This is the story of how Maddie Stratten reached the house in the beginning of the outbreak.


Joshua and Maddie ran. They ran down the road, holding hands. Joshua thought for a moment, then let go. He let go of her hand, stopped running, and then turned around, facing the horde of undead. He pulled out his hammer from his back pocket.

Maddie: Joshua!!!

Joshua: I'll be fine! Just go! Get out of here!

The undead close around Joshua. He swings his hammer killing one. He turns around and kills another. He turns around again and kills another, then kicks its body aside. The undead get even closer to him, blocking Maddie's sight of him.

Maddie: Noo!!!!!!!!

Several of the undead turn around, seeing Maddie, and began to limp towards her. She screams, then continues to run down the road. Up ahead, she sees the road end, and she spots a paved road with a car on it. She gathers her energy, then begins to sprint madly towards the car. When she saw the car, a dead man was inside, a bullet through the windshield into his head, and a rifle in his hand. She squirms, then grabs his feet by his pants, and dragged the body out of the car. She turns around, then vomits on the pavement. She pryies his hands open and takes the rifle. Maddie gets inside the car, turns the ignition, then sighs with relief when the car starts. She sets the parking brake, then begins to drive down the country road. Above, sixteen A-10 Thunderbolts fly thirty feet above the air. The noise roars in Maddie's ear, making her scream. She turns onto another road, where a military roadblock stood. The cement barriers were cracked, the tank at the barrier was smoking, and the humvee was crushed at the front. Maddie gasped, when on the other side of the barrier, several soldiers were laying dead on the pavement, all chewed open. 

Maddie turned down the suburban road, to where she saw her house. She walked inside, then went to her kitchen. Maddie opened the pantry and grabbed several cans of food. She opens a kitchen drawer, and pulls a large meat cleaver from the drawer. Maddie stepped outside, only to see the car gone.

Maddie: No! No! This can't happen!

???: It just did.

Maddie jumped with fright, and turned around to see a woman with orange hair holding an M4, aimed directly at her. 

Maddie: Don't shoot! Please!

Woman: Who are you?

Maddie: Maddie Stratten. Who-

Woman: I'm Emma. Come with me. 

Emma and Maddie walk across the street and climb through a fence, where they reach a backyard, where an elderly lady sat on a chair.

Lady: you need some help?

Maddie: Yes...I need a place to stay, I'm lost, and confused, and...I don't know what to husband's...gone.

Lady: You can stay as long as you like dear. We'll wait it out.


Maddie Stratten