This We'll Defend is the backstory following the US Army, and ND Civil Air Patrol members SFO Katie and A1C Teagen.


  • Gen. Jackson Snr. Is born in St. Louis.


  • Sgt. Hawthorne (Louisville) & Lt. Powell (Guam) are born, along with many other Fort Members.Miller, Mason, Grimes, Harris, Red, and the rest of the soldiers are all somehow, born in the same year.


  • Col. Hall is born (Atlanta, ID).


  • SFO Katie is born in Minot, ND


  • "Bullshit General" Jackson Jr. is born in Mtn. Home AFB, ID.


  • A1C Teagen is born in Minot, ND.


  • Col. Hall (at that time AB Hall) Joins the Civil Air Patrol.


  • Jackson Jr. Joins the USARMY JROTC. (Junior Reserve Officers Training Program)
  • Riley and Lucas enlist in the USARMY together, followed by Miller and the rest,


  • Hall is a Major in the CAP. At his turn of 18, he instantly enlists in the US Army, but somehow, the computer glitches, and instead of joining as an E-3, he is accidentially transferred into the officer's training. He is able to keep his posistion, thanks to Gen. Jackson Snr.


  • The Begenning plans for two co-operative ICBM stations, codenamed AFO's (Air Force Outposts) are laid down. Northrop AFO in NE North Dakota, in the badlands, and Pratt-Whitney AFO, deep into the Southern Idaho Owyhee mountains. The stations, in disguise, were stationed an ANG squadron, to keep suspicion away. Each station was designed to carry 8 ICBM's, Capable of hitting China, in places such as Shanghai. Lt. Hall was selected to command Pratt-Whitney, while his close friend Jackson would command Northrop. The Stations each contained 64 US Army members, 12 USAF pilots, and 3 USMC cheifs, along with several civilian workers.
  • Katie joines the MCS of the Civil Air Patrol, as AB Katie.


  • The Base is completed, and Riley, Lucas, Red, Davidson, Greene, Smith, Hacker, Medic, and the rest of the soldiers are moved into place.
  • ICBM 7, a defunct missile, fell off of its railings, and slammed into the side of the silo, leaking radiation and mercury (for whatever reason) into Silo 7, killing the entire Silo crew. It was taken care of before the public could find out, and a replacement missile was brought in immediatley.


  • Strangely enough, a cyber terrorist hacked Northrop's ICBM Tower 3, launching the missile. Before it could enter orbit, a USMC F/18 Brought the Missile down, before it landed in the Pacific Ocean, sinking to the floor.


  • Teagen joins the MCS of the Civil Air Patrol, as AB Teagen. 
  • Again, P-W's ICBM tower 8 malfunctioned, leaving the silo door open, allowing seventeen feet of snow to fall inside and melt, partially flooding the silo. The missile remained intact, and no damage was sustained.
  • Northrop's ICBM tower 4's wall bursts, pouring dirt and sand into the silo. The ICBM was decommisioned due to damage.


  • Northrop's Hangar 3 mysteriously collapses, destroying 2 USAF F-15's, and killing three people.
  • P-W's Hangar 1 Leaks JET-A Everywhere, catching the building on fire, and killing eight.
  • A USMC C-141 Starlifter stalls above the mountains of Frot Cessna, crashing, killing all fifty-one people on board.
  • Hall is promoted to Col.
  • In a mysterious radio transmission, a USARMY Huey, which were decomissioned a long time ago, states that it's fuel is out and is making a landing south of P-W. A full search was coordinated. Niether Huey nor any trace of the crew were found.

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