Emma Walton

This is the first episode of 'The Beginning of the End.' This episode features Emma Walton and how she reached the house.


Emma lightly turned the steering wheel to the left, swerving through the air.

Emma: Woooo-hooo! Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

She was above a large field in the countryside. She was a member of the US Red Cross and was flying her A-10 Warthog for fun, a few miles from her house in the countryside. No one lived here that she knew of, so she decided to fly for fun. Weird stories had been on the news, like people cannibalizing and stuff. It scared her pretty bad, but she mostly shrugged it off. As she swerved with a right turn, she remembered that day in Iraq when she was hit. Her Blackhawk was hit that day, and she went down with it. She survived the crash, but suffered both physical and mental pain. She lost all of her friends and wasn't ever the same. Today she thought, "May as well have fun alone if there's no one else to have fun with." So she went outside, strapped herself in, and flew the plane. She started diving the plane at the ground and waited, tensing her shoulders.

Emma: And... Here... We... GO!

The plane was merely fifty yards away from the soft, muddy ground. She pulled up on the stick, missing the ground by about three feet. She screamed in joy and went up for another round. The Warthog came thundering down and she pulled up at the last second, missing the ground by even less than before. She decided she was donw with the daredevil crap and swerved back and forth. After about ten more minutes, she pulled up.

Emma: Alright, just one more time... Then it's quits.

She flies up at the dark grey clouds and twists the plane around. She comes up above the clouds, not able to see the ground anymore. Deciding this is high enough, she swerves back around and comes barreling down at the ground. She is higher than she thought. As she focuses on the right time, the plane shudders.

Emma: What the-?

The plane shakes and rattles as she realizes what's happening: the engine is failing. She starts to panic and looks at the oncoming earth.

Emma: Oh, shit, oh no, oh no!

She stomps on the steel footpads and pulls as hard as she can on the stick.

Emma: OH, FU-!!

Her hands shake and the plane pulls up, but it is too late. The nose brushes the ground and the plane flips. It flips and flops about one-hundred yards over the large field, throwing her around inside the cockpit and knocks her unconcious. The wet dirt tears up, and the plane comes to a stop. Rain starts to drop, and thunder booms overhead. Water pours down upon the plane, where Emma lies unconcious.

After about twenty hours, she opens her eyes. Dry blood is crusted over her left eye and she wipes it off, seeing nothing but the murky clouds. She groans and tries to turn over, but is stuck. She gets her bearings and examines her position. The plane is upside-down, the roof smashed in. It is so dented in that she is stuck between the headrest of her seat and the roof. She looks at the cracked windshield and then sees her purse lying a few feet away, its contents scattered all over. She sees her small hand mirror a few feet away and pulls off her belt. She lunges it to the mirror and it wraps itself around the handle. She yanks the belt back and grabs the mirror. Staring into it, she gasps. She sees her face, covered in blood, her lip gashed, and the left eye swollen to hell. Blood runs down her neck and she sees her emergency knife behind her seat. The duct tape around the sheath has come off, detatching it from the roof of the plane. She grabs the sheated knife and unbuttons the tight case. She pulls out her knife and reaches it behind her back. It catches on the headrest and she rips it the rest of the way through. She goes back and forth with the knife along the leather headrest until it eventually comes off. She crawls away from the cockpit and lies down. She looks around, seeing the dented plane. Mud covers most of the windshield, which is cracked.

Emma: Well... Shit.

She gets on her knees and crawls to the windshield, hearing rain pounding on the heavy steel. She holds the knife and slams the handle into the thick glass. It does very little, but cracks it a bit more.

Emma: Come on...

She rams the iron end of the handle into the windshield over and over again, until eventually part of it shatters. She hits around it and repeats the process so she can crawl out without cutting herself. After it is almost all gone, she reaches in her purse and pulls out her small Pocket Protector. She puts it in her pocket and crawls out the windshield. She falls on the ground and is covered in mud. She looks around to get her bearings and tries to find her house. After a minute of searching, she finally sees someone walking towards her from about one-hundred yards away.

Emma: Hey, over here! Help me, please!

She starts jogging to the person until she sees the blood and flesh on the man's teeth.

Emma: Please, talk to me!

He growls and limps towards her.

Emma: Oh no, you're one of them, aren't you? The guys on the news!

She couldn't believe this was happening to her. She pulls out the sharp emergency knife from the case she is holding and looks at the oncoming man, who is screaming and panting.

Emma: Please, don't make me do this!

The man screams and tackles her to the ground, on top of her. She screams and tries to shove his head away, but ends up stabbing him on accident. She gasps and pants, getting out from under him. She starts to cry and looks at the man.

Emma: I'm so sorry!

She gets it together and starts to run in the direction she thinks her house is. Really, she is running towards Boise, although she doesn't know it.

After she reaches the city, she gasps.

Emma: God damn it-... AGH!

She kicks a rock out of anger when she realizes she was going the wrong way the whole time. She hears groaning and turns around, only to see two walkers coming at her. She runs into the city and turns off into a crappy neighborhood. She hears yelling nearby and starts running to the noise. She leaves the neighborhood and reaches an empty space, except for an old house on the side of a dirt road. Beautiful flowers sit in the garden and Emma runs to the house. By the flowers, and old lady is standing there, yelling and shouting at a woman walker. The woman screams and lunges at the old lady, but Emma quickly tackles her to the ground and stabs the back of her head.

Woman: Oh, my!

Emma: Get in your house, now!

The lady hobbles with Emma and slams the door shut. 

Emma: What's your name?

Woman: Analee. Have you seen a young teenager running around? He's my grandson, his name's David.

Emma: Sorry, I haven't seen him. I'm Emma. Hold on, listen.

Emma presses her ear against the door and listens. She hears nothing.

Emma: They didn't follow me here. We're safe.

Analee looks at Emma and sees her wounds.

Analee: Oh, dear. We need to get you cleaned up. Would you like to stay here for the night until this mess gets sorted out?

Emma smiled.

Emma: Thank you. I'd like that.

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