Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Erika was a kind college student before the apocalypse began. She was always with her best friend, partying or studying. She loved helping people in need and often contributed to Habitat for Humanity. 


Erika was with her best friend, eating brunch at a local diner. Suddenly a man walked in and started trying to bite

Erika Munnyey studying.

people as he was screaming his head off. Erika and her friend barely escaped. They packed backs and went off on their own. They went from group to group, often leaving because it was getting too crazy. After a month they finally left La Grande. While searching a gas station for supplies, they were attacked and Erika's friend was killed. Erika was shaken up, she very narrowly escaped. She never trusted people for months, until she was nearly starving to death and a man found her on the road. He fed her and kept her safe. A few weeks later, he sacrificed himself to a herd to save her. She went on her own for a month after that, until she found Capitol Hill High School. The people there were kind enough to let her stay.