Brad and RJ were violently slaughtered by a mysterious killer. Asher wanted to know who it is and Beth confessed, although it is unknown if she was lying or not.


Asher Lucero

Luan Stephens

Beth Wring

Ashlynn Taurus

Brealynn Taurus

Lady Slave

Jasper Lionell

Joshua Bishop

Summer Field

Alexander DeLarge

Willis Hall

Pvt. Mason

Pvt. Miller

Ellis Hall


Luan shook in his room. His body was vibrating and wouldn't stop. It was all fear. Fear that is really was Beth, fear that she would kill him next, fear that whoever this killer was would kill him. He held his gun with both hands, sweating, and held the top of the barrel to his forehead, pointing it up at the ceiling. He finally stopped shaking after a knock was heard on the door. Luan whipped his head to the doorway and cowered back.

Luan: C-... Come in...

The door opens and Beth steps inside. Luan instantaneously whips the gun forward and aims it at her. She puts her hands up in shock and backs up slowly, coming inside and closing the door.

Beth: Luan, please. I just need to talk to you. It's okay.

Luan sighs in relief and lowers the gun. Beth walks over and sit snext to him on the bed. She leans her head on his shoulder and closes his eyes.

Luan: They gave Josh a hard time, huh?

Beth: Yeah.

Luan: Was it really you?

Beth opens her eyes and grabs hold of his arm, pulling herself closer to him.

Beth: No. But I do know it wasn't Josh. I just wanted them to stop. We were so unfair to him out there, and he was nice enough to forgive us. He doesn't deserve that. I just wanted them to stop doing what they were doing. I promise you, Luan, it was not me.

Luan: I believe you...

Asher stood on top of the school. He aimed his rifle down on the trio of zombies that had arrived and fired. One crumpled to the ground, blood spurting out the back of his head. He pulled back the lever, releasing the casing, and pushed it forward again. He shot the other two and set the rifle down. He sat back in the lawn chair and waited for something to happen. Suddenly Ashlynn came to the roof.

Ashlynn: Hey. What were the shots about?

Asher: Walkers by the gate. Nothing to worry about. You see anything weird?

Ashlynn: Nothing. Everything seems normal.

Out in the woods...Edit

A group of twelve walks through the woods, led by a middle-aged grizzly man who looked to be in his late forties. Suddenly a distant gunshot was heard. The man put his hand up.

Leader: You hear that?

Woman 1: What was that?

Man 1: Sounded like a gunshot.

Man 2: Which way?

Woman 2: It came from over there.

The second woman pointed north.

Woman 3: That was only about two miles away. Should we check it out?

Two more distant gunshots are heard. The man who is leading the group glares towards the sound and looks at the group.

Leader: Tara, you, Jake, Thomas, and Chris head straight towards it. Use Plan A, like we practiced. Same for you, Michael. Take Jared, Emma, Larry, and Victoria around the left. Everyone else come with me to the right. Everyone remember: Plan A!

The group splits up and goes their ordered ways. The leader removes his large bowie knife from its sheath and makes sure it's sharp, then inserts it back in. He tightens his grip on his small pistol at his waist.

Back at the school, Summer walked up and down the hallways. She glared at Joshua's door and finally knocked. He opened the door, wearing a tank top and sweating, and smiled.

Joshua: Oh, hey, Summer. What's up? Wanna come in?

Summer nods and steps inside. She sees a steel bar mounted on the wall in the corner, for doing pull-ups. A weight set sits in the middle of the room. She sits on a small armchair and looks at Joshua sadly.

Summer: It's you, isn't it?

Joshua: What?

Summer: You killed them. Tell me I'm wrong. Everything we know points to you.

Joshua: No, I didn't, I'm not like that. I'm not a killer. Never have been, never will be.

Summer nods and leaves the room, leaving Joshua confused. He turns around and looks at the small knife on his table, wondering when it would taste blood again.

Luan and Beth walk around the school, laughing and talking. She spots movement in the trees, but then only sees a walker pop out.

Beth: So, wait, this steel mill group was led by some crazy bastard named Hudson who tokk down about half your group?

