Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Elijah was a happy guy living with Delayne(his wife), two sons, and a daughter before the dead came back. He was a

Elijah Monroe

heavyweight wrestler and worried his wife every single day. Finally, he quit his job and became one of the people at the Apple store. He then came home every day to a nice, loving family. One day while he was at work he got a phone call from the hospital saying his wife was injured in a car wreck. This sent him into a rage and he drove speedily to the hospital, running red lights and chased by a cop. He refused to pull over when the cop followed him and was arrested at the hospital. After he got out of jail, he went to find his family. As soon as he got home, he hugged his wife and his kids. On his first day back at work a crazy man came tumbling in. Eli watched his fellow colleagues get eaten and left home in a hurry. When he got back, his eldest son had a bite mark on his shoulder from some crazy guy. The next morning, Elijah woke up to all three of his children trying to kill him. He put them all down and hunkered down with Delayne.


Episode 1Edit

Elijah was naturally calm and respected by the others. He was angry when Bryson was riling up the walkers and thought Sean needed to calm down. He maintained good relationships with everyone and remained protective of his wife. He was one of the men protecting the group at the door with Willis and Asher.

Episode 2Edit

To be Announced...


  • Elijah is the only character so far with a living family member in the group.