Emma was a US Army Red Cross veteran, battle hardened and had an advanced medical experience. Emma serverd in operation Iraqi Freedom, where her Black Hawk was hit. Emma lost

Emma Walton

all of her friends in that wreck and never seemed the same. She didn't turn completely insane like other people did, she just had a lower mood. Will and Emma met briefly on Gowen AFB during the 9/11 attacks and actually did a co-operative mission on stopping a mercernary attack. Emma and Will weren't very close but they just repsected each other.


Emma was flying her A-10 Warthog for fun when she encountered engine failure and had to land on a field. Emma walked to a house she saw for help but the old lady there (Analee) told her what was going on and beckoned her to stay.


  • Emma was the only woman with a military career in the group.
  • Emma and Will are the only group members who knew each other but don't have a relationship.
  • Emma had the first line of all the characters in the series in episode 1.
  • Emma was the first to reach the house.