Luan: Yeah. Almost killed Ashlynn at one point too. One of his guys... He killed Br-... He killed Ashlynn and Brealynn's other sister...

Beth gasps and covers her mouth.

Beth: How old was she?

Luan: She was only six...

Beth: That is so sad. I'm sorry that happened to your group.

Luan: It's alright. At least we're alive now.

Beth: Yeah, at least you're okay.

Just then, a gunshot is heard and Luan drops to the ground, blood spraying onto Beth from the side of his head. Beth screams a blood curdling scream.

Beth: NOOOOO!!! LUAN!!!!

Gunshots start to fly and Beth cries, holding Luan's body close. She drags him over behind the gym building and holds him close, crying, then looks at his head.

Beth: Oh my God...

She starts to cry again and holds him very close. Only she isn't sad this time, she is happy. This is because Luan's earlobe is gone and the bleeding has stopped. Luckily the bullet grazed Luan's ear only and just removed the left earlobe. She clutches him until bullets fly from the front and explode around the brick wall all around her. She lies down and lies Luan down in the tall grass, hoping not to get hit.

Up on the roof of the gym building, Alexander is lying down. He starts to panic and pulls off the vent hatch, only to see empty space.

Alexander: Son of a bitch, where's my God damned rifle, damnit!?

He has no choice but to lie down and wait, hoping not to get hit. Over on the roof of the main building, Jasper is lying down, firing into the forest. Suddenly a gunshot hits him in the lower belly and blood flows out. He doesn't move after that, only lies still, showing no signs of life.

Asher: Shit!

Ashlynn: What the hell happened?

Asher: I don't know, just keep them safe! Tell as many people as you can to help out, I need to go help!

Asher grabs his Baretta and starts to run out the door, but Ashlynn stops him.

Ashlynn: No, Asher, please! Stay with us!

Asher: I have to help, I can't let them die!

Ashlynn holds Lady and Brealynn close and they start to cry. Asher bends down and kisses Ashlynn's forehead. He smiles at her and turns around, running out of the room and slamming the door, saying:

Asher: I'll be back soon!

Asher sprints through the hallways, running into Joshua, who is coming out of his room.

Joshua: What's going on?

Asher: I don't know, but there's a lot of shooting! Come on!

Asher keeps running through the halls and Joshua runs into his room, then comes running after Asher with his M16. They run to the lobby and peer out the windows. All Asher sees is three men and a woman advancing through the field, shooting AK47s at the school. They look around for members of the group, but see none.

Asher: Where is everybody?

Joshua: Either dead or hiding, come on! It's only four guys, we can probably take them all down from right here!

Asher: No, there's more! Trust me, they woudn't come and attack a school which they don't know how many people there are, just the four of them! Head right and protect that area, by the gym, and I'll look for the others. You see anyone, you get them inside. We need Jasper, Alexander, Luan, Beth, and Summer. Everyone else is inside. Go!

Joshua runs down the narrow hallway and into the auditorium. He sprints over to the backstage and goes down into the locker rooms, then passes through and gets upstairs to the science teacher's office. He gets to the window and looks down, seeing two women and three men advancing towards the gate. They were almost to the river. Joshua aimed down and started to fire, only hitting one of the men before the rest dropped down and started to shoot up at him. He turned to the side and breathed heavily as the glass shattered and bullets hit the wall and ceiling in front of the window. Joshua bided his time, waiting for the perfect moment.

Asher gazed out the window. The four attackers had stopped shooting and were reloading, still advancing, almost to the gate. Asher aimed out with his pistol and started to shoot. He hit two before the other two started to fire at him. The glass shattered and Asher sat at the wooden doors, hoping not to get shot. He peered out and saw a man and the woman running, getting to the gate. The man saw Asher and started to fire while the woman aimed at the Master Lock. She shot it off and kicked the gate open. It swung freely and they ran in, heading to the small shed where Summer practiced math. Asher stared and saw them bang on the door, then saw movement inside. Summer was in there! Asher aimed before they could get in but the woman kicked the door down. They ran inside but the man was shot in the head and crumpled to the ground. Asher pulled the trigger and the woman fell to the ground. Asher stuck his head outside, seeing the four were dead, and yelled for Summer.

