the bitter end. We still have time to prepare. To let those civvies out, to let them be free. To fortify, to arm the tanks, the howitzers, the helicopters, the tanks. I'm not gonna stand around here and die.

Will: Dude, give it up! We're dead! There's 100 of us! We cant kill a million!


Will: You know what? You're right.

Will pushes a button on his desk, and the back door opens. The civllians all run out, without thinking.

Will: Get the men ready. This is it.


To be revealed at the end of Endgame...


What a Gung-ho way for the Army to go out, huh?


Book of Redemption

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