Lauren Faunre

This is the story of how Laruen Faunre got to the house in the beginning of the apocalypse.


Lauren dusted off the old oak mantelpiece.

Lauren: There we go!

It had been a long day, but she had finally finished. She was a local neighborhood maid and would clean and dust houses for people. Lately she had been hearing crazy stories on the news, like cases of cannibalism and roaring people going mad. She wasn't worried, though, because usually nothing like that ever happens here in Boise. Worst case scenario there'll be some asshole teenager making crap up and thinking it was funny, but nobody was ever killed here. She liked where she lived, and didn't want to change it. So she stayed and cleaned houses, enjoying her job very much. This day, however, was not to be one of her best days. This is where it started. In came the owner of the house, Joseph Barker. He wa san old, kind man, at age seventy four. He was only the third oldest patient she worked for.

Joseph: Wow, Lauren, you've done a nice job!

Lauren shrugged.

Lauren: Just trying to help out.

Joseph: Oh, you've done more than help out. Old fart like me, I couldn't do half of the stuff you do for me!

Lauren chuckled.

Lauren: Well, I'll be going Mr. Barker. I'll see you next Thursday!

Lauren picked up her dustpan and clipped the hook to her apron. She smiled at Joseph and started to walk out the front door, but he stopped her.

Joseph: Lauren!

She turned around.

Lauren: Yes?

He smiled at her and beckoned with his stubby pointer finger.

Joseph: You're forgetting your paycheck again.

She shrugged and walked back to him, tripping in her high heels.

Joseph: Oop! You okay?

He grabbed her arm gently as he spoke and helped her keep her balance. She chuckled and he smiled. He let go of her arm and pulled out a checkbook from his pocket. He reached into his breast pocket and tugged out a light blue pen. He scribbled out $50 and his signiature, then her name and ripped off the thin paper. He smiled as he handed it to her. He dropped the checkbook into his pocket and tucked in the pen, making his shirt sleeve pull back, revealing a dark red mark on his forearm. Lauren gasped when she saw it.

Lauren: What happened, are you okay?

Joseph: Oh, yes, some man just went crazy when I was out on my walk. He tried to bite me but barely broke skin. Luckily a local cop was able to help me. It looks like the officer got nipped too, but I'm sure we'll both be fine.

Lauren looked at him, worried, remembering the cases of cannibalism on the news. She looked at him and smiled.

Lauren: Well, feel better. I'll see you next week Mr. Barker!

She waved and hopped into her Volkswagen, driving off. Her last house for the day was her second oldest patient, Analee Elsenbeck, at age seventy-six. She cleaned the house, got her check, and went to bed. The rest of the week went well, with no more of her patients being bitten. But the only thing that worried her was Mr. Barker. He usually called her every Saturday to check in on her and chat, although this weekend that was not the case. So she went on with life until next Thursday. When she showed up at Joseph's house, she walked to the door, seeing he had not mowed his lawn that week, which was strange. She knocked and waited, then knocked again. After ten minutes of waiting she turned the unlocked handle and stepped inside.

Lauren: Mr. Barker?

She stepped into the dining room and continued to call his name.

Lauren: Mr. Barker!! Mr. Barker? Hey Mr. Barker, you there?

She never got a response and decided he was out on his walk or getting money from the bank. After all, she was about fifteen minutes late due to Mrs. Julia spilling her juice and her long grass. So Lauren forgot about looking for him and started to clean the house. After it was free of dust she heard small whimpy bangs coming from Joseph's door to his bedroom. She eased her hand off the dustpan and started to walk towards it. When she got there, she whimpered softly:

Lauren: Mr. Barker?

And that's when it turned to chaos. Whimpy thumps became loud pounding and the door splintered. Lauren jumped back and picked up his walking stick which was leaning against the bathroom. She started to tear up and quickly opened the door, only to see the large body of a dark skinned, yellow-eyed Joseph Barker. He stumbled on top of her and she screamed.

Lauren: Please! Stop!

But to no avail. She elbowed his gut as he reached his rotted teeth to her shoulder. He growled and screamed as the two struggled in the tight hallway. She writhed and wiggled, until they slammed into the large grandfather clock with immense force. It began to tip and she screamed as she rolled to the side, placing Joseph's head where it would land. Just as his teeth met the thin silky apron, the body of the clock slammed on top of his head. It erupted into brains and blood and black fluids, splattering all over Lauren. She sighed and gasped, finally out of his hard grip, catching her breath. She began to hyperventilate and scooted away as fast as she could, until her back was pressed against the wall. She began to cry as she noticed the dark red and black fluids slowly pooling towards her. She got up and ran outside, then hopped into her Volkswagen and began to drive to her next patient, Analee's house. She drove as fast as she could and passed several more people going crazy, who started to chase after her car. She quickly pulled up to Analee's house and ran towards the door, followed by a dozen dead people. She began to bang on the door and scream for help when all of a sudden a red-headed woman opened it, aiming an M4 at Lauren's face. She realized Lauren wasn't crazy and pulled her in, then stepped outside and began to unload. After they were all dead, she stepped back inside.

Woman: Who are you?

Lauren: M- I'm- I'm Lauren, I'm Analee's maid. I came to make sure she's alright, is she okay?

Analee walked into the living room.

Analee: Oh, Lauren, you're okay!

Analee ran and hugged her, then looked at her eyes.

Analee: You come to the kitchen now, I'll make you some tea and you can get yourself cleaned up.

Analee walked away and Lauren looked at the strange woman.

Lauren: Thank you so much.

She shook her head: no problem.

Woman: My name's Emma. We'll let you know what's going on after you get cleaned up. I'll see you in a minute.

Lauren's eyes widened at "We'll let you know what's going on." This was not good at all.