Asher: Summer! Run! Over here!!!

Summer stepped out of the shed holding a shotgun and ran to the main building with Asher. They got inside and Asher told her about Joshua holding off the other part of the group. She ran to where Joshua was to help, but that was all Asher saw of her for awhile. He ran up the stairs, passed Ashlynn's room, and got to the roof. There he saw Jasper lying down unconscious with blood flowing from his stomach. His katana was still at his side and the rifle lying on the ground next to him. Asher grabbed it and looked at the opposite side of the school, where Joshua was not. There he saw the thing that scared him most: One man and two women crouching and running through the forest towards the school. THe man pointed towards the open gate and they started to sprint towards it. Asher quickly aimed the rifle down and started to fire at them, killing one of the women. The other two started to fire up at him. He repeatedly pulled the trigger and almost hit the man, but was shot in the shoulder. Asher fell to the ground, bleeding, and gasped for breath. He pants and again gets up painfully and starts to shoot. This time he hits the other woman, and aims for the man until he is shot again in the gut. Blood pours out and Asher crumples to the ground, lifeless.

Down on the ground, the man threw down the AK47 he was using. He was the leader, and he was not happy. He saw that his group going forwards was entirely killed off and the two women with him were killed. The other group of five, he did not know. He hoped they were okay. So he threw down the gun because it was out of ammo. He pulled out his bowie knife, hearing the gunshots, and runs towards the gate of the school.

Asher gasped for breath. His vision blurry, his muscles nearly dead, he barely had the strength to grab his pistol. He pulled out the magazine to see he had used every last bullet. He starts to crawl towards Jasper's body and sighs, giving up. He is going to die and he knows it. With his last few seconds, he looks again at the word "Brooklynn" written faintly in crayon and smiles. Just then he hears the gunshots over by Joshua stop. That's it, he thought. We've lost.

Asher: I'm so sorry, Ashlynn... Brealynn... Lady... I'm s-... I'm sorry...

He closes his eyes for what he thought was the last time, until he heard someone run up the steps to the roof. He opened his eyes and saw the man that had shot him. The man holds up his bowie knife and runs at Asher, ready to kill him. Asher closes his eyes in fear and grabs hold of the closest thing to him. He swings it up at the man, hearing a grunt and then a sigh. The man falls on top of Asher. He opens his eyes to see what he had grabbed hold of: Jasper's katana. He had slit the man's throat. That was it. Asher's last fight.

Joshua aimed down at the four and shot. He hit two and then Summer showed up. She helped, and with her he hit another one. Unknown to them, that left the last one before him. But Joshua didn't know there was one more, so he sat back against the wall, as did Summer. Down below, Beth had passed out and was asleep with Luan. The remaining man got up and started to run to the school. Joshua saw him at the last second, just as he was getting into the main building.

Joshua: NOO!! Summer, help me! He's gonna get Ashlynn!

Over in Ashlynn's room, they heard the gunshots stop.

Lady: Is it safe? Can we leave?

Ashlynn: No, wait for a minute.

Brealynn: I'm scared!

Lady: Don't worry Brealynn, it'll all be okay.

Ashlynn clutches them close. They hear footsteps. Suddenly the door swings open, revealing the person to be the man Joshua didn't realize was there. He aims his AK47 at the girls and gives them two seconds.

Man: Say your prayers, bitch. This'll be your last moments, make it last.

Brealynn starts to cry and hugs Ashlynn, as does Lady. Ashlynn cries as well and holds them close.

Brealynn: I love you, Ashlynn!

Ashlynn: I love you, Brealynn!

The man raises his gun and squeezes back the trigger. Before it can shoot, a blade sprouts from the man's neck and blood squirts out. Ashlynn gasps in happiness and the little girls scream. The man falls face-first to the ground and Asher falls down with him, still holding the knife through his neck, lying on top of him, finally falling asleep.


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