This is the story of how Nathan Jackson reached the house in Season 1.


Nathan turned around the corner. He was a retired Navy SEAL and was carrying a pistol at his side. He had a

Nathan Jackson before the outbreak.

permit so he was allowed to carry a gun in public to protect himself. Awhile ago a cop had asked him why and he told him for self defense and showed him the permit. The cop seemed fine with it but was keeping an eye on Nathan. He pased by a diner and glanced through the window, seeing a television showing more "Breaking News" of people eating each other. Bullshit, he thought. It's all a scam. Nothing like this is ever remotely possible to happening. He kept jogging, until he rounded a corner and slammed into a man, knocking him flat on the ground.

Nathan: Oh, Jesus Christ, I'm sorry. Y'all right?

Nathan reached his hand out to help the man up, but he pushed himself up. Nathan lowered his hand. He was about to apologize again before the man turned around and screamed. He was growling and was covered in blood.

Nathan: Oh, shit!

He grabbed the pistol and instantly shot the man square in the forehead. He sighed and looked around. No cars were near and he didn't see any people close. He looked at the man and then heard screaming from a block away.

Nathan: Shit!

He raised his gun up in the air in a surrendering manner and walked through the alleyway, hearing sirens. He walked out to the other side, expecting to see police waiting for him, but instead saw chaos. There were cars blazing through everywhere, people screaming, more people like the man, gunshots ringing out, blood flying through the air, and people beating others in with bats or lead pipes. Nathan gasped.

Nathan: Holy shit.

He turned around and started running towards his house. After 15 minutes he burst inside and slammed the door, the nran to the telephone, having a panic attack. He was going to turn himself in for kiling that man. There was no way he could live with himself. He dialed 911 and waited, but it started ringing. Did police lines usually ring? What the hell? It kept ringing, then told him a voicemail box had not been set up yet. He slammed the phone down and sighed, then accepted the fact that the apocalypse was here. He spent an hour packing supplies, then stepped outside and started walking down the road. He passed into the poor side of town and saw a plane flying straight towards the ground far into the distance.

Nathan: What the hell are they doing?

Smoke started coming out the back of the plane. It was an A10-Warthog. He saw it pulled up just too late and the plane crashed, flipping and flopping over 200 meters. He stared, eyes wide, and then kept walking. He walked for hours until he passed by a large house, but still not a very good one. It was in the middle of nowhere! He ran down the hill, planning to go past the house, but heard a voice.

Voice: Come here, son, we have food! Come on! It's dangerous out there.

Nathan looked to see an old woman beckoning towards him. He walked over and stepped inside, then set the backpack down. He saw two other women as well.

Nathan: Thank you. I had to kill a man out there.

Woman 1: We've all had to...

Woman 2: I killed a man out there... I used to be a maid for him...

Nathan: I'm sorry. I'm Nathan.

Woman 1: Emma.

Woman 2: Lauren.

Old Woman: And I'm Analee. Come, boy, I'll make you some soup.

Emma looked at the door before following them into the kitchen.