This is Episode 2 of Season 1, the story of Death Among Us.


A group of 19 people was holed up in a house and was attacked by a herd of zombies. Asher killed some and one attacked Willis. Asher tried to save him but Bryson shot it before it could do any harm. Bryson was attacked in a rage by Willis. Eventually he calmed down and got off. Asher trusted him and developed a good relationship. Sean attacked Bryson and attempted to kill him but was stopped by Asher. The group put a vote to leadership. Willis won the vote and told Bryson and Sean to go on the roof and check the walkers out. Willis and Asher don't trust Sean. Bryson alerted the walkers from the roof and was killed violently by Sean, who chopped his leg off and threw him off the roof. Sean was amused by the lone walker eating Bryson's foot.


Asher Lucero

Willis Hall

Elijah Monroe

Sean Creswell

Maddie Stratten

Maddie Smith

Delayne Parra

Ashlynn Taurus

Brooklynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Analee Elsenbeck

Emma Walton

Jordan Gropp

Luan Stephens

Jair Paz

Lauren McBride

Nathan Jackson

Jazmine Guadycan


Willis and Asher glance up at the roof, hearing the screaming.

Will: Damn, what the hell just happened?

Asher: I'll go check it out.

Will: No, I need you here, man. Nathan, Eli, and Luan, you guys go check it out.

Nathan: You got it.

Nathan, Eli, and Luan begin to run up towards the roof.

Will: Luan!

Luan: Yeah?

Will: Sean is dangerous, so I want you to take this.

Will pulls a miniature 12-Gauge shotgun from his backpack and tosses it to Luan.

Will: Take care of her, that's my old Hannah. Keep her safe, she's only got seven rounds left in her.

Luan: No problem.

Luan runs after Nathan and Eli with the shotgun.

Asher: You named your shotgun Hannah?

Will: What else we gonna do in the crazy days?

Asher: Not much, that's for sure. You think they'll be okay?

Will: I don't know. Either Sean killed Bryson or Bryson killed Sean up there. Let's just hope it's the latter. All I know is that I hope Luan brings Hannah back with one less round and one less man.

Asher: I agree.

They sit in silence for about five minutes before they hear the loud boom of the shotgun, followed by a scream and another boom.

Will: What the hell? Why would it take two shots to kill him?

Even after the second shot, they can still hear screaming.

Asher: I was going to say that sometimes it takes more than one shot to kill a man, but not after we still hear screaming. What the hell is going on?

Will: No, one shot from Hannah kills you. She is one tough bitch. And he couldn't have missed because she has a wide damn spread.

Asher: I'm checking it out.

Will: No, I already said I need you here. We'll just stay put because there's three of us and one of him. Sean can't win, especially with Hannah on our side.

Asher: Alright.

Brooklynn jumps away from Ashlynn.

Brooklynn: But Nathan might be hurt! We have to save him from the bad guy!

Will: I'm sorry, I really am, but we have to stay here for now.

Brooklynn: No! Nathan is my friend and we have to save him!

Ashlynn: Brooklynn! Sit down right now!

Brooklynn: No! We have to save him! Nathan is my friend! Remember when he saved me from that guy out in the street? Now I have to save him! Please!

Will: I promise you Nathan will be fine. We just have to give him his space to do what he needs to do. Got it?

Brooklynn, still pouting, nods and sits back down. She keeps glaring at Will.

Will: God, I hope they're back soon.

10 minutes earlier.Edit

Will: Take care of her, that's my old Hannah. Keep her safe, she's only got seven rounds left in her.

Luan: No problem.

Luan runs after Nathan and Eli with the shotgun.

Nathan: Jesus, where did you get that?

Luan: Will let me borrow it. He named it Hannah.

Eli: Whatever, we've gotta see if they're okay.

They get to the door and prepare to bust it open.

On the Roof.Edit

Sean is staring down upon the walkers eating Bryson. He gazes out for about 3 minutes before he hears footsteps outside the door to the roof. He peers over his shoulder and sees the shadow of three men's feet under the door. He runs to the side of the door and waits. Soon the door busts open and Nathan, Luan and Eli come running out. Luan is carrying Will's shotgun.

Nathan: Where the hell is he?

Luan: DAMN! I know he's up here somewhere!

Eli: Wait! They're eating someone down there! And there's blood on the edge of the roof!

Nathan and Luan walk over towards the edge of the roof.

Luan: Yeah, something went down right here. The axe is still lying there, and it's got blood too.

Nathan: Oh, Jesus! Check it out, guys! That one walker is eating a foot!

Luan: Damn, he is. And is that Bryson or Sean down there? Or both?

Nathan: It's Bryson, 'cause he's taller than Sean is.

Luan: Well then where the hell is Sean?

Sean shouts as he jumps from behind the door and tackles Luan to the ground. He grabs the gun and stomps on his face as Nathan tries to slam into him. Sean spins around and slams the butt of the gun into Nathan's gut.

Nathan: Ughhhhh...

Sean: Back off, Eli. I'm sorry I have to do this man, but you'll kill me if I don't. Goodbye man.

Sean aims the gun at Eli and pulls the trigger. Eli is shot in the chest and screams. Blood flows from his mouth and he falls down. Sean slowly walks up and blows one more clean shot to Eli's head. Sean turns around and looks back at Luan and Nathan. Blood flows from Nathan's mouth and Nathan collapses. Although he is still alive, he was struck in the chest hard. The right side of Luan's face is gashed and bloody.

Luan: Why, man? This isn't the way to go.

Sean: Because I don't want to take orders from Willis Hall. Now, you'll do as I say or I will kill you and the whole group down there.

Luan stares for a second then nods.

Sean: Good boy. Now, you're going to go get two people up here for me. Let's say... The old lady... And the little girl.

Luan: No, not Brealynn, please man. She's only four years old!

Sean: Yes, Brealynn. Go get them right now or I will kill all of them.

Tears form in Luan's eyes and he reluctantly nods. Luan sadly walks into the room with all the people of the group and Asher and Will stare at him, as does the rest of the group.

Will: What the hell happened? What's with your face?

Luan: I...I just... I need... I need Brealynn and Analee to come with me.

Ashlynn: Why?

Asher: Hell no. Why would you need them? What could they do that you can't?

Luan: I just... Please, I need them to come.

Will: Hell no, God damn it. That is so it.

Analee: I'm going to tell that man that this is not his home, it's mine.

Will: No, you're not.

Asher: I'm coming with you, Luan. I'm going to tell Sean that he can suck it.

Will: No, we stay here. Jordan, you check it out.

Jordan: With what?

Will: Use Asher's gun.

Jordan: I have no damn clue how to use one. And there is no way I'm going up against Hannah with a hammer or something.

Will: Then who goes?

Asher: I told you, I will.

Will: No, that door will give away soon. I need you to be here for that.

Asher: Then who goes?

Lauren: Jair can!

Jair: Hell no, I'm not dying for you people!

Delayne: Then what the hell do we do?

While the group is arguing, they go into their own world, not noticing anything else. They don't notice Analee slip away and go up the stairs slowly with Maddie Smith. They don't notice the front door rattling, loosening over time. They don't notice the board in the middle of the door split in half. And they definetely don't notice Brooklynn pull Asher's gun from his pack, or her running up the stairs after Analee.

On the RoofEdit

Sean paces back and forth as Nathan slowly tries to stand up. Sean runs up and kicks him in the gut.

Sean: Get down!

Nathan gasps as the blow knocks him down yet again. Sean smirks and continues to pace. Eventually he hears the door open.

Analee: Young man, you put that gun down right now and you get off my property, or I will alert the police myself.

Sean slightly laughs.

Sean: Hell no. You'll alert the police? Oh my god, where have you been, lady? The cops are DEAD! Everything is DEAD! You think your "grandson" or whatever is going to come back? He isn't! He's dead, just like everything else! You will never see his sorry ass again, because he's dead, you old hag! You think you'll even survive for long? You won't because you'll die! You're weak! You can't do shit! YOU'RE DEAD!

Sean continues to shout as tears form in Analee's eyes. She realizes he is right about her grandson and bows her head down in sadness. Her grandson was everything to her, and she lost him, so she begins to weep.

Sean: Quit your bitching and shut the hell up!

Smith: Sean, stop! Just stop!

Sean screams as he aims the gun at her and pulls the trigger. The shot knocks her down and she starts to bleed out. Sean yells in rage and shoots Maddie Smith in the chest. He aims the gun down at Nathan's head.

Nathan: P...Plea...Please...Don't...Don't do it...Please don't...

Sean: I'm sorry man, but begging ain't the way through life.

Nathan squeezes his eyes shut and waits for death. Sean whispers something inunderstandable and cocks the gun. Nathan clenches his muscles and hears the gunshot, but feels fine. He feels a heavy body fall on top of him, and sees it is Sean with a bullet mark in his chest. Nathan uses all his strength to shove the body off and looks in the doorway. A small figure is standing there, a Barreta 92FS in its hand.

Nathan: Ugh, help. Please.

Brooklynn: Are you okay?


  • Elijah Monroe
  • Analee Elsenbeck
  • Maddie Smith
  • Sean Lucero